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  1. Afternoon, quick question on the Garage Door opener (I searched the archives and didn't see this subject). I went to open it this afternoon, and am seeing the following error: Possible obstruction. Check and operate door manually I did as instructed, and opened it twice with the old paddle switch. I have also verified the sensor is still there, and unplugged the unit from power. But it seems no matter what I do, it still show this error. Any ideas? I installed it two weeks ago, and it has worked like a charm until this afternoon. Thank you, -tyler
  2. tscheel

    Question on Ceiling Fan control

    Thanks for the feedback fellows. I will try ordering the above switch. Until I get it delivered and installed, do you know if I am damaging my fan using just the standard dimmer switch that Lowes sells?
  3. Hello, I am new to forum and to Iris. I've been a network engineer for 25+ years, and this stuff has always intrigued me. I currently have about 10 devices connected, including light switches, garage door opener, and a sensor to track the temperature outside. After reading through the forum, I to agree that there is much room for improvement here, and I hope that Lowes is committed to this system, as it isn't cheap. I have looked at the Home Depots and Samsung devices, and I am sure they all work as well. But I am having a hard time committing everything to Iris, until I am sure they will continue to expand the system. Anyhow, on to my question. Has anyone used the dimmer switch to control a ceiling fan? I have installed it, and it works great, but I am now hearing a quite drone noise coming from the fan when I turn the speed down. At 100%, it works great, but at 70% or 40%, it makes a droning noise that I didn't have when I used a standard 3 way selector switch. I assume an electrician will have the answer, and can comment on whether I am damaging the fan. I'll deal with the hum as long as its not hurting something. -tyler