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  1. Old house

    Actually, some of the dinners require a neutral as well. My house was built in 1929 so I feel your pain. I now have a combination of the old dimmer with no neutral and smart bulbs... I also use several plug in modules as well....
  2. Iris 2.5?

    Just hit App Store for IOS.
  3. Here we go again!

    Well, firmware 49 has hit, waiting on the updated app now.
  4. Clean up process???

    Yes, I had a ton of devices removed. Most of which I had already removed and the names were changed.
  5. Iris vs SmartThings

    I have not switched completely either. I am looking into other systems, also because of energy monitoring. This was one of the main reasons I got an iris system to begin with. I have not moved over yet but I am also not replacing any batteries anymore and once everything is done, I most likely will be done as well. Out of my entire system, I have a water timer, two door sensors and one motion detector that still have batteries working... the battery life on my system has been atrocious.
  6. straight from the Q&A... 7. We've been told that V2 will ultimately be in parity with V1. Does this mean all features and rules such as temp based device control, energy history on Smart Plugs, energy history on the meter reader? We are working diligently toward full parity. However, I’d suggest “all features” is a difficult statement as there may be things that we think we can do better. This means they may not be exactly as they were in V1, and there may be some new things that take priority over a V1 feature given their benefit to you. However, all of those things mentioned are in the roadmap and all within what I would call a “short” time span. The temperature rules I expect very soon. Also, we are working on an improved whole-home energy solution. We want to provide the best energy accuracy we can
  7. V1 lamp module

    It is the V1 plug-in module. So, after writing this up.... I decided to plug in the one that had been sitting for a month, I reset it and now it works perfectly... of course it does, lol. I will let the other sit for a while and see if I can get it to pair back.
  8. V1 lamp module

    Anyone having any issues with the v1 lamp modules? I had one completely quit working about a month ago, I unplugged, plugged it in, reset several time with absolutely. I success. I didn't think much about because I have had that lamp module since the dawn of iris... but then today I am having issues with another lamp module... the same thing has happened... will not respond... I can't even use the button to turn the lamp on and off... anyone else having issues?
  9. Alarm went off

    A drop of the sensor and re-connection should not be the culprit here. Not sure what is, but once a device has been bypassed to set the alarm, it does not reinsert itself into the alarm profile after it connects.
  10. Win a Free Halo

    I am sure it is more promotional than actually testing...
  11. Schlage lock after battery replacement

    Yeah, I have had more trouble with my lock than anything else on the V2, it worked pretty well on V1 but it ran through batteries like crazy... I can barely get it to work on V2.
  12. Schlage lock after battery replacement

    It constantly shows locking? I have had that happen... had to unpair and repair...
  13. Centralized Control Panel Mounting Option

    This looks great! I may have to steal this idea, as long as my boss okays it.
  14. Why the V1 contact sensor is better!

    My front door is V2 sensor and I have actually had this happen several times with that particular sensor.
  15. Hiding Alexa

    Yes, there is and opening in the back to allow cords to pass through. It has not seemed to mess with its ability to hear.