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  1. rdisom

    Notifications Not Working

    Well, just thought I'd update this post since I was quick to post when stuff wasn't working. All notifications have been working since the last app update. It was supposed to address an issue with notifications only going to last logged in device. Whatever was updated, all my notifications have been working since that update. I probably should have contacted support, but it just didn't seem that important with everything else going on at the time. I'm glad it seems to be fixed!
  2. My keypads all chime when contact sensors are opened. They do this on 2 separate systems, home and work. I only have certain doors set to chime, so it is a selectable feature of each contact sensor. I agree on the door bell. Would be nice if each keypad chimed. For the time being, I have it send a push notification and turn on the entryway light when the button is pushed. I also have it start a short recording on my front porch camera. My wife and I get the notification on our phones and watches, so it helps a little.
  3. rdisom

    GE Light switches reversing

    I just tried it on one of my switches. 3 times on very quick, and 1 time off very quickly after the 3 "on" pushes, turns the LED off completely.
  4. rdisom

    Iris devices on sale

    Out of 6 stores within about 45-60 mile range, only one has been consistent in stocking Iris components. I was in there a couple of days ago and saw the same as you. End cap section has been replaced with other items, remaining Iris stuff was mostly on sale.
  5. This was released this morning: https://community.irisbylowes.com/t5/News-Announcements/iOS-2-12-3-release-notes/m-p/6242#M570 iOS 2.12.3 release notes Hi guys, For those with iOS, you'll notice version 2.12.3 showing up as an update in the app store. This release has these changes: - Fixes issue where when multiple iOS devices were logged into a place, only the most recently-logged-in device would receive notifications - Fixes issue where for those on the Basic plan, camera rules were improperly hidden - Fixes several crashes Please note: As a side effect of fixing the notification issue, you might get an extraneous “your Iris account was logged into from a new device” and/or “a mobile device was removed from your Iris account” emails the first time you launch 2.12.3. These can safely be ignored.
  6. Yes. I run one outdoor smart plug at my moms house, and a few at home for cycling router and modem. We also use a bunch for the City I work for. Keep us from having to use the old mechanical timers without having wifi down several alleys in town. Just drive by and connect every so often to keep the time straight. Avi-on seems to work pretty well for what it does. I have not purchased the RAB yet, and don't really have a need for it.
  7. I just went through this the other day with a Wemo smart plug. My phone showed 3 of 4 bars at the location outside. The plug would not connect to wifi, so I moved it inside to connect. It worked fine inside, so I tried moving it back outside. It would work one time, the lose connection. I ended up going back to a GE bluetooth smart plug.
  8. It's not a dumb question. It's kind of hard to see depending on your background color for the app. Are you doing from app or web? From the app, select Lights & Switches, then across the top you will see: Devices on the left and Schedules on the right. Select Schedules and start adding events.
  9. I really hope that's true. I ran Wink side by side with Iris for a couple of years. It was cool to see a small start-up like Quirky partner with Wink to come out with some pretty crazy home automation like the Egg-Minder and Porkfolio. Those items didn't last, and neither did the company. Maybe some level in between Lowes and Wink would satisfy a lot of customers and keep the wheels on. I could always go back to Wink if Iris goes downhill, but I left them to go all in with Iris because it was so much better. Wink now supports most everything I have except the V1 Iris devices. At the moment, Iris is the best option I have used. They seem to hit the middle ground between tech nerds and the general population.
  10. rdisom

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    @Otto Mation , how many devices? Has to be a couple hundred?
  11. rdisom

    Iris Portal Survey

  12. rdisom

    Notifications Not Working

    I probably should give them a call. I remember the issue being on the Apple side for a while, and I just kept hoping it would start working after an update. I rebooted the hub and I’ll see how they go tomorrow. Tech support has been very helpful the couple of times I called them, but it’s been at least 2 years since my last call. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. rdisom

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Lol. If I was going to that much trouble, I would probably just experiment with Smartthings, or go back to Wink. Unfortunately, nobody else has a keypad to use the system as an alarm system. 131 devices
  14. rdisom

    Notifications Not Working

    Man, that was great while it lasted. Notifications for 4-5 days, all like they were supposed to. Oh well. One of these days, I'll call tech support...
  15. rdisom

    Notifications Not Working

    Well, whatever update to the platform happened this week finally seems to have fixed notifications for me. About 8 days ago, I deleted all notifications again and recreated them with hub resets in between. A few notifications worked once, some not at all. I left it alone and then about 3 days ago, all of them worked. And are still working. This was prior to updating the app on iPhone, so must have been platform update?