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  1. dowg21

    Shut Down?

    I didn’t have to restart the hub or anything. I have over 100 devices and have loved my system. I will admit, I have arlo cameras and they are a lot nicer than Iris cameras. I was on vacation and was worried my dog walker wouldn’t be able to get in. All I know is that line of code exists in the system and someone would make it if there wasn’t a chance of using it.
  2. dowg21

    Shut Down?

    That’s what I was thinking. Definitely making me second guess Iris.
  3. dowg21

    Shut Down?

    It just went to the basic Lowe’s Iris site. I feel like it was a glitch I want meant to see that’s for a future announcement.
  4. dowg21

    Shut Down?

    Got this message today. Learn more went no where?
  5. java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: Value out of range. Value:"130" Radix:10 This is the only thing in a pink box when Iris tries to Migrate. It has stumped even Teir 2. Any Ideas?
  6. dowg21

    1.4 And Beyond

    I still want the rule to turn a light off after X minutes of no motion. I don't want the motion to turn iota on though. Just for when people forget to turn lights off. Also, I signed up for the new app when they said they were having the new hub. You guys have started billing me. Don't do that if you guys haven't shipped me my new hub.
  7. Double tap the arm button and it goes straight to armed
  8. I want a magic rule that will turn off a light if not motion I dected for a set time. My roommate leaves the bathroom, his bedroom, and his game room lights on all the time. I wish there was a rule that would turn the lights off if no motion was detected for a set amount of time. I know there is a rule to turn lights on for a set amount of time, but I don't want his lights turning on randomly in the night as he moves around. It seems like it should be simple. "If Motion IS/IS NOT detected for X minutes, then turn a switch OFF/ON"
  9. dowg21

    So far with version two point oh yeah

    It's on the shelf here. 3 of them. The pictures I posted earlier are from the planogram.
  10. dowg21

    So far with version two point oh yeah

    Here is some item numbers
  11. dowg21

    So far with version two point oh yeah

    My Lowe's has ALL the items stocked on the shelves. It's as if someone new is running the store.
  12. dowg21

    Next Generation of Iris Updates

    Blue Line has never been a solid product. The new energy meter (the one with clamps) is a lot better and it will work for everyone, regardless if what type of meter they have or what the weather is
  13. dowg21

    So far with version two point oh yeah

    The hinges are item # 752886 (Nickel 31/2'') 752887 (Oil Rubbed Bronze 3 1/2") 752888 (nickel 4") 752889 (Oil rubbed bronze 4") My store also has the 4x10 and 4x12 Keen Smart Vent on it's shelf today.
  14. dowg21

    New Genie Garage Door Opener (not just control).

    If anyone wants a Aladdin connect controller (without the door position sensor) contact me. You'll have to wait for Lowes to carry the door position sensors, which should be shortly. I bitched enough at my store they gave me an extra kit.