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  1. Motion Sensor Inside Safe?

    I have a v1 motion sensor in a steel gun 'cabinet' and it works fine. It's 1 floor above the hub, almost directly above it. I have a v1 contact sensor in a steel gun 'safe' and it works fine as well.
  2. Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    I received this from IrisByLowes last Thursday: Re: Regarding "Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout" Hi Jim, We wanted to send an update that the motion sensor issue you flagged to us has been resolved. A firmware update was released this morning that should address this issue. Let us know if you experience something of this nature again. Thanks again, The Iris Team I assume the firmware update is a hub update as I'm now running
  3. Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    Sparc, if I remember correctly, the scenarios you listed would have worked as you expected when running v1. In v2, the multi-sensor requirement (in my case 2 sensors to trip the alarm) only applies to motion sensors, including cameras. I think I'll post in the 'official forum' and see if support can answer why my alarm tripped with over 2 hours between motion being detected.
  4. Motion Sensor Trigger Timeout

    Both are v1. One says the battery is at 70%, the other at 73%.
  5. This afternoon my alarm went off due to motion in my shop (shown as 'Barn' below). I confirmed that 2 motion devices are required for an alarm. Two devices did see motion, but it was over 2 hours apart (see below). I've been under the impression that motion had to be within a few minutes of each detection. Am I wrong? I have an occasional squirrel in the shop so when a camera or motion sensor sees motion, it turns on 'Barn Smart Plug' which powers a really loud Shop Vac for 60 seconds. It does a great job with the squirrels. I have no video for the motion at 11:26, but I do for 1:44. At that time, the sun was shining through a window on the floor directly under the motion sensor (it's ceiling mounting, facing straight down). Below is my history. Date and Time History 11-28-2017 1:45:08 pm Barn Smart Plug Switched off by the rule Barn Motion Frt 11-28-2017 1:44:37 pm Barn Motion Sensor - Front Motion was no longer detected 11-28-2017 1:44:23 pm Barn Lights 1st Floor Switched on 11-28-2017 1:44:23 pm Barn Lights Workbench Switched on 11-28-2017 1:44:22 pm Scene Run Scene All Barn Lights On was run by rule Alarm - Barn Lights On 11-28-2017 1:44:22 pm Security Alarm Triggered 11-28-2017 1:44:01 pm Barn Smart Plug Switched on by the rule Barn Motion Frt 11-28-2017 1:44:00 pm Barn Motion Sensor - Front Motion was detected 11-28-2017 11:27:42 am Barn Smart Plug Switched off by the rule Barn Motion Rear 11-28-2017 11:27:12 am Barn Motion Sensor - Rear Motion was no longer detected 11-28-2017 11:26:37 am Barn Smart Plug Switched on by the rule Barn Motion Rear 11-28-2017 11:26:37 am Barn Motion Sensor - Rear Motion was detected 11-28-2017 11:00:00 am Pool Pump Switched on
  6. It's That Time of the Year

    I know some of you find it annoying, but I have two young kids that thought it was awesome last year! After the typical flipping out over seeing presents, they immediately asked me to check my phone to see if we got a photo of Santa. -Jim C
  7. Question Regarding Thermostats

    Thanks for all your replies! It sounds like the thermostats are much more reliable than I had thought. It may be time to invest in a new one.
  8. Question Regarding Thermostats

    Thank you guys for the info!
  9. I have not invested in connected thermostats as I've read of too many people having problems with them. I've read of runaway heat, a/c, and many failures to change temperatures at their designated times. Every once in a while I get interested again. With the connected thermostats, are there only a few time periods available for each day, like a standard programmable thermostat, or are you totally free to schedule anything you like? Here's what I'm getting at: When I've had devices that were supposed to turn on and off based on time, but did not have reliable connections, I would set a schedule like this (for Christmas lights): Sunset- On, 6:30 PM- On, 7 PM- On, 7:30 PM- On, 10 PM- Off, 11 PM- Off, 12 AM- Off, Sunrise- Off Can you do something similar with temperature on the thermostats to help ensure that you will eventually get the right temp if it is disconnected for say 30 minutes when it is supposed to change temp?
  10. Local Processing Is Here

    I just posted a couple of questions regarding local processing on the 'official' forum. Hopefully they get answered. -Jim C
  11. What just happened???

    Your post brings back bad memories. I was on vacation a few years ago in January shortly after I installed Iris v1. I only had a few devices installed, and only 1 with a temperature sensor. I was playing with the app while waiting at an airport on the way home, and said 'Wow, this system is worthless' as it showed my kitchen door sensor at 30 deg. I got home later that day to a 26 deg house and everything, including toilets, frozen solid. Now I have temperature notifications so I don't have to deal with that again...
  12. New V1 stock?

    I see the same stuff in my local Lowe's as well. It's stocked better than ever!
  13. Alarm arming Sound

    I received the new firmware on 9/20, but it took until 9/24 for the beeping to stop when arming. -Jim C
  14. Garage Security

    I'm in upstate NY and have an unheated/uncooled shop that is about 30' x 40'. At one end is a garage door (with no opener) and the other is sliding barn style doors. I have a camera inside above each door pointing at the opposite door and two ceiling mounted v1 motion sensors pointing straight down about 12' from each door. Each camera covers the opposite half of the building well. I use all 4 devices as alarm triggers and require two motion sensors to trigger an alarm. Except for when my cameras were flaky a couple of months ago, it has worked really well. The motion sensors and cameras pick up motion as soon as I step into the building. I also record for 30 seconds on movement. The temperature doesn't seem to affect the devices much. I just changed the battery in one motion sensor after more than a year of service.
  15. Door Chime Noise Changed?

    This sort of issue makes me wonder if they are just rehashing old code. If the issue was fixed with an update, what would cause something like this to happen again? It sounds like the programmers are ignoring the current working version and copy/pasting some superseded code into the system.