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  1. Hub Replacement Automation

    The thing is, they developed a tool for upgrading from V1 hub to V2 hub without having to unpair or repair any devices. I upgraded manually, so I don't know how well it worked. So it's possible and they have obviously spent time in the area, just seems like it dropped off the radar.
  2. Connected Bulb Experience

    Phillips Hue works great with Iris. Set up Hue with hub, bulbs and remotes. Link accounts and use Iris for everything schedule related. I use Alexa to set colors and brightness. I was using Wink for all of my bulbs prior to purchasing a Hue hub. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Notifications Not Working

    Aww man... I'm still recovering everything I lost from resetting the first time. Lol I'll try that again today.
  4. Notifications Not Working

    That didn't last long. Notifications stopped again after maybe 24 hours. Back to the drawing board.
  5. Notifications Not Working

    Well, the notifications lasted 1 day. I just now reset all settings per @Vettester instructions. If it works, I will reset on the rest of our iOs devices. 2 wall mounted iPads, wifes iPhone, sons iPhone, and 4 mobile iPads.
  6. Is Iris App down?

    Working fine for me on an iPhone 5s and iPhone 7.
  7. Notifications Not Working

    After a second reboot of my hub a few days apart, all of my notifications are back to working for 24 hours. Hopefully it sticks.
  8. Notifications Not Working

    My missing notifications are tied to 1. keyfob leaving, 2. alarm set to arm, 3. garage door open, 4. shop door open, 5. garage door close, 6. shop door close, 7. alarm set to disarm, 8. away scene ran, 9. home scene ran None of them ran for a few days, a couple ran after a hub reboot. Then they all quit working again maybe 3-4 days ago. I rebooted the hub a few minutes ago and will see if they work when someone gets home.
  9. Notifications Not Working

    While notifications have worked great over the last few years, including text messages from the V1 days, they have been very sporadic the last 10-14 days. I didn't receive any notifications for a few days, so I rebooted the hub from the app. That worked for a day, but they are gone again. I would not say to expect it, as it has been a very reliable function for a long time. Your timing just happened to coincide with whatever issue is going on right now.
  10. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    I never had a live feed from the portal. All I ever saw when selecting each camera was a screen shot.
  11. For those with kids

    I believe you can only turn the light on or off, not flash it. That feature has been requested by several users on the official forum, so maybe search it over there and Kudo the post. I use something I found through Grainger. It's a strobe bulb that screws into a regular light socket. I mounted a cheap jar light on a wall, added a tool cord for power and plugged it into an Iris smart plug. The plug gets activated when someone pushes one of two smart buttons. You could probably do something similar with a floor or reading lamp in his room. But, it was like $80 for the bulb.
  12. MyLowes / Iris Billing

    This is a quote from the official Iris forum site: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/What-s-new-with-Iris/m-p/4763#M489
  13. I don't like this

    I received the following message in an email from Iris: Have you been thinking about trying our Professional Monitoring service, but are stuck in a long-term contract with another security brand? This month only, cancel your current service, upload your cancellation notice, and we'll reward you with a FREE YEAR of Professional Monitoring — a $200 value!* Great! Treat newcomers better than long-term existing customers. I don't want professional monitoring or I would have went with someone else long ago. In the past, I referred people to Simplisafe for a monitored system. I even installed a couple of systems. I chose Iris because I didn't care about monitoring. Oh well. Rant over.
  14. Avi-on . . . the un-IRIS

    I picked up a few of the indoor plugs for $29.99 at Target. I am currently using them to reboot my network and hubs. Modem, Orbi router, Orbi satellite, Iris hub, Wink hub, Hue hub. I have a couple of extra indoor, and outdoor plugs which will be purposed soon. Most of the time I come across a problem with the network, it's when I'm at home anyway. This just made it easier for me to reboot this stuff without having to go under a cabinet to unplug something. I had the hubs on Iris wifi smart plugs for remote reboot, but just found I was never rebooting them when I was away. All of those systems have been pretty stable, unless I'm messing with something. In which case, I'm at home anyway. I may eventually get the RAB so I can reboot the hubs remotely, but for now, it does what I want.
  15. Rules Question

    No worries. Just saw the exact same post in 3 different spots. Plus, Iris used to have a presence on here but not so much since creating their own forum. Welcome to both forums! There is a lot of useful information on both.