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  1. rdisom

    Echo Enunciates

    I just tried it and it worked fine. Although, I'm glad I read @Otto Mation instructions about using messaging. When I first tried, I was going to use "Alexa Says".
  2. rdisom

    Echo Enunciates

    Both of my GDO's show available as a trigger for this routine. I will try it when I am at home, but looks like it would work like any other door sensor.
  3. rdisom


    I’ve begun migrating from Wink to SmartThings. I like Wink, but it has limitations and some annoying issues. 1). I have a Dome Siren/chime connected and set to chime on certain doors opening with different tunes to differentiate doors. Works most of the time, but occasionally will repeat the chime tune 4 times after opening a door. 2). Most contact sensors don’t log activity accurately. There may be no history for a door I’ve been through 10 times, but it will turn on the light I have connected through a Wink Robot. So I know the contact sensor is working. It was this way with 3 different brands of sensors. Iris V2, Go Control and Dome mini sensor. 3). Range seems slightly less than Iris V2 and SmartThings. I have a GE outdoor module that gave me fits on Iris V1, worked fine on V2 after the update for z-wave connectivity a couple of years ago, and works fine on SmartThings so far. It dropped off of Wink 3 times in the past week. Same with a ZigBee contact sensor. Both are at the far opposite end of my house, but they stayed connected with Iris V2. Also, my Iris GDC in a detached shop gave random false notifications of opening/closing or wouldn’t update status correctly. I will retain Wink for local rebooting of modem and router with a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote set up in Shortcut mode. This works entirely local on the Wink hub. I tried on SmartThings with a SmartThings button, but it requires cloud for any smart apps or so I’ve read. I also like the Quirky Pivot Power Genius I have connected to Wink. May even dig out my Wink Relays and knock the dust off for some project. I moved 50-60 devices over the last couple of days, not counting Lutron and Hue bridges. We’ll see how it goes... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. rdisom

    Multi-platform interference problem? coincidence?

    I ran an Iris hub in the same room as a Wink hub and a Philips Hue Bridge. I was using Ezviz wifi cameras as well as 5 Iris cameras, 2 of which were in the same room as the rest of the stuff. I had a pretty stable system, with no known interference issues. Other than my kids 4 gaming consoles interfering with my bandwidth... I am currently running the Wink hub, Ring hub and the Hue bridge in that same room with 2 Ezviz cams and various other electronics that has remained unchanged throughout this transition from Iris. I also have a Smartthings hub ready to get hooked up some time this week. I only plan on connecting a few devices to see how it works and how the app functions. But, that should really test the interference in my house.
  5. rdisom

    New Gear Thanks to Iris

    First pic is more stuff for house, ST hub, a couple of old version sensors and a starter for my tractor. Second is stuff I decided to pick up for work. I was going to eliminate a hub, but I rely too much on scheduled lights and plugs. As well as Alexa control. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. rdisom

    New Gear Thanks to Iris

    First delivery. More to come. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. rdisom

    Platform Poll

    The Dome siren is a nice add to Wink. You get the door chimes back with several choices to differentiate between doors. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. rdisom

    Visa Cards

    I must be a bonehead. I tried In Store pickup, delivery to address the card was shipped to, and even added to my personal account with delivery to my house. Rejected every time.☹️
  9. rdisom


    Multiple users are allowed and you can even control which devices the users have access to. Last time I talked to Wink support, they did not support multiple users for geo fence which is what I think they were looking for. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. rdisom

    Visa Cards

    I must have been doing something wrong. This card was for work so I tried as a guest account, and it didn’t go through. I then tried adding the card to my personal account. Neither method worked. I finally added it to my personal Amazon account and everything went through fine. Just had to place a separate order to keep from mixing items on the invoices. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but at least the items are on the way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. rdisom

    Visa Cards

    In store?
  12. rdisom

    Visa Cards

    After having 8 orders cancelled by Best Buy online, I finally went through Amazon. Best Buy would not accept the pre-paid Visa no matter what I tried. I read FAQ reports of several people having a similar issue in the recent past, so apparently not just me. Oh well, Ring got about $1500 and Amazon got about $1000 of Lowes money. And I still have a few hundred to spend on whatever items I missed, or feel that I have to have. I am very grateful that Lowes handled it like they did.
  13. A co-worker just showed me this video 15-20 minutes ago. Very funny.
  14. rdisom

    Visa Cards

    I received the first of 3 cards. Activated on the website in less than 30 seconds. The other 2 cards are waiting for me at home. Now just have to pay for those Amazon and Ring carts...
  15. rdisom

    Researching the Ring.

    I just checked. The Ring contact sensors don't show up to start a routine. I did find that you can have a Ring doorbell sound a chime on Alexa devices. This will save me from having to add the Ring Chime to my overloaded Ring cart.