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  1. We would love if you'd share your Iris water leak story with us at and so other users can see how you're using your system!

  2. IrisByLowes

    Official Iris Community Launch

    We're looking at making a General thread as well if there's enough interest. We didn't want to start with too many boards at launch, but it may be added.
  3. IrisByLowes

    Official Iris Community Launch

    If you click on the Unread Posts title it will take you to a landing page that showcases all the new posts. As for the "new posts" incorrectly showing, we'll have to take a deeper look at what may be causing this.
  4. IrisByLowes

    Official Iris Community Launch

    We're looking for feedback just like this, so thank you - we will look at making changes like this in upcoming enhancements. An important feature of the software we're using is that we can really customize it to suit our needs relatively easy.
  5. IrisByLowes

    Official Iris Community Launch

    We'll be adding a "Unread Posts" component later this week. Thanks for pointing that out. We currently have Latest Topics but realize that isn't as helpful.
  6. IrisByLowes

    Official Iris Community Launch

    We are excited to announce that an official Iris community is now here. You can register at We’ve been in the Living With Iris forum for a while now, and we really appreciate everyone’s efforts here. It’s been a great, thriving community and inspired us to create our own. You are the first to identify bugs, give feedback, and help others. That really means a lot to the team and doesn't go unnoticed. Our goals with the new community are pretty simple: • Better assist users: with setup, troubleshooting, how-to's, you name it • Provide a trusted resource that offers access to the Iris team at all levels • Collect feedback in a process-oriented matter that helps us prioritize features and provide greater transparency Please sign up, have a look around, and if you have any feedback on how we can improve the community experience, we are happy to hear it. Your participation is vital to the success of the community. Lastly, we are not ceasing communication on the Living With Iris forum, but do encourage you to sign up for an enhanced community experience. Sincerely, The Iris Team
  7. IrisByLowes

    Iris new logo or much more?

    Just a new logo/color palette that we're beginning to roll out. No bigger impact than that.
  8. IrisByLowes

    Do I need a new Hub???

    @usmcss: Can you try removing and resetting your Iris Smart Plugs. After that, run the Z-Wave Optimization.
  9. IrisByLowes

    Iris App Release Notes: 1.15

    A bit of unfortunate news today – due to recent issues, Touch ID will not be making it into 1.15. We apologize for any inconvenience as this feature will be incorporated into a subsequent release.
  10. IrisByLowes

    Iris App Release Notes: 1.15

    Can you PM us a screenshot of what you're seeing?
  11. IrisByLowes

    Iris App Release Notes: 1.15

    Update 1.15 is being submitted to the Google Play store. It will be available to iOS users once approved by the Apple Store. This release contains the following: Feature: Touch ID Enablement for iOS Devices Iris users accessing their system with an iOS device will now be allowed to log in to the app with a simple touch of their finger.Feature: Santa Tracker 2016 Santa Tracker is a seasonal feature we re-enabled that allows parents and children to ‘track’ Santa’s movements through your home on Christmas Eve while helping ‘prove’ to children that Santa is, in fact, real. Santa Tracker is for ‘entertainment’ purposes only and does not require the purchase of any sensors for this feature to work. More than 70 bug fixes in Release 1.15, including: Device Related: Bulbs & Dimmers Resolved driver issue that prevented some users from controlling non-dimmable Sylvania BR30 bulbs Fixed issue where OSRAM GardenSpot lights would not retain the previously set hue after the device was power cycled Repaired issue where changes made to the brightness of an OSRAM dimmable bulb would be inconsistently applied when bulb is powered off. Fixed issue where OSRAM bulbs that support color temperature would not retain previously set color temperature when a bulb was reset Resolved reported instances where GE In-Wall Dimmer Switch attributes were not populated until after a state change in the bulb was initiated by the end user For OSRAM A19 RGB Bulbs, resolved incidents where hue changes not specified by end user would occur when turning color mode on/off/on For OSRAM A19 or BR30 RGB Bulbs, resolved issue where brightness attribute would set to an unrequested value when user requested a different brightness value Resolved issue where dimmable bulbs may improperly set to zero brightness when turned off by schedule Android Specific: Rules Resolved isolated reports where Android users were unable to access the Climate Service by clicking the Climate card via the Iris App dashboard.iOS Specific: Device Pairing & Performance 1. Bulbs & Dimmers: Resolved issue where OSRAM bulbs would turn off when attempting to adjust the brightness of the light Fixed issue where bulbs that are only dimmable would display controls for color and color temperature Corrected issue where some users reported bulbs displaying 100% brightness in the UI even when the bulb was set to a lower level of brightness 2. Pet Door: Fixed limited issue reported by basic users that would experience issues with the Iris app when navigating to their paired Pet Door and selecting the ‘More’ tab 3. Wi-Fi Smart Switch: Resolved all known pairing issues related to reports from iOS 10 users having difficulty during initial pairing of Wi-Fi Smart SwitchNotifications Resolved isolated instances reported where iOS users may not receive select push notificationsRules Fixed issue where user would attempt to create a rule that was not able to be satisfied for any reason (ex. no paired devices associated with rule, etc.) without informing the user that the rule could not, in fact, be created
  12. IrisByLowes

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    There are still a small number of customers with one off issues (devices not showing, schedules not able to be changed / added, alarms not being able to be set, rules not being able to be seen/edited). We are investigating these on a case by case basis, so if you still have an issue related to this, the best route to get it documented and addressed is through our support team at 855-469-4747.
  13. IrisByLowes

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    All features and functionality have been fully restored as of 4:04pm ET. You may see some duplicate devices/rules which we are working to correct now.
  14. IrisByLowes

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Devices, schedules, service cards and logins should all be functioning as normal at this time. If that is not the case for you, please call our support team at 855-469-4747 so we can track it. You may still have duplicate devices, but we are working to remove these throughout the day. We recommend leaving these in your system and not deleting or re-adding them. Rules and Scenes are still currently being worked on today.
  15. IrisByLowes

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Users should now be able to see devices that were previously missing, additional devices may appear over the next several hours as well.