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  1. GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    I switched to GE zigbee switches for my furthest devices, about 150' from the hub, and they are rock solid. The ZWave switches were disconnected more than they were connected out there, even with repeating devices in between. -Jim C
  2. You may want to double check to see what motion detectors are in use for alarms, along with how many are required. I had a single motion sensor set off the alarm when I was trying to troubleshoot my cameras not seeing motion. I removed the 2 cameras as alarm devices that were part of the 2 motion detectors required for alarm, leaving only a single motion detector. I never looked at the number of devices required, assuming it would stay at 2 and never alarm with only 1 remaining. I was proved wrong in the middle of the night. I checked the alarm requirements and it was down to 1 motion device required to alarm. Evidently, it tries to be smarter than you.
  3. Maintenance notice from Iris

    This may be the first update that didn't change my sensor used for temperature....
  4. Camera issues

    I got home last night and started troubleshooting. I noticed in my history that the garage camera had just detected motion. I haven't seen any camera show motion in weeks. So I walked through the areas my other 3 cameras cover and all showed motion. I also realized that the shutter-like click the camera makes when it sees something hadn't been working either. The cameras that were supposed to record on motion did so properly. I haven't done anything since my last post. I looked at the hub's properties, and there was another update and restart. It went from to A few weeks ago, I noted in another thread that almost all my zwave devices went offline for a couple of days. This would be about the same time my freezer reported over 7000 deg and others were speculating that upgrades were coming as they were seeing odd things happen as well. Thanks to all for your input, but I think this problem was caused and fixed by Lowes.
  5. Toasty Freezer

    That's my hub's firmware (above) as well. The contact sensor fw version is still 2.3.
  6. Toasty Freezer

    I think my hub just received an update to fix this problem. My rule to alert me when my freezer gets below 105 deg just went off. It's now a nice comfortable -4 deg. EDIT: My hub has been up for 2 minutes as of 1:47 PM.
  7. Camera issues

    I was trying to dig into this a little more over the weekend. With thegillion's update, I can see 'the motion detection mode of operation' settings correctly now. I've changed to every option, restarted the cameras and motion is still not showing up in the history (and they are not recording on motion). This morning I remembered that about a month ago I added my shop camera motion sensors as alarm devices and required 2 motion sensors for an alarm. I thought this may have started the problem, so I went into the alarms section to turn them off as active devices, and see motion from yesterday for 1 camera and the other cameras this morning listed there. I'm seeing several disconnects and reconnects over the past few days. The motion listed under alarms coincides with the time the cameras are reconnecting. Note the 'shop' cameras in the graphics are named 'Barn...' I have removed the cameras from the alarm list, but I'm not home to do any testing. I'll update after I get home.
  8. Camera issues

    None of the cameras are reporting motion. Two of my cameras should be recording on motion and are not doing that. Other than that, they do work properly. I can record and stream on demand, and other rules like 'record for 60 sec when the garage door opens work perfectly. The last time I had cameras record on movement was 7/9 at 8:33 PM. I have 2 in my shop that cover much of the same area. I have recordings from both cameras at the same time from me walking through the shop. I did have a bunch of corrupted recordings from after 7/9, but I was using thegillion's site to to to look at them so I didn't see which cameras they were from. Unfortunately I deleted them before I knew I had a problem with detecting motion.
  9. Camera issues

    I'm having an issue with all four of my cameras detecting motion as well. I thought it was a problem with only a couple of cameras, but then realized that the recordings I was getting were based on other types of rules (like when the GDO opens). None of my cameras are detecting motion. I've soft and hard rebooted the hub and rebooted the cameras. I get an odd result looking at the advanced settings on thegillion's portal. The motion detection mode of operation only shows 'Loading...' The cameras are a mix of indoor and outdoor, all on WiFi. Any suggestions?
  10. I thought this was funny when I found it this morning. Although not certified, look what's listed as a product on the irisbylowes.com site: https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-Z-Wave-40-Amp-Double-Pole-Wireless-Gray-Indoor-Outdoor-Push-Light-Switch/1000167785
  11. A Tale of Uncertified Devices

    I made no changes to my system, but on 7/12 and 7/13 almost all my zwave devices were disconnected from the system. That's about 6 GE switches, my GDO, and 40 amp zwave switch.. All 3 of my smoke detectors, an old style leak detector, and all zigbee devices remained connected. Everything has been rock solid for months before before this event. This is about the same time my freezer started reporting over 7000 deg, so i attribute the issue to updates. A couple of restarts didn't help the problem. On 7/13 everything mysteriously reconnected. I have a feeling upcoming updates are messing with some people's networks. -Jim C
  12. Toasty Freezer

    After losing a bunch of food a couple of years ago I put a v1 contact sensor in the basement freezer and set up a rule to notify me when the temperature is over 25 degrees. Since then, I've been notified a couple of times when the door wasn't properly closed and it started to get warm. I received a notification today, and assumed one of the kids didn't close the door properly. Any of you who are concerned about the heat in your mailbox with v1 sensor have nothing to worry about. My first few sensors, sorted highest temp first: Temperature Level Temperature Device Name 7365 Freezer Basement 86 Window Spare Bedroom 83 Window Bathroom 82 Window Kitchen
  13. It's a 4'x20' Solar Bear heater, which works well for my 18' x 48" pool: https://www.amazon.com/Fafco-Economy-Heating-System-Above-Ground/dp/B003B05HOU I have it mounted on my garage roof. Do yourself a favor and mount it at about a 10 deg angle. That way you can drain it for the winter and not have to remove it from your roof. I mounted mine perfectly level and can't get all the water out of it, so it has to be removed. Repair kits are pretty cheap too. It takes 4 plugs to do one repair: https://www.amazon.com/20-pack-Repair-Refill-Heliocol-SunStar/dp/B00OM7CHTY/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_86_bs_lp_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PVW7KRK7H3WPRX1TGK3A
  14. Just an update: My switch has been running flawlessly for almost a month. There have been no disconnects and the schedule has been running perfectly. I'm happy to report that even in upstate NY, my pool is up to 86 deg, thanks to this device and my solar heater. -Jim C
  15. I paired it like any other device. Once I started pairing, I scrolled through the page of 'brands' that are supported, and didn't really know what to do as it isn't supported. It took only a few seconds on that page for it to show one new device. I completed the process and it worked fine. I wonder if you're too far away from the hub. I've had regular GE Zwave switches pair as unrecognized if they were too far away.