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  1. MattM

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I shutdown my Iris system last night and am now 100% on hubitat. Not everything is functional yet, but I'll get there over the next month. Here is what I've learned: - Decide what type of system you want (primarily zwave, primarily zigabee, wifi, mixed, halfhazard, etc). Iris was predominantly zigabee with some light support for zwave/wifi devices. I've decided to go forward with primarily zwave with moderate wifi and minimal zigabee). I set the zigabee channel to 25 to reduce wifi interference. - Aeotec makes some great water leak, motion, buttons/fobs, and door/contact sensors. I'll slowly replace many of my Iris devices with these. - Zooz makes some great power plugs and strips, and these can complement the iris v2 smart plugs. I really love the additional power usage reporting available. - Sylvania lights that worked with Iris also work with Hubitat. Long term, it looks like new drivers for LIFX bulbs are under development. Hubitat UI is more powerful than IRIS under the hood, but it needs extensive work to present information in the concise friendly manner that the Iris Web UI had. It might take quite awhile to get that sorted, but I'm confident they'll eventually get there.
  2. MattM

    Best method to dispose/sell Iris gear?

    Well, I am trying to switch over everything possible to zwave....and turn off zigabee...because the less devices communicating in the crowded 2.4ghz band the better for wifi and Bluetooth, plus zigabee - while is an open standard apparently makes it easier for companies to release proprietary devices with limited hub support. So, the plan is to get rid of anything zigabee over a 1yr period. Unfortunately, the vast majority of iris devices were zigabee based. The only things holding me back are led bulbs (all the major manufacturers use zigabee),the existing investment in iris gear, an figuring out how to dispose of zigabee iris devices.
  3. Since the Iris closure announcement, I've investigated the various options and decided to switch to Hubitat, and more importantly...over about 1yr completely switch over from zigabee to zwave plus (longer range, no interference with 2.4ghz wifi, greater compatibility, no lockin with cloud hosted services). Of course, some high bandwidth devices will stay wifi. Meshes generally get more reliable with more devices (assuming bandwidth doesn't go nuts). Since about 90% of Iris devices were zigabee, this means I need to find the best method to dispose of the old gear..i'm not sure who would find them of any value. What is everyone else planning, especially those switching protocols?
  4. MattM

    Iris is Officially Done

    So far, Hubitat seems to be the best replacement for IRIS - from what I gather - because it is being actively developed, has a strong community, doesn't have the reliability issues that smart things apparently does, nor the issues with Samsung dumbing down the management/app.... but, I'm still trying to figure out: - Does the current hub have backup power? Or anything to stay alive for a few minutes during power outage? I'd put it on UPS probably anyway. - How is the configuration backed up? - Management via both wifi and lan? - Both android app and web management? - Since it tries to do nearly everything local, do I need to care about backup modem? I already have that in my main router anyway so its redundant mostly. - How extensible is it? It seems to support something similar to smart things in allowing anyone to write their own device support? Still, they are small fry so no official support from most 3rd parties? - One thing I liked about iris was that video footage was hosted offsite, and that they had their own 'alarm 3rd party support' much like smart things has with ADT.... is their any support for offsite video footage or 3rd part alarm response with habitat? - I'm still trying to figure out how stable the company and funding behind habitat is.
  5. MattM

    Iris is Officially Done

    Well, other than the fact that they are only giving 2 months notice, I guess the writing has been on the wall for 4-5 years now. The migration to gen2 devices just killed the platform. Gen2 was mostly a waste..yes, they had no choice....but Lowe's never really built much in their rewrite. I've got a ton of devices...I'm not sure if any platform will support devices like the water softener, water shutoff, cameras, etc. This is going to be a real pain. On the other hand, most of the new stuff I deploy is designed for either alexa or Samsung. What platform works best with Samsung home appliances, generic zwave devices, trane hvac, alexa compatibility, and nest compatibility.
  6. MattM

    Iris Camera Quality

    Another thing that I found out while debugging some iris streaming problems with indoor/outdoor cameras - from what I can tell, the v1 cameras basically just use normal protocols well designed to work with firewalls/other network gear to push clips to the iris servers. The v2 cameras seem to be using less friendly/well supported UPNP protocols - other than the v2 cameras being somewhat more heavier duty/tough against falls/water damage/etc, there isn't much reason to prefer the v2 indoor/outdoor cameras over the v1 indoor camera.
  7. Two things I've noticed recently - monthly iris newsletter is more focused on discounts on poor selling iris hardware and less on software features/improvements and secondly, the tenor and quality of the iris help line is more oriented towards tier 1 tech support and assistance w/ their professional monitoring service. This implies to me that Lowe's might indeed be considering selling off or at least de-emphasizing IRIS as a current/future platform, and just trying to get enough of an ongoing revenue stream to sell it off to someone else or at the minimum, not lose too much $$ if they decommission it in a few years.
  8. MattM

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    OK, flipping power on the hub and the cameras again has now restored clip uploads for the indoor cameras. But, indoor/outdoor camera models not uploading even if rules are repeatedly triggered.
  9. MattM

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    Recreated rules -- not helping. 4 rules, none of them seem to cause new clips to start. I see still images on the devices/camera page but can't stream. I suspect something is wrong with the ability of the cameras to send streams to the iris server. Hub issue again? Or firewall? No idea what would keep them from working....
  10. MattM

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    Looks like I spoke too soon about cameras being back to normal -- they are showing up as online and connected with near realtime footage displayed, but no clips are being recorded from rules, and the time/date displayed for the realtime recording is 11 days in the past even though it is showing current events. Clicking on streaming times out.
  11. MattM

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    As an update, the indoor cameras that went offline -- nothing wrong with them, it was the hub. Power cycling hub didn't help as it had batteries, pressing reset button on hub also didn't seem to work, removed the batteries and the AC power did do the trick. Cameras came back online after hub restart. Looking at history, apparently on the 14th - there was a restart due to firmware update. The hub restarted, but not properly....most functions kept working, but not camera.
  12. MattM

    IRIS Cameras worth getting?

    I'm looking into the Arlo Q Plus cameras, but it's hard to justify needing another app or software when I've invested so much into IRIS. Indeed, the new web ui has a nice camera section and for the most part, IRIS cameras have been reliable. Somethings happened lately though.....perhaps new hub or camera firmware is buggy. Also looked into the Nest Cam IQ...but Nest is owned by google, and google's business model is training their AI's to sell me more stuff by grabbing as much data as they can anyway, I'd rather not give google another way to monitor everything I do.
  13. I've been an IRIS user for almost 3yrs now and during the upgrade to IRIS 2.0, I started deploying my first 'IRIS Cameras'. The cameras were generally useful, especially for monitoring the home while on vacation. I haven't been happy that the storage of the cameras is relatively limited or that I can't just use POE ethernet cables to power them, but they have mostly worked out until this month. Three Weeks Ago: All cameras drop off network Two Weeks Ago: I purchased two of the new indoor/outdoor camera's and they both became highly unstable after the hub updated their firmware to the latest release. Had to return them. Last Week: Went on vacation, shortly after the first streaming use, the camera disconnected from the network and had to be power cycled. Camera was useless until I returned home.
  14. MattM

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    The one area that I see really weak on the web portal here is water softener, I'd actually like to see a monthly and weekly water usage report (already filed a new feature suggestion on the official iris community board). I guess this is another area where SQL/DB would be needed, like energy monitoring. Or, perhaps the official iris web ui will eventually provide this.
  15. MattM

    Water Softener on V2

    Good news, finally received a replacement control board from whirlpool for the water softener -- and, surprisingly, the new board fixed all the connection issues w/ the hub. Only thing I'm unsure of is what the timeframe of the gpm readout for the softener in the iris app..... it isn't realtime....15 minutes of flowing water didn't push it past zero. I'm guessing it's a daily average.