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  1. GE motion detector for sale. $25.00 shipped (US). Goes through batteries a lot quicker then I would like but otherwise works great.
  2. I have a connected bulb I use as a night light. I have it done on at 10% dusk till dawn (though I wish it let me do 1%). Anyway to have it brighten on an event (motion, door open etc) then return to its previous state rather than off?
  3. CTMaineah

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    When is Lowe’s hiring you to get their portal up to snuff with yours.
  4. CTMaineah

    LeakSMART Valve Deal

    If anyone got an extra they don’t end up using and are looking to sell let me know! That’s what I get for only checking the forums at night lol
  5. I have an older AC with the turn dials that when powered on starts right up. My newer AC sadly doesn't work this way :/
  6. CTMaineah

    Lowes layoff

    Thanks for the updates and assurances.
  7. CTMaineah

    Anyone selling contact sensors (V1 or V2)

    I prefer them at this point but if someone had a bunch of V2 they wanted to part with for a good price I wouldn't say no. Definitely looking for a deal on someone getting rid of them. If i'm buying used I want them cheap (like me!) haha
  8. Looking for a good deal on some contact sensors (I need about 10-15 ultimately). I see the 4 for $60 on the lowes site but seeing if anyone was trying to liquidate or had some they weren't using. Must be in working condition of course
  9. CTMaineah

    iOS App V2.3 is now available

    They enabled touch ID as well... However it's only if you log out of the app. The app still doesn't lock. :/
  10. CTMaineah

    Locks not Reporting WHO

    I can confirm my history still shows who though I have the pro monitoring plan.
  11. I have blue iris as well. If they ever re-enable local viewing I'll have iris doing the camera's as well (the iris one I have at least) but blue iris is so much better.
  12. CTMaineah

    New Iris Pro Monitoring Email

    So just for the heck of it I entered my zip code into the pro monitoring section of the IRIS website and it says it isn't available in my area even though it let me sign up weeks ago.... def a few glitches that need to be ironed out!
  13. CTMaineah

    Best pet safe motion

    I ordered the GE one you recommended. Going to give it a shot. I'll get a second one at some point as long as it works as expected so I can set my alarm trigger to 2 devices. I also want to get a three-way dimmer set up for my hallway so I can have the lights auto turn on at night to a set percentage when motion is detected. Slowly building my smart home!
  14. CTMaineah

    Best pet safe motion

    Awesome! Thanks for all the feedback. Just placed my order!
  15. CTMaineah

    Best pet safe motion

    Awesome! Thank you. I am going to order one and give it a shot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk