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    Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    Rebooting the Hub: Okay, so I fired up Gillion's "" and it detects both of my two Iris systems, one as "My Home" and the other as the correct name. However, the "System Status" field is not populated for either system, and "Favorites" lists only one device on one system. (I have no Iris cameras.) I fiddled around with the menu, found the little wrench, and tried out several menu options. I am happy to report that it summarizes history that I thought was lost when internet to the hub went down. Unfortunately, it doesn't include what was going on when the internet was down but the hub was still running. But, at any rate, congratulations, Gillion, you're on the right track and doing a great job. I'd be interested in knowing how you did it. Can you point me to someplace here on the forum that tells about it? ...and where/how does it store hub backup data? I couldn't get downstairs fast enough to see any blinking light show, so I can only assume that the hub backup and soft reset options worked. Rebooting the Internet Connection: Regarding Smitho's post on Ambery equipment, I dropped all our landlines some time back, then dropped all our VOIP lines too. I used a similar system, X-10, for alarming and dialing in for home automation, and wish I could still use it- - it didn't cost an arm and a leg to run rules and such, managing the hub was far simpler, devices were much cheaper, and the land line was more reliable than the internet connection. Unfortunately, X-10 has gone bankrupt several times, and is behind on embracing the internet. ...but I still use their cameras. Ambery makes a really nice 4-port power switch that responds to internet, telephone, RS-232 serial cable, etc. which would do a great job. We have a nice choice of "toys" available now, it seems. The combination of resetting the internet connection with the hardware mentioned above, plus Gillion's IrisWebPortal to reset the hub, hopefully should help solve most of my problems. If only we could improve the danged ISP so it won't go down every time a rain cloud goes over the property, we'd really have something. Perhaps marching on Time Warner, or getting our "beloved" Commander-in-Chief to start a tweet war with 'em, or something...? ...not going there.
  2. erlwebmail

    Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    Yup, that's right- - access (internet connection) is the main problem. It's rare to have to re-boot the hub, although I have had problems with the Orbit water timer and had to get a neighbor to come in and reset both it and the hub. It would be nice to be able to send the hub (or ANY Iris-enabled item) a RESET signal. It's not a solution to cut off hub power briefly, as the hub simply switches to battery backup power. No, my biggest challenge is losing the internet connection. One solution is to cycle the power on the modem/router, using a 24-hour mechanical timer. If it fails, wait 24 hours for another try. A better solution is the device mentioned above, which checks for internet and, if no signal, cycles power "x" minutes later, repeating every "x" minutes until success. I'll report back, later this summer, when I can get there and install/test the thing. I did have one situation under Gen-1 where I was using a range extender router. Hub saw a connection with the extender router, but the extender/router had not successfully connected with the modem or the 1st router. I suggested a correction (such as testing by pinging a known site instead of just accepting a local IP address assignment Don't know if they did that or not.
  3. erlwebmail

    Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    No need to reboot the hub. The key is to reboot the Internet modem/router so the hub can continue to operate. Of course, you COULD reboot both...
  4. erlwebmail

    Hub log files and OS info

    Cool! How did you get that?
  5. Is it possible to use a rule to detect loss of internet connection, then use the Iris-enabled power outlet to cycle power (power off, wait two minutes, power on) on my modem/router?
  6. We have a lousy internet connection. Every time it goes down, the history disappears from my IRIS phone app. I know the central IRIS folks have access to the history. However, the users' app does not get its history list re-populated when internet service is restored. ATTN IRIS MAIN COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS: This would be extremely useful. I can't tell of IRIS is still functional while the internet is down, or whether the Iris-enabled Orbit sprinkler has "done its thing."
  7. erlwebmail

    Reboot hub from Mobile App?

    As of 4/26/17, that item is sold out. Instead, I ordered ezOutlet - Internet Enabled IP Remote Power Switch with Reboot (AC Power / Single Outlet / iOS / Android / Web Interface) from Amazon. This should be a lifesaver- - our internet goes down all the time. In fact, internet is the biggest Achilles heel of IRIS. I sure miss their old gen-1 backup 3G modem arrangement with Verizon. Nowadays, you get 3 days backup time to fix your problem, and it costs a fortune. Try doing that from 1500 miles away!
  8. erlwebmail

    Iris having a mind of its own lately?

    Yeah. ...continued problems. The Orbit single hose timer valve never worked right. Help desk and I struggled for weeks. They promised that a major update would fix it, and had a major download a week or so ago. I removed, re-paired, entered a new schedule, and it looked good. We went out of town for a week. Some time during that time, it reset to one time watering, one week prior to the current date. 51 weeks from now, looks like I'll water once. (Yeah. Right.) This thing has been almost completely worthless. The interface is nearly unintelligible, besides which it doesn't work. I can't depend on the Iris/Orbit combination but, worse, my wife reminds me that I've spend hours and hours on the phone with the beleaguered help staff. I give up. I returned the Orbit unit this morning and bought a much cheaper dual-hose unit with NO connection to Iris. (So there!) Iris gen-1 was a constant battle, and gen-2 is shaping up to be not even up to that level yet. The phone app is unintelligible and almost useless. There is no more PC app, so- - no smart phone, no Iris service. I had Verizon as internet backup on one system, and both primary and backup on my other system. Iris left me high and dry- - I had to sign up for $55/month internet service on the second system, and neither system has internet backup. A month ago, the internet connection went down on 2nd system and I have to call a neighbor to run a power cord around the foundation to get it going again. No backup. One contact sensor has lost connection. Can't pair it from 1400 miles away. If there's no backup system within another month, I think I'll move to a GE or Honeywell system. At least they WORK. They're probably more reliable, too. We may soon see.
  9. erlwebmail

    Z-WAVE driveway sensor

    This picture was worth way more than a thousand words. Using this hack - soldering a pair of wires onto an IRIS door sensor - allows the sensor to be used for any normally-closed circuit to sense when the contact is opened. Many thanks, G35Rider, this is exactly what I needed. I didn't have the guts to go poking around in the circuitry, but as they say, "the second mouse gets the cheese." In my case, I have door and window magnetic reed switches hard-wired into my house from an old ADT or some such alarm system, and it as a shame to have to go sticking magnets and radio contactors all over the place (also expensive) when the things already are installed. What you do, of course, is wire the existing magnetic reed switches from the doors, windows, whatnot, in series, and connect the two loose ends across the reed switch on your sensor. Works like a charm. You can sub-divide into front door/back door/dining room windows/etc if you want detail, or combine them ("2nd floor windows", for example).