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  1. I set up rule just as outlined above. All cameras set to record 10 minutes by rule, record for 5 minutes by alarm card setting. Result: 2 of the 5 cameras recorded for almost 8 minutes, the other 3 recorded for 1-2 seconds. I had to download the short clips to view the videos, the long ones played fine in the app. I believe most of this is due to my crappy internet. But it does show that the rule would override the alarm card setting.
  2. Got it. I'll be bock!
  3. Using the new rule? Or the pre-existing one? I have always had cameras set to record for 5 minutes on alarm trigger and it works pretty good. Although I have really crappy AT&T Uverse internet. 10 minutes specifically?
  4. When to replace battery?

    Yes, it will usually drop like a rock once it hits anywhere near 30%-40%. Lithium batteries fall off a cliff when they start getting low.
  5. You need to put the hub in pairing mode before disconnecting from ethernet cable.
  6. Terminal is correct. You plug one into an outlet and connect network cable to router. Then, anytime I need to pair something remotely or re-pair an Iris camera, I just drag another one to the needed location. Connect network cable to the device and plug it in. Here is an example: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/538202/TP-LINK-AV500-Nano-Powerline-Adapter/ I wouldn't worry too much about running the z-wave rebuild. I ran it probably 6 or 7 seven times Sunday while trying to get the fan switch paired.
  7. I just installed 2 GE z-wave switches this weekend. One z-wave plus fan switch and one z-wave standard dimmer switch. The z-wave plus switch was a bear to pair. I paired the dimmer switch with hub left in place, but could not get the fan switch to pair and they are in the same 2-gang box. At one point during this, the dimmer switch wouldn't function any more through the app. I finally moved the hub to that room and used the z-wave removal tool for both switches. It indicated that it was removing each switch by name, ie; dimmer switch, fan switch. They then paired almost immediately. I moved the hub back across the house and ran the z-wave rebuild tool and everything worked great. I have a powerline adapter set up just for this reason. I can locate the hub anywhere in the house or shop for remote pairing.
  8. The previous renter may not have removed the devices from their hub. I would recommend resetting each device, if you haven't done that already. And a 2 second reset on your hub should bring it back from pairing mode.
  9. Clean up process???

    I noticed several in mine. I then went into devices to confirm they were old connections.
  10. Orbit battery life < 2 weeks??

    How far is the device from the hub? Mine are both about 75-80 feet, 2-3 interior walls and 1 exterior wall from the hub.
  11. Orbit battery life < 2 weeks??

    The one I referred to first is on twice a day for 4 hours each time. It is for patio misters. The second one is on 4 times a week for 45 minutes to water some trees.
  12. Orbit battery life < 2 weeks??

    I have 2 of these and battery reporting is horrible. Had one showing 33% for weeks, so installed brand new batteries. It stayed at 33% for 3 more weeks. I finally unpaired it and re-paired it. It went to 66% and is staying there. I had a similar issue with the other one, but was having issues with manual control after it sat all winter. I unpaired it and re-paired it with new batteries. It has stayed at 50% since re-pairing.
  13. GDO now a participating device for alarm

    Sorry, I chose poor wording. It should have been "out of line of sight" or something similar.
  14. GDO now a participating device for alarm

    Lol. I believe at least one of the warnings is required by law on a device that can close a garage door remotely. They definitely get your attention. FYI, I have had 2 of these since early on in V1. One of them has been bulletproof, the other has had issues 3 or 4 times. It always comes back after a remove and re-pair. Although it gave me fits a couple of times when it added as New Device.
  15. GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    Inventory of these z-wave version are being phased out at the store I usually go to. I looked up the switches on GE website and it appears they have a z-wave+ version available. Maybe the + version will help those of you with troubles? I have several of the z-wave version on 2 systems and they have been very solid.