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  1. tmaster

    .074 firmware

    I just saw the yellow light come on and start flashing. Perhaps thats indicating its flashing a new version?
  2. tmaster

    NO repeater functions

    Ive been having problems with the lock in my back building. On v1 it was repeated using 2 GE switches located outside. Never had any problems. One switch is about 10 ft from the lock. I finally moved the hub using a wifi extender to the same room as the lock and it connected. The room has a smoke alarm and a thermostat. What it looks like is that nothing is repeating the lock signal I moved an extender under the lock about 1 ft away and still no lock. With no way to optimize on the v2 hub I am at a loss on what to do it looks line none of the devices are repeating on the v2 hub. I reset my GE switch and still no luck.
  3. Are you sure wink has offline support Smartthings doesn't. The alertMe platform is very old and is from a time when the internet was slow and went down a lot thats why it had this support. Modern designers don't think the internet will ever fail and don't add that support.
  4. This is great news. I have been using IP camera before I got Iris they cost much less. You will have to look up how to do port forwarding and dynamic dns before any of the remote apps will work. I have a domain name mapped to mine.
  5. tmaster

    Keypad gone bonkers

    I had the same problem it kept beeping when turned off. Had to turn it on and off several times to stop it.
  6. tmaster

    Do It Yourself Cellular Backup (T-Mobile)

    You can do the same thing with a gaming adapter. They make a device that connects to WiFi and has a LAN output port so it will work with anything. I use a WGA600N and it works fine with thev2 hub. I used it to carry the hub closer to devices to add or reset them.
  7. tmaster

    Support for Longpress on v1 keyfob

    The v1 keyfob could select partial by holding down the button. It sent short press and long press codes. ON v2 no options exist to program the long press codes.
  8. Support for this on the key fob was in v1 but is not in v2. The keyfob has separate codes it sends for long press but v2 doesn't support them It would be nice to get this support for longpress on the keyfob back
  9. tmaster

    Unknown Device 1 bug

    Perhaps this has been covered I cant find this when I search. If you use the migration wizard you can not remove a device like a window sensor to reset it if you do it will readd as Unknown Device 1 When it does this it CAN NOT BE REMOVED you have to call in to get them to remove it. Unlike v1 where you could reset the device and add it again it wont add again it will just reconnect to that device. Support tells me this is a known bug and will be fixed in the next upgrade. Until then the sensor cant be readded to the hub at all. Anyone else have this problem. Im wondering if the bug has damaged the sensor or the hub readd process.
  10. No None of the Radio Thermostats will work with the v2 hub only the RT101 one works. I have a rt50 and it says device unknown doesn't work.
  11. tmaster

    Android 1.9.1 White Screen Issue

    Yep does it all the time sometimes it will go back to login but sometimes it just locks up. If you click on a iris notification with the app open it will lockup in a white screen. ON the IOS it will sometimes just crash when adding a photo so they both have problems. The ios app wont even run on my ipod I have v1 installed on wants it wants me to buy a new ipod.... IM not buying new devices to get apps to work it would cost less to buy a different brand hub and I would not have to put up with basic mode since all modes are free on the other systems..
  12. tmaster

    Schlage Deadbolt Bug

    Yea I had problems with basic only having 1 code on v1 so I just added in the codes a the keypad. V1 would not erase them not sure about v2. V2 has problems with this lock if the command fails it will get hung up and say locking and just stay that way for a day.
  13. unlike v1 basic has no place to enter your cell phone the phone you want it to call and the email you want messages sent to. The only way to change your contact email is to change your logon. The only way to change who it calls is to change your phone # this changes the phone number your account is setup under. When you call for support this is how your account is listed So if you want it to call a neighbor your account is now listed under the neighbors phone #. Nice hu. It wont send text at all so you have to change your email to something you can redirect to one of the email to text gateways. I still don't see why they cant do text messages.
  14. The v2 app requires the latest operating systems. Why who knows it only needs to send commands why cant it work on all versions of OS and android like the v1 app does. I have some old Ipods we used the v1 app on and when I try to install the v2 app it refuses with a message to upgrade my OS. These devices can not be upgraded to a newer version but work just fine on the old app. Whos decission was it to require the latest operating system while not providing anything for old phones,Ipads,ipods and tablets?
  15. I want the old thermostat setup screen. This one makes no sense and is very hard to setup