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  1. jwwhite001

    How Does Iris Stack Up To The Competition

    Your right about the disconnect notices on a device. I have only had 1 disconnect and that was on a button I never used. So I didn't know it for some time. I setup about 6 different actiontiles screens that I select on my phone depending on what area or function that I want to look at. Then I have a tablet mounted on the wall that has more devices on each screen. But I only have about 25 devices total, which is probably a lot less than you. In any event, as you say, there are pros and cons to each system.
  2. jwwhite001

    How Does Iris Stack Up To The Competition

    Been using ST for about 3 months now after leaving IRIS. Both systems have their issues. On par they are about the same. ST is far more versitle although harder to set up advanced features. Terk, have you looked at Actiontiles or Smarttools? They might give you some of the things that IRIS has that you mention as IRIS doing. Also, my phone allows me to set apps with priority which means I can get notifications at night just on the apps I want and ST being one of them. So no phone call needed. And I get disconnect notices almost at once. In fact I think they come too fast as sometimes the disconnect is only about a minute. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. do you still have any smart plugs available? 

    1. jwwhite001


      Yes. I still have 2 available.

  4. jwwhite001

    Stay with IRIS or try out Smart Things?

    A couple years ago when I was looking for a home alarm/automation system I compared IRIS, Smartthings and a few others. At the time IRIS seemed the best so I went with them. But over time they just didn't seem to be going anywhere. I was using the IRIS+ app which gave me a lot of the flexibility that the basic IRIS didn't have. When it looked like IRIS+ might not be supported in the future and IRIS itself still wasn't going anywhere, I switched over to ST. Been using Smartthings now for about 3 weeks. It is a harder to set things up, but I can do so much more with it. I haven't written any smart apps myself as someone seems to have what I want already. It's been a learning curve but well worth it. And the community forum is much much bigger. Somewhat overwhelming really. I agree the alarm functioning in ST is not the greatest, but with a few routines and the CORE app I was able to tailor it my needs. There is no phone call ability, but the push notifications work fine for us. I just set a custom notification tone for our phones and if ST sends a push notification we know immediately who it was from and go from there. The response time with ST things seems to be a lot faster, especially using ECHO. The GEO fencing is working great for controlling the alarm and other functions when we leave or return. ST is not for the faint of heart or those who don't want to delve into some more complicated setups. But for me it is a very good choice. Not trying to badmouth IRIS, it is a good system as far as it goes. But I just needed something that goes further. Just my observations.
  5. jwwhite001

    V1 Items for Sale - SOLD

    And if he doesn't have you want, see my post...
  6. Got the following stuff for sale. Free shipping over $25. Shipping to USA only. 1 Gen 1 Keypads $15 each. SOLD 2 Gen 1 Smart Plugs $12 each. SOLD 7 Gen 1 Contact Sensors $8 each. SOLD 2 Gen 1 Motion Detectors $10 Each, SOLD 1 Gen 1 Range Extender $10 Each, SOLD 2 Gen 1 hubs Free you pay shipping. Just in case someone is hacking. 1 Gen 2 Hub NEW never used. I had this for backup and never used it. $25, SOLD
  7. jwwhite001

    Alexa doesn't control the ALARM

    You can do all of that with IRIS+. I control scenes with Alexa. I turn my alarm on/off with Alexa. I use a secret word to turn it off and I don't use that method if someone is around to hear it. I know that Yuriy is giving up IRIS+ development, but hopefully someone else will take over. In the meantime it still works great.
  8. jwwhite001

    Sense: Is this thing for real?

    Saw the sense on This Old House episode. Looks very promising.
  9. jwwhite001

    Garage Door Lock

    Thanks for posting that video. I never knew that was possible. Gonna fix mine today.
  10. jwwhite001

    Has IRIS changed the smart bulb settings?

    So I am assuming you have to have the Osram gateway to do this configuration?
  11. jwwhite001

    New Temperature Control

    Well, so far mine are working ok. Don't really use them for much so it's no big deal. Got one by the bed configured as a panic button for my wife to use if I'm out of town. I test it every once in a while to see if it's ok. So far it works. If it quits I also have Alexa configured to do the same thing so she can just shout it out if necessary. But I agree after reading everything, they aren't much good.
  12. jwwhite001

    New Temperature Control

    These are gen 2 buttons, and yeah they might not be very good. I really didn't need them for anything but the sale price was so low, I thought what the heck. But this post was meant as a joke, nothing serious. The temperature reading is as I say, it apparently doesn't work right. But I was just being a little flippant to have some fun.
  13. jwwhite001

    New Temperature Control

    Our local Lowes had the smart buttons on sale, so I bought a couple. They work fine but I discovered a previously unknown benefit. They have temperature reporting similiar to some of the other devices. But I noticed no matter where they were they reported the temperature as 68 degrees. So I put one outside and sure enough it said it was 68 degrees even tho the weather man said it was 25. My conclusion is IRIS is somehow controlling the weather. Based on that I'm going to leave it outside so it will be much warmer. And come summer it will make it cooler. Don't know if this affect extends much further than my area but if anyone doesn't like the weather you might try this to warm things up.
  14. jwwhite001

    Iris version 1.16 for Android is in the Play Store

    This seems to have solved the issue.
  15. jwwhite001

    Iris version 1.16 for Android is in the Play Store

    Works sorta. But I have to do that every time. When I go to open the app it asks for my credentials. I back out all the way, reopen and it is ok. But the next time, I have to go through that proceedure again.