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  1. awraynor

    Marvin Ellison

    I've heard he's visited stores and if they were unkempt he fired the manager. He's obviously not visited the pitiful Lowe's 2-miles from me. Clutter down the aisles where you can't even navigate with larger items.
  2. awraynor

    New Iris Cameras listed on

    When I switched to AT&T Fiber I couldn't get half my Iris Cameras to work any longer. They've never been great and I'm tired of fooling with them. If the Wyze Cams will work with my Echo maybe that's enough to push me to them. I agree, most cameras are ridiculously priced and the Wyze is a bargain.
  3. awraynor

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    If nothing else maybe you can get some V2 devices for cheap that will work with other platforms. I'm personally a bit tired of the closed nature and the uncertainty of the longevity of the platform. Plugged in my FireTV Cube and saw my front door ring camera on my TV. I really liked that.
  4. Been off the forums for awhile as I've been doing some major home improvement projects. New deck, new bathroom and now halfway through master bathroom renovation with me doing majority of the work. Recently I switched to AT&T gigabit fiber. Speeds obviously a lot better than my 60/5 Spectrum, in day to day use however not a lot of difference except for the 100x greater upload speeds. However, the AT&T supplied modem/router/wifi unit is fairly terrible. Went through two units and a thousand forum posts before I figured out how to reliably get it to work as a modem with my Eero as router and wifi. Not sure it's related, but since then all devices work great, but my cameras. I've taken all 6 through the re-pair, reset, remove procedures numerous times each. I've only been able to get two of them to stick and work reliably. At least I have the most important areas covered and the rest of the devices work. I don't know what else to do except go on my vacation, come back later and try again. The wifi portion is the same as before as is the network name and password. Even factory reset doesn't make much of a difference. Most of the time even when plugged into ethernet they don't work.
  5. A friend of mine who is much more talented than me recently hosted on the HomeTechFM podcast and talked about his home automation trials and tribulations. He was on Smartthings and was looking to move away. He's now moving to Hubitat as he has programming talents. In the compatibility section it lists Iris. I assume either v2 devices or maybe Iris other than the Lowe's Iris devices?
  6. awraynor

    My iris grade is...

    The service itself stays connected, but I have numerous devices that don't stay connected, nor do they reliably report their status. Garage doors being the biggest offender.
  7. awraynor

    My iris grade is...

    C at best. More affordable than most. It simply isn't reliable. Numerous disconnects. Showing improper closure status of my garage doors. Obviously a very important thing. The closed architecture is killing me as I want to integrate other devices into my system such as Automatic, EcoBee and the cameras remain crap.
  8. awraynor

    Lowes layoff

    Recently called Iris support and Megan? was in Wisconsin. Super helpful
  9. awraynor

    Garage Door False Notifications

    I put contact sensors and a camera staring down both my garage doors. GD itself often doesn't report correct status.
  10. awraynor

    Is Iris going out of business?

    On a recent flight sat beside a guy who works as a partner with Home Depot. Says overall HD is eating Lowe's lunch at the moment. Based on my local Lowe's I would believe it. Service there is non-existent.
  11. awraynor

    $99 it dying?

    I have 2 Echo Shows on order. Guess Amazon pulled an Apple and sherlocked them.
  12. awraynor

    New Iris Pro Monitoring Email

    My part of S.C. too. I was talking with tech support. Said she's in Wisconsin and said a good portion of their customers are in The South.
  13. awraynor

    Echo Show

    I have two Echoes and a Tap already. The Show would look better in the kitchen than the Echo and I personally think it has a lot of utility in there. Give the 2nd Show to my Mom as a Christmas present. I've seen some mention about messaging. If I buy them both under my account they'll come registered to me. I assume it's possible to register to her so she doesn't get all of my messages.
  14. awraynor

    Looks like Iris was Featured in an Engadget Article

    I personally think the pricing is pretty competitive. To make sure I'm understanding correctly you get the Premium features I already pay $10 per month for, cellular backup and Pro Monitoring? If so what a deal. I had ADT before for $45/month. I asked Wife to get a quote to come home and find we under contract for 3 door sensors and they used the old control panel that was in the house. I was furious to say the least. Ultimately paid $500 to get out of that contract.
  15. awraynor

    Echo Show

    Most people won't care but us. I'm quite interested in the Show as an easy way for the kids to message Me, Wife and Grandparents. The Wife (Finance Committee) however isn't as thrilled about it. Thinking I could sell my Surface 3 and one of the Echoes to cover the cost. You buying one?