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  1. 617Shawnee

    GE Light Switches - ZWave vs Zigbee

    So I've noticed over the past month the price of GE switches has gone up at Lowes, and the box changed from a green stripe to a red one. I figured it was just part of the typical device upgrade cycle, and a way to increase prices. But tonight, I actually paid attention and noticed that the new version (the red stripe) is actually Zigbee instead of Zwave. I have over 60 devices on my Iris system, and I'm not really sure I always know which is ZWave and which are Zigbee, but it does make me nervous when something like this changes. Why make the switch? If I add Zigbee switches to my system, how will that impact my Zwave switches? I also noticed only the old ADD ON switches for 3 ways were available.. Do those older ADD On switches work with both ZWave and Zigbee? Thanks
  2. 617Shawnee

    Platform Update / Zwave Devices

    OhioYJ - Dude - I hope you solve this because I am having the exact same issue! The same day as yours, all of my devices dropped off. I called support, and he put my hub in pairing mode, and had me toggle all my light switches and door locks. Everything paired back up fine. All good. Was advised to do a Zwave rebuild, so i started it and went to bed. Next day, everything off again. Call support said, i could either repair or wait to see if the system was optimizing in the background. Waited a full day. So frustrating..
  3. 617Shawnee

    Smart Switch when no Neutral is available

    Thanks all. Is it possible to get any of the old switches anywhere (those that don't require a neutral? I'm not smart enough to figure out heavy duty wiring and don't want to spend a ton on this one switch - but would like them connected to the rest of my Iris ecosystem.
  4. 617Shawnee

    Smart Switch when no Neutral is available

    One other thing to point out - this outlet is tied to a GFCI (for ouside pool lights). Does that in a sense, make it "safer" to have use the ground as the neutral? (or explain why there is no neutral?)?
  5. Hey all - Happy new year - New house, and still trying to figure out all the wiring (definitely non-standard!) I have switches/dimmers installed in the main and upper floors with no problem. All those boxes had neutrals in a pig-tail. However, when I went to install a switch in my daughters room (in the lower level) there was no neutral wire (no pig-tail either). I tried installing the switch, but it wouldn't work. Is there an option for smart switches when no neutral is available? Thanks!
  6. Ugh . . . sometimes I'm not even sure why I tackle these things - but I always do! I brought our Iris system from our old house, and I'm trying to figure out how to wire it in to the new house. I'm stumped. I have a 4-way setup that I can not figure out how to wire. ENTRY Door: 3 - wires - Black, Red & White (I jumped a neutral white to the pigtail because I'm using LED) - wired using a GE Dimmer Switch Bottom of Stairs - 4 wires - 2 red, 2 white - used an add on switch, put both red in the traveler, both white in the neutral Top of Stairs - 3 wires - Black, Red & White - used a dimmer switch because I didn't know what to do with the third wire. I can't get anything to work. Any thoughts - please tell me what I'm doing wrong
  7. 617Shawnee

    Iris Website

    Does anybody think there is any chance of getting an Iris website back? I'm as iPhone savvy as they come - but sometimes it is just not conducive when setting up a lot of rules, etc. I loved the ease of the old website ;(
  8. 617Shawnee

    Thermostat / V2

    Yep - the check mark is marked. ;(
  9. 617Shawnee

    Thermostat / V2

    Has anybody else experienced issues with the thermostat and V2? I set up all my rules - basically from 8 am - 4:00 pm it goes up to 76 degrees, then at 4:00 it is set to go down to 70 degrees. I confirmed this is repeated for every day, but most days I come home it my house is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! If I manually change the thermostat to 70 degrees, the house cools down within 15-20 minutes, so it is not as if the AC is messed up. Not sure what is going on, but it's defeating the purpose and I'm more inclined to waste electricity and keep it the same temp all day ;(
  10. 617Shawnee

    Garage Door Open/Closed Alerts...freaking me out.

    So we had this issue actually happen to us Sunday - but the garage door actually opened! We were getting ready for church, and heard the garage door go up. It was a little disconcerting, becuase our car had just been broken in two days before! Had it happened after we left for church, I'm assuming my magic (away rule) would have put it back down eventually, but this did make me a little nervous!
  11. 617Shawnee

    Old V1 devices still available

    I would guess it's folks buying them up. My Lowes had both V1 and V2 contact sensors. I can't image the value gained for the extra $7, so I bought all the V1 sensors they had. I'm assuming things like the switches will remain the same? My store still had a ton of both switches (those you can and cannot use with LED's). I live in a smaller town - I'm pretty sure I'm the main Iris customer at this store ;(
  12. 617Shawnee

    Biggest Wish (brrr . . . it's cold outside!)

    My Durango has remote start app on my IPhone - - the only problem is I am usually juggling kiddos and forget to start it until I am freezing in the truck. The reason I'd love to have it connect to Iris so that that my lazy self could set a magic rule to start it every morning at 7:15 so it would be toasty when I take the kiddos to school. Or, I could clean out my garage and park it there, but the first option is TOTALLY more likely.
  13. 617Shawnee

    Switch without a neutral?

    I have the same issue - but it's on the 3-way switches. One of the switches has a neutral pig-tail that I can piggy back off of (can't figure out if it is the master or slave) and the switch does not have a neutral wire. Any thoughts???
  14. This morning, when I walked out to find a heavy frost on my Durango's windshield, I thought " wow - - - it would be great if Iris could communicate with my automatic starter (I can remotely control it from my Dodge app - but often forget until I'm walking out the door). Would be amazing to be able to set a magic rule so it would start and be nice and toasty when I get in!
  15. 617Shawnee

    new hub free for current users

    I have to say this was well played on Lowe's part. They didn't have to do this, but it certainly did polarize me as a more loyal Iris customer! These types of gestures go back to the adage, "I want all your business, not all your money"