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  1. derby

    Motion Sensor Sensitivity

    Hello, I have a couple of the gen 1 indoor cameras and gen 1 motion sensors. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensing on these devices? Thanks!
  2. Never mind on scheduling the on and off times. I found it on the web portal. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Vettester but somehow I got it paired. I'm not sure if this is what did it but I ran the Zwave rebuild tool and tried to pair it again and it worked. I had not run into this rebuild tool before and didn't realize it was required. I got it paired up and then relocated the hub back in it's normal location and everything seems to be working good now. Now how do I set this on a schedule to turn on and off at specific times? Thanks for all the help Everyone! Jerry
  4. Still no luck. I got a power line adapter so i could locate the hub right next to the switch with the hub powered up and connected to the internet. I put the hub in pairing mode and then hit the paddle on the GE switch to put it in pairing mode and it never did pair up. I have never seen it show up in the Zwave removal tool either. It seems like the Zwave pairing isn't working at all but I did successfully pair a new Zwave smart plug yesterday. I am very confused at this point. Any ideas?
  5. derby

    Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    Hi EyeRuss, Sorry for the tardy response. This is a wood shed; I think the issue was just the distance. I ended up placing a smart plug in an outside outlet fairly close to the shed. The outlet is shielded environmentally. This worked and has been in place for a few months with no issues. Thanks Jerry
  6. Good morning, so still no luck. Last night I bought a brand new switch and installed it mechanically. Then I disconnected my Iris hub from the Ethernet and power and repositioned it to within two feet of the new switch and I plugged the hub into power but not into an Ethernet jack. I then started the pairing procedure. The hub had a blinking green light and blinking yellow light. It did this for several minutes before I gave up. I did run the zwave removal tool and it did not show an orphaned device. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas. Thanks for all the help to this point. I'm getting a powerline adapter just because it seems like a good idea. Should it help for this case? Thanks Jerry
  7. Thanks for all the help. So I'm a little nervous about the whole "rebuild the Zwave network" thing. Seems like the sort of thing that I could pretty easily jack up. I have located the function in the app. Is it as simple as just pushing the button and waiting while it rebuilds the network? Is this function pretty robust and dependable? rdisom, what is a powerline adapter and what is the advantage of having it? Again, thanks for all the help. I have gotten a ton of help from this community and probably would have abandoned Iris long ago but instead I have a very useful and value added system in our home. The automation I have been able to realize has made life simpler and I have been alerted to at least two water leaks before they did any damage. And (unfortunately) it gives me something to tinker with periodically when I have to fix stuff. Jerry
  8. I did try the z-wave removal tool but nothing came up. Moving the hub closer to the switch? does that mean permanently or just to accomplish pairing? Does the hub need to remain connected to the router and plugged into power or can i disconnect both and move the hub closer while the battery is keeping it powered? And then after it is paired, reposition back to the original location and plug in the power and ethernet cable? Thanks Jerry
  9. There isn't a new device listed so i don't think it ever made contact. I did try the factory reset method and then tried pairing it again with no luck. Is the switch just bad?
  10. Hello, I bought a new GE wave switch and installed it and then a new light fixture as well. After that and turning the switch on and off several times to verify the light is working manually I tried to pair it but had no luck. The hub never found it and timed out. I thought that maybe since I didn't follow the pairing sequence exactly that I got it confused so i disconnected the power and reconnected and tried again but no luck. The switch is a ways from the hub so I moved a v2 smart plug within about 5 feet and verified it was connected to the hub. Tried pairing again with no luck. Do I need to reset it somehow (how?)? Or is the switch probably just bad. Thanks in advance! Jerry
  11. derby

    Range Issue on Contact Sensor on Shed Door

    thanks for the input guys. It is a V2 sensor and I don't have a V1 sensor handy or i'd try it for grins. No power to the shed but I do have shielded external outlet so I plugged the smart plug into that. Nothing immediately got better so I opened the shed door and saw that the sensor was flashing different colored lights. Red steady then flashing then green flashing and even saw a blue light here and there. I guess it was trying to talk to the mother ship. It did this for a few minutes and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason or pattern. Still no connection to the hub and i was losing my patience so I slid open the battery cover a bit and the flashing stopped. I closed the door and saw the green light flash signaling that it closed and then it was connected to the hub again and I could see the status. Looks to be working fine now. Not sure if the light flashing is typical or not but it was kinda pretty. Anyway, it worked so thanks for the help. Best, Jerry
  12. Hey everyone, I've got a V2 hub with quite a few devices (both V1 and V2) working on it. It is pretty robust overall. I tried installing a contact sensor on a backyard shed door but it appears to be out of range. I believe that the smart plugs act as range extenders so I moved a V2 smart plug to an internal outlet closest to the shed and that didn't seem to help. The shed is probably 50' from the smart plug which is plugged into a basement outlet so it is masked by the foundation wall. The smart hub is in another part of the basement about 60' away from the smart plug. Does anyone have any suggestions to get additional range to hook the contact sensor into the network? Thanks in advance!
  13. derby

    V1 Cameras disconnected

    Happy New Year all! A couple of days ago I got an alert that both of my V1 indoor cameras disconnected at the same time. Recently I have seen a couple of instances where several items disconnected and then reconnected spontaneously and it has seemed pretty stable the last couple of weeks. So I was hoping that they would spontaneously fix themselves and all would be good. But that didn't work out. It seems odd that both cameras disconnected at the exact same time and no other devices were involved. Did anyone else have a similar experience in the last few days with their cameras? Any idea if Iris Master Control did something in their system that would disable only the cameras? Any guidance on best ways to recover these cameras? Thanks!
  14. derby

    Alexa integration

    Thanks Scunny. That worked! Happy New Year everyone!
  15. derby

    Alexa integration

    Thanks guys; very helpful. I got it hooked up and am able to control some lights and switches. However, when i try to change the thermostat set point it says that it can not do that with this device (RTH9580). Has anyone else had any trouble with the Alexa control of thermostats?