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  1. Scorpy2643

    Building New Home with Automation

    I too planned my home for automation as it was being built. It was very easy, and really helped me plan a few things. For items like deadbolts, wall switches, etc I just purchased them, had the builder take the credit for those items off my purchase, and I handed him what I wanted installed. No need to pay the builder mark up for items you are choosing and buying. One thing to think about as you build, is where you will want cameras mounted. I had my builder put power outlets high on the walls where cameras were going, so I didn't have cords running down my walls. You could do the same with network cabling as well, if hard-wiring cameras, or want to future proof for POE cameras. If you are buying a large amount of items from Lowes, go to the contractor desk and see about a discount. When I finished my basement, I planned out all the materials I was buying, and went to the contractor desk. I'm not a contractor. I saved about $5k on $20k worth of materials. It was about a 15 hour investment of my time all told. That's over $300 saved/hour of my time. I don't make anywhere near $300/hour, so it was well worth it to me.
  2. Scorpy2643

    New functionality in the works???

    The pop-up Vettester received is coming from iOS, not Iris. It pays attention to what apps you open, when you open them, where you open them, and even what wifi network you open app in, or bluetooth device you hook to. It will start to proactively recommend the app you are most likely to use in situations you repeat. For instance, Vettester may open his Iris app every time he arrives at work. iOS notices this after a few times, and will start to recommend that app every time he arrives at work. Every morning when I get to work, I pair my bluetooth earbud and open the podcast app to start listening to something. After a few days, iOS started recommending the podcast app as soon as I got to to work.
  3. Scorpy2643

    Current Rating...

    I'm down to 3 devices from over 90. The three I have only function on Iris. I discontinued Iris is as my primary security and automation service about 2 months ago.
  4. Scorpy2643

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    I don't know exactly. I ran across people talking about it in the Iris Orbit threads
  5. Scorpy2643

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    Also, now the Netgear Arlo cameras integrate with smart things. You are no longer limited to 4 cameras, as the Arlo hub is doing the heavy lifting. ONLY the wireless Arlo cameras integrate, the wired ones do not. However, you could do a few of the wired smart things ones, for 2 way sound, and then as many Arlo's as make you happy. Each Arlo hub can handle 15 cameras.
  6. Scorpy2643

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    So, it works fine to turn the device on, but the orbit defaults to the 10 minute timer and shuts back off. There are people that have created a work-around for this. Essentially, they turn it "on" every 9 minutes to reset the 10 minute timer. Rinse and repeat for as long as you want it to run. If you could get past the 10 minute default in the timer, then you would have complete on/off control and schedule at will. Even accounting for weather if you wish. Other people on smart things are just using professional level z-wave valves for like golf courses to run irrigation. Much more expensive, but natively handled no problem. They are just on/off switches.
  7. Scorpy2643

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    This is actually what they meant when they said a web interface is "coming soon". They figured if they waited long enough, some smarty in the community would do it for them.
  8. Scorpy2643

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    How much time do you have in this project? This is really cool.
  9. Scorpy2643

    Cortana, Google Home and IFTTT

    I use IFTTT extensively with my non-Iris systems. My guess on IFTTT is that Iris may deem it too unreliable for what they are shooting for. Iris (intends to be?) a "it just works this way" kind of system. Very straight forward, no experiments, and very little chance for a user to mess up a setting and make everything not work. The IFTTT integrations I am playing with are hit and miss. Some things work reliably every time without fail. Others, I've had to tinker with things to get it working right. It's much more involved in getting it working than what I think Iris is shooting for.
  10. Scorpy2643

    Iris and Smartthings

    I've been running them side by side since March, no interference.
  11. I happily endorse the Ecobee3. Loving it so far. It integrates with smart things, but I don't use it that way. It's app is very good, and it's been very reliable so far.
  12. Scorpy2643

    Anyone have RMA information

    photo's of the RMA can be found here.
  13. Scorpy2643

    Camel's Back Broke

    This was a big part of my frustration. We were paying subscribers to beta (Alpha?) test a system that didn't work, when I could have a working system from another vendor for no monthly fee.
  14. Scorpy2643

    1.13 September update... underwhelming

    This is what prompted me to move on. The monthly updated don't move the needle towards parity very often. I couldn't risk an $1,800 return to "you snooze, you lose". Had I some sort of guarantee of that return through the end of the year, I'd still be an Iris customer. If anyone else is on the fence, I would at least return the V1 items you have and get V2, so you can jump ship later if you choose. Even if you stay with Iris, keeping V1 items is a gamble.
  15. Scorpy2643

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    No, but I will now Just dropped it my device handlers, hopefully it will work. That's the biggest one I wanted to be able to schedule. I wasn't paying for Iris for 1 item.