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  1. rurallaundry

    My .02 Cents. V02 - Bad Idea.

    I can't comment on Vera but I've switched two Iris systems over to SmartThings and have been pretty happy for a couple of months now. I was able to get parity functionality with V1. Due to the generous return policy on the Iris gear that Scunnyngham pointed out I was able to return my $300ish in V1 sensors and purchase V2 sensors that are compatible with ST. I've said it in other posts but the Iris V2 sensors seem to be best in breed for price/functionality as far as basic contact/motion/keypad/leak detection goes. Paired with a good application ecosystem like SmartThings and it's a pretty solid system. ETA: I think some of the bad reviews on the V2 keypad and V2 sensors are due to hub/system issues not the actual sensors. My V2 sensors have been working pretty much flawless since switching hubs, enough so that I've bought a bunch more.
  2. I brought my V1 stuff to the store in an attempt to return, the store manager told me "I don't have any information saying I'm supposed to allow the return of old Iris equipment, I'm not issuing a return on this stuff". I called the Iris customer support line, waited on hold for 15ish minutes, got through to a rep, he said "yes, they are supposed to accept returns if the customer is unhappy with V2". He sent an e-mail to the store with instructions for the return then I got call from the local store saying I could swing back in and they would process the return and apologized for the inconvenience. So, other than the store manager coming off as a bit of a jerk with a snarky attitude Iris customer support made it right and I will be making a second trip to Lowes tomorrow to return my V1 gear. I'll likely just take store credit and buy V2 gear that is compatible with my ST hubs. Lowes is pretty much the top supplier of smart devices locally and their Iris V2 sensors are top notch for the price. I just couldn't stand the V2 hub, I will continue to use their sensors and they will get my business on the hardware side but SmartThings is mile ahead in hub support.
  3. rurallaundry

    One month extension granted?

    Finished switching over my second location to ST tonight, replaced most of the iris V1 sensors with iris V2 sensors. Was able to achieve parity with no $10/month fee. Glad I had the extra month as I wasn't really on the ball with getting stuff ordered and setup. I do really like the Iris sensors but I don't like the service or the hub.
  4. Sounds good, I'll try it out this weekend when I swap out all my V1 sensors.
  5. This is what happens when a hardware store starts running a SaaS company, they have no freakin clue what they are doing.
  6. I highly doubt that ToS would hold up in court, a lot of times they don't. They can say whatever they want in there "By using the Iris system you agree that upon the 18th birthday of your first born they will begin working in Iris Tech support telling customers to stuff it". That wouldn't hold up and neither would most of the other BS in there. Generally a ToS can't have you give up your rights to a civil trial just because you use a product. If that were the case every single product in the world would have printed in size .001 font "Using this product you agree not to sue us". As far as actual damages I would say my damages are $300ish for all the sensors I had to replace due to all the false alarms, failed devices, disconnected devices etc. etc. etc. That and I'll be getting rid of the $10/month fee once I get switched off my old V1 hub at my business.
  7. rurallaundry

    One month extension granted?

    ST was definitely a learning curve but now that I'm setup I can do way more without a $10/month fee. I am logging and graphing temperatures, integrated with my foscam and a bunch of other neat things. I did have to replace about $100 worth of Iris V1 stuff though which stunk.
  8. rurallaundry

    One month extension granted?

    Luckily this gives me the extra 4 days I needed to get my SmartThings hub up and running without having to have an outage since I was lazy ordering. FYI ST is on sale on Amazon right now for $20 less. I still buy sensors from Lowes because they're the cheapest and work very well but I won't be paying the $10/month anymore that I was previously.
  9. rurallaundry


    The trouble is that Lowes is NOT a software company, they are a goddamn glorified hardware store, they don't know how to run a software company and have proved it in spectacular fashion with Iris.
  10. rurallaundry


    I love the Iris sensors, but I hate the service, at this point I've moved my entire house to Smart Things and if they are going to be killing the V1 hub I will be moving my business over to Smart Things as well. While ST isn't bulletproof so far it's been much better than the crap with Iris.
  11. rurallaundry

    V1 keypad with V2 hub

    My Gen 1 Keypad frequently loses pairing and the hub needs to be reset for it to come back. I've decided to toss it in the trash and move entirely to Smart Things.
  12. rurallaundry

    Updates causing loss of devices

    And one of my keypads was offline again this morning causing my alarm to trigger because it didn't disarm and as a result waking my whole family up. I've purchases a Smart Things hub, I'm in the process of moving my devices over (what can be moved anyway) and re-purchasing the Gen 1 Iris devices that can't be moved. Smart Things isn't as easy to setup as Iris but it's more flexible and allows for more complicated procedures. I've given Iris about 5 months on the new hub and I'm STILL having device disconnects and inability to control my system. I'm done, I'll be tossing all my Gen 1 Iris devices in the trash and updating everything to non-Iris products.
  13. rurallaundry

    No web browser UI to monitor & control system

    Maybe they should get out of the SaaS business if they don't know how the hell to run it, sell it to someone that knows how the hell to run an IoT company. With V1 I was a huge Iris advocate when people asked, now I tell them to stay away, far away. I won't be adding anything to my systems and at this point I'm seriously considering scrapping it all. What a waste of time and money.
  14. rurallaundry

    Hub Offline AGAIN

    I've had this happen with my V2 hub as well probably 3-4 times, 1-2 times it recovered on it's own, the others I had to do a hard power reset then re-pair a few of the devices.
  15. rurallaundry

    Updates causing loss of devices

    From what I can gather from my devices, I believe whenever there is an update to the V2.0 hub I am losing between 0 and 3-4 devices. Once I do a hard reboot on the hub they will generally re-join. However this doesn't get me back my sleep from when the motion sensor disconnects and reconnects 3 times overnight triggering the alarm. Apparently when a motion sensor disconnects and reconnects, upon reconnect it triggers motion, which then sets off my alarm at 1am, 1:30am and so on. I would definitely consider this a bug. Yes the battery on all devices is fine and they have been working successfully for months other than these blips. Also, when I lose my keypad but the keypad doesn't know it's been lost, it just says the alarm is "off" so I open the door and set the alarm off waking up my family when I go to work, that's not cool either. We've had other times where we lost both keypads and the only way to disarm was through the android app which my wife didn't have access to, meaning I had to pull over from driving and disarm the system which was screaming at the house. After dealing with the new hub for about 2 months now and having these circumstances recur multiple times I'm about ready to scrap $600 in Iris equipment and go to something less stinky. I haven't updated one of my hubs that I use at my business and I'm glad for that, at the rate Iris is going I can't see ever upgrading it if I'm going to have my business page me at 1am with false alarms once a month or so. I saw the recent e-mail from Iris about all the snazzy fixes they are working on and to just be patient because it's going to be awesome. This is my security system, I don't have time for patience, you people are putting lives and property at risk with your shoddy product. Maybe Lowes should get out of the software industry if you don't belong there, the premature release of the V2.0 hub was likely pushed in order to sell more "smart" things from the Lowes stores. If that's the case I'll bring all my Iris crap in and dump it on the service desk so they can recycle their garbage.