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  1. jonathan

    Dropped a cam

    Please don't take this as harshly as it might sound. But I've found that almost anytime you look at employing someone else to fix a broke hundred-ish dollar item, you're in for disappointment. But! I truly believe that if you got on this forum, you are capable of quite a bit yourself, and there are some really smart and kind folks on here in particular! Can you describe the damage?
  2. jonathan

    What is Iris v2.0 ?

    Sounds like the PubNub PubSub interface Wink started using.
  3. jonathan

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    Neat! Well thanks for the info! I just picked a SmartThings hub up yesterday and have yet to set it up. Doing more research, I found there is (also) no local API access on SmartThings.... Vera might be in my horizon...
  4. jonathan

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    One benefit that I haven't seen mentioned, both Iris and Wink (I can't say I'd recommend Wink), allow you to get firmware updates on the devices. I'm pretty sure SmartThings cannot do that at the moment.
  5. I have to admit, I didn't really even remember writing that up, it's been a long, long time in the HA world for me since that. Wish I had beneficial insight for Gen2, but I pretty much bailed on Iris during the transition, the only thing that was keeping me there was the rock solid performance of the Gen1 and sort of API access that was going on. I'm sure things are way, way more stable now. It'll end up a really good platform again, I think they rushed a bit due to contractual stuff with AlertMe. To answe your other question, the documentation you saw from AeonLabs and such is pretty standard. Check out some of the Linear / GoControl / Nortek / 2GIG / Monoprice stuff. Or Utilitech / Everspring. Linear / GoControl / Nortek are pretty much identical hardware. Sometimes minor firmware differences. 2GIG stuff might be nearly the same hardware, but it's generally incompatible afaik. Same with Utilitech and Everspring. Just rebranded stuff. But manufacturer manuals don't always indicate actual platform support. For instance, the GoGontrol door sensor (ugly bulky little bugger that it is) has an awesome secondary direct input (contact sensor, anything that's a NC output). Totally useless on Wink where the functionality isn't supported. You don't even see it. My Iris compatible Schlage door lock? Has an awesome door alert that chirps based on the door being moved (accelerometer). Didn't exist when I was on Iris. My point is, you're doing a great job, you kind of have to do your own "due diligence" and poke at things before jumping. You might not get every feature you want, but you'll probably get most. Shockingly, the less compromises you are willing to accept on a platform, the more expensive it gets (go price a Control4 system.....or even HomeSeer) Let me know if you have any questions via PM.
  6. You might want to consider looking at Docker plus a prebuilt ZoneMinder is pretty easy to setup in a few clicks Let me know if you want some setup tips. If you're in Windows 10, Docker now natively supports Hyper-V.
  7. Spectacular work! I haven't had a moment of time to use on these cams. Still have a bunch sitting in the box unused, eBay tells me their value plummeted too. Have you looked at ZoneMinder? Since these are new in box (except one, that I unpaired from V1), and I'm not really using Iris Gen2, is there any point in hooking them up to Iris for an update or anything?
  8. jonathan

    API - Probably Not Happening

  9. jonathan

    Which water leak detector?

    I defected over to Wink, and have 6 LeakSmart sensors right now, with another 6 or 7 to be placed. Sadly, Wink doesn't support the Utilitech's ones I already had. Those were nice. Upside though is the LeakSmart sensors report temperature.
  10. jonathan

    Fun with Iris

    It'd be super awesome if the family member was the federal employee.
  11. jonathan

    *Any* light bulbs with 99% reliability?

    So, my GE Winks, after being connected to the Wink (full) hub, are perfectly reliable. Yeah. Dead serious. I said it. Reliable. Know what I did? I replaced perfectly "good" wall switches. Issues completely went away. I haven't tried moving them back to Iris.
  12. jonathan

    Major thermostat bugs still exist

    This isn't a shot or anything against Iris. But, my CT101 on Wink has been stable and consistent (it wasn't on Gen 1 / Gen 2). It is fairly sluggish to change (5-10 seconds) settings, and HomeBridge + HomeKit feels super klunky. But works for direct "Siri, set the temp to 71." commands.
  13. jonathan

    One month extension granted?

    I *believe* they now locally process locks as well!
  14. jonathan

    PSA: Test your Smoke Detectors

    I'm all for inexpensive lithiums, within reason. The "Titanium Innovations" sold by BatteryJunction and a billion other places are the best of the knockoffs from what I've heard\seen on places like the candlelight forum. That said. I wouldn't use them in Smoke\Fire detectors. If you google a bit, you can find the discharge curves for the batteries. Yes, they hold more juice. Yes, they last far longer sitting on the shelf. But, and it's a big but, they drop WAY faster when the end of their charge comes about. So instead of a gradual curve downward, it's a very rapid drop. That could be scary in a number of ways. *I* just wouldn't use lithiums with smokes.
  15. jonathan

    GE Z wave with Iris AND Smartthings

    If there is ever a V2 API released we will get a nice way bridge between platforms. That popped up on any announcements lately Scunnyham?