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  1. Toasty Freezer

    Regarding the use of V1 contact sensors as temperature sensors. I have found that a battery placed in a 10 degree F environment will report as nearly dead. That same battery allowed to warm to room temperature of 70 degrees F will report as nearly new. Therefore I have soldered two wires to my V1 contact sensor battery contacts. The sensor sits in the freezer, the battery is in a CR2 battery holder outside of the freezer.
  2. Here is my 40 Amp solution, and it is supported by IRIS. Use a smart plug to control this 40 amp relay. http://amzn.to/2h4n9Dr This relay has 2 normally open contacts. You can use it to switch only the single hot wire on a 120VAC appliance, or wire it to switch both hot wires on a 240VAC appliance. I use it to switch a 2 HP water pump. I use another to control the power to the electric water heater during Off-Peak hours. This (with a Smart Plug, or any z-Wave switch) could be used to control any device that needs an isolated switch, such as something battery operated. Way less money than the item above.
  3. Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    Is this a Steel or a Wood shed? Steel will attenuate the signal, if the sensor is inside. Perhaps up to 90 percent. Wood will not be much of a problem at all.
  4. Iris didn't tell me

    I have a large area of lawn. It's about 20,000 square feet. My sprinklers in that zone run for 30 minutes. The irrigation pump can pump 4000 gallons per hour. If I go away for a 3 day weekend (and Iris fails to turn off the water) I can come home and find that over a quarter of a million gallons of water has been dispensed. Iris is my toy... Vera is my Home Automation. Iris is used for non important tasks over here.
  5. Look up parity in the dictionary. There is no such thing as 99% Parity (or any smaller number). It strictly refers to 100%. Sort of like someone trying to say they are 70% pregnant. Either you are, or you are not. I really miss the temperature graphs.
  6. IRIS Team: Important notice about Alarm Requirements

    What about us DIY that don't want to have anything to do with professional monitoring? I prefer to know that only one sensor has been tripped. Does this mean that we are about to have this new policy crammed down our throats for the benefit of IRIS ????????????????
  7. New TOS and Privacy Policy

    Nope. You are so brilliant. You thought of everything.
  8. New TOS and Privacy Policy

    I'm just pissed off because they waited to throw the mandatory approve screen at me when I came home. Therefore locking me out of my house for 2 hours while I studied the new stuff. For those that want a summary and don't have time to read the TOS, here is a summary: IRIS has no responsibilities or obligations, and the customer has absolutely no legal recourse is they screw up after being careless. And if Lowes closes support for IRIS you have no legal recourse and no refunds. The customer on the other hand is spied on, agrees to allow IRIS access to view your full Credit Report, and so many more negatives. Nothing good in there for the customer. Oh, and in their vagueness IRIS leaves it open to have the right to look at you in your cameras.
  9. Iris Keypads on Sale for $10.00

    The "metrics" are quite simple my dear. They put it on sale for one guy. He makes a post on the forum. (Think, free advertising.) All the other geeks jump at the low price. Half of them go ahead and buy one anyhow at FULL PRICE because they were thinking about getting another one anyhow. Its called Impulse buying. It's the American way. Haven't you ever worked in sales?
  10. Power Adapter for Siren Module

    While we are kicking around an old discussion, I put my siren into service in 2013. It still is reporting 70% battery level. At this rate IRIS will be obsolete before the batteries are in need of replacing.
  11. V1 Keypad Experience

    We have 3 version 1 keypads. We use all of them to turn the alarm off and on. We have no trouble using them on the V2 hub. We have learned that when turning the alarm off, do not hit the keys at a rate faster than one key per second.
  12. V1 motion sensor acting up

    Yes. I have had this problem for years with motion sensors. Causes: 1: Low Battery. Although the motion sensor will report itself as on line, and report battery voltage... the IR Sensor that detects motion stops detecting motion at a much higher battery voltage. Therefore, even though you think that you have a working motion sensor, you do not. I can walk right in front of it, and it will not detect motion. 2: The sun is shining on the sensor or being reflected onto the sensor by glass, mirror, smooth metal, etc. Then a tree branch is moving in the wind, causing this HEAT/ NO HEAT to replicate a moving person. 3: Air Conditioning air or Heater air is blowing in front of the sensors view (even from across the room) this moving temperature change is interpreted as a moving person by the sensor. 4: Open windows or open doors will allow outside air (which always contains cold then hot pockets of air) will cause the sensor to interpret that as a moving person.
  13. Initial Release of Web UI Coming Later this Week

    Yeah? Well, this is kind of like when your girlfriend tells you she wants to marry you. And she says someday. In the mean time you find a better girlfriend (think Gillion's creation) and get married. You really don't care about that old girlfriend. You found a better one, and never look back. They snooze, they loose.
  14. Leaking leak detector batteries

    I store them in the house, not refrigerated. However, I do use them outside in some cases. It gets below zero degrees F here from time to time. Most are used at room temperature. There is no difference as to which leak. If anything, the ones outdoors leak less. I do live at 7000 FT elevation. I am thinking if that is a factor.
  15. Leaking leak detector batteries

    Hmmmm. It is interesting that you mention the package. I ordered some of these batteries from Amazon. They came in a package WITHOUT the guarantee printed on the package. So Before seeing this message I called EverReady. They made it perfectly clear that they sell a battery that looks exactly like the guaranteed style. BUT they are sold at a lower price and not to the public. They have unique factory codes stamped on them, and they are explicitly NOT guaranteed. The ones I got were sold buy an unauthorized source and were not intended to be resold. (They were fulfilled by Amazon, but sold by a 3rd Party Seller) So watch out!