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  1. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Can you add it to Iris without having to create a Nest schedule from scratch? Or can I preserve all my Nest settings?
  2. So today my system decided to randomly arm itself. I use no key fobs. There was nothing going on at the time this happened. Nobody was using the app. I did hear the chime from the gen 1 keypad when the arming took place, but dismissed it as maybe a door sensor misreading. Since I wasn't aware the system had decided to arm itself, I inadvertently triggered an alarm after opening a door. Interestingly, the history shows the alarm being triggered and the subsequent cancellation, but does not show the self-arming that took place. I have a rule that arms the system at night and disarms it in the morning, but this self-arming took place around noon. Anybody else experience this issue?
  3. Is it only me or the updated app does not support landscape mode?
  4. light schedule stopped working

    UPDATE: although I tried this before, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it again, so I unpaired the bulb and re-paired, and recreated the schedule. It is now working as it should for the time being. I had tried this a few days after the last update, and it did not work, but for some reason it did now (maybe some background updates were done). Anyway, if anyone else is having issues with these bulbs and schedules, now you know what to do.
  5. light schedule stopped working

    but do you have a cree bulb?
  6. light schedule stopped working

    Is anybody else still having problems with light schedules? I still have to manually turn lights on and off (cree bulb, set to turn on /off at dusk/dawn). Has anybody been able to fix this?
  7. light schedule stopped working

    Does anybody know if they are working to fix the schedules at all?
  8. light schedule stopped working

    The problem I am having is with a cree bulb, not with an Osram. I have several osrams that I can't use because Iris has still not figure out how to fix the bugs (and they have said, in this forum, that they are aware of the problem for almost a year now) and all the bulbs Osram and cree, are less than 10 feet away from the hub, so reception is not an issue. The problem with the cree started only after the last update was pushed. I had to turn it off again this morning because it once again ignored the "turn off at dawn" schedule command. I have tried removing the schedule, pairing, re-pairing, etc.
  9. Schedule not working

    Just posted about a cree bulb that stopped working according to the schedule after months of perfect performance. Problems began after their last update.
  10. Have a cree bulb I was forced to buy since Iris still has not addressed the Osram lightify bulbs' "random on/off problem"; this cree bulb had been working perfectly until the last update, when the schedule suddenly stopped working for the "turn off at dawn" option. It still turns itself off at dusk as scheduled, but it stays on after dawn until I turn it off with the app. Anybody else experiencing this issue? I would prefer to stop buying bulbs every time Iris breaks things with their updates...
  11. Lowes itis time for you to change

    Even sadder, this issue is par for the course for Iris all the way to the gen 1 version, where server issues would happen without alerting customers, prompting us to reset hubs, pair and unpair devices, etc. only to find out (after calling CS and been on hold for an average of 30 minutes) that the problem was on their end. Why do they choose to ignore repeated requests to institute a system to alert customers is beyond me, as is why there isn't an official Iris server status webpage that customers can check through the app or on their website.
  12. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    "Users should now be able to see missing devices" Nope. My devices are still missing and I still cannot arm my system.
  13. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    From the email: "Some customers may have experienced some issues in the past 24 hours with the Iris Platform...but users can still arm their alarms and control their devices." No, some still cannot arm their alarms. I still have the same "alarm is arming" and "-1 second" error, and the alarm is frozen on the disarmed mode. 2 days and counting.
  14. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    I am missing over half of my devices since this afternoon, but more troubling is that I have not been able to arm my alarm, but the app shows the alarm status as "ON" but also "alarm arming" and is stuck at "-1 second", so I don't know if my system is working at all, or if I will trigger an alarm the moment I open a door this morning. AND WHY OH WHY WON'T IRIS LET YOU KNOW THERE ARE ISSUES WHEN YOU LOG IN THE APP INSTEAD OF HAVING TO FIND OUT THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE?
  15. Iris Web UI Preview

    This is really great news. Hated having to reach for the phone to access my system when I'm already in front of a computer. Now if they could only fix the lightify bulbs I would be a happy man...