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  1. EyeRuss


    I currently have twelve Generation 1 Smart Buttons on my SystronicsRF system and they function just like they do on the IRIS system.
  2. EyeRuss


    Put yourself in the shoes of any new startup. When IRIS was still working, it was very hard for SystronicsRF to get many people to be willing to try something new in beta. But when the Shut Down Announcement came, EVERYONE is suddenly willing to try something new. That is not SystronicsRF's fault. As a Beta Tester, and as an IRIS user since 2012, I can testify that systronicsRF has been more productive in each DAY since the Beta began, than IRIS ever was in a month or maybe 3 months. These guys know what they are doing, AND they don't have to wait for any red tape, they just have solutions DONE when we wake up the very next morning. Oh, and this is a lot more further developed than I was assuming before I saw it. All the features that I used in IRIS are in here. Truthfully one is there but not activated, but it will be active real soon. And the most valuable features that IRIS promised for 3 years and never delivered are here: I decide when to upgrade, AND all local processing -- the entire system still works when my Internet is down... timed events still happen, and I can still turn stuff on and off. As-is-today, this is a better system overall than IRIS was for me over the last 6 1/2 years. Be patient my friend, it will be worth it.
  3. EyeRuss

    Zigbee Channel?

    This link introduces why a person would care what ZigBee channel they are using. https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203845040-ZigBee-and-WiFi-Coexistence
  4. EyeRuss

    Zigbee Channel?

    I am curious. Mine is on ZigBee Channel 25. What channel is your Iris hub on?
  5. EyeRuss

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Thanks for fixing it. I can't tell you how many times that I have used this portal to figure out what is wrong with my system. It accesses so much technical diagnostic data that is hidden by Iris in their apps.
  6. EyeRuss

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    The portal is down for me. Is it down for all? Or do I need to check my side first before I say anything?
  7. EyeRuss


    My concerns go like this: I use only V1 products. And 83 of them to boot. I am already locked in to a product and a company, that if they (Lowes) go out of business, my system stops working, and my V1 parts can't be taken to another platform. I won't jump to SystronicsRF unless they SELL the firmware license. AND unless the firmware does not phone home to authenticate. SO THAT if SystronicsRF dries up, and them my Raspberry Pi breaks, I can just buy a new Pi, install my copy of the firmware, and be back in business without re-authenticating to a server that is dead and gone like Lowes is about to. I made a mistake once, when I went with Lowes. I won't be at SystronicsRF mercy. They HAVE TO SELL me something that I own. I don't mind even paying a BIG price like say maybe $100. I don't mind buying upgrades if I decide the features are something that I want.
  8. EyeRuss

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    My name is EyeRuss, and I approved this ad. And I approve SystronicsRF using my favorite forum, Living With Iris.
  9. EyeRuss

    Something new is coming

    Heck. I would take temperature logging over energy logging any day, if I HAD to choose only one.
  10. EyeRuss

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    This issue with IRIS bailing out could cost me $4,150.00 I have 83 IRIS devices in use. They are all and only version one. Version one just works reliably for me. I jumped into IRIS in 2012. I endured untold grief while they got their act together. If I paid $20 average for each IRIS device, then I have spent $1,660.00 on IRIS. In early 2014 I could see IRIS's incompetence never ending. (Today, I have been proven right). I decided to cover my rear, by purchasing Vera and using non proprietary zWave devices. I have about 75 zWave devices in my Vera system. Vera has been rock solid reliable for me. And NO forced untested updates!!!! But I stayed with IRIS (also) because zWave motion sensors, door sensors, keypads, etc are 3 times more expensive. So to replace all of my proprietary AlertMe/IRIS devices could cost me $4,150.00 if there is never a buyer, or if the buyer can't get free royalties to the proprietary AlertMe/IRIS devices. Yes, there could be a buyer.... and we could see a heavy price for the AlertMe monthly royalties... and need to walk away. I have somewhere to go (Vera). I won't be homeless. But I could be financially broken.
  11. EyeRuss

    Iris Web Portal

    It's down for me right now. Just keeps asking for me to log in. I have really appreciated this web portal.
  12. EyeRuss

    V1 Smart Plugs & V1 Smart Buttons

    I would like 3 packs (12 modules) of the Smart Plugs. Lowe's dosen't even sell them anymore. Please PM me with shipping cost. Thanks.
  13. EyeRuss

    Iris Version No Longer Available

    Right, only the few left in the store are available. Then they are all gone. Corporate (warehouse) will not sell any more.
  14. EyeRuss

    Iris Version No Longer Available

    When I went to the Lowe's Site today all the Version 1 items are no longer available. Motion, Door, Smart Plugs, Button. Anyone know why. Here are links: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-1-Sensor-Indoor-Door-and-Window-Sensor/3735305 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-Indoor-Window-and-Door-Sensor-Works-with-Iris/1000008682 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-110-Volts-Volt-White-Iris-Smart-Plug/3735315 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-4-Pack-110-Volt-White-Smart-Plugs/1000008664 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-120-Degree-Passive-Infrared-Security-Motion-Detector-Works-with-Iris/3735303 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-120-Degree-Passive-Infrared-Security-Motion-Detector-Works-with-Iris/1000008670 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-First-Gen-White-Wireless-Home-Automation-Button/3735313 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-White-Security-Alarm-Button-Works-with-Iris/1000008676 Yet on April 17th I checked the inventory of each item (links above), and there was between 3,000 and 20,000 of each depending on the item. Any thoughts?
  15. EyeRuss

    Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    And I bet we can also find a LOT of items that have not been addressed.