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    Hub keeps losing devices

    I am new to the Iris family. I have had it about two weeks and really like it. I had to start slow... Did I say slow? What I meant to say is that my wife is very nervous about the whole home automation thing, because I travel quite a bit and she is worried that it will fail while I am out of town. That being said, I have started by piecing items together. I currently have: 1 Hub 1 Motion sensor 1 door sensor 1 GE Dimmer switch 1 plug 1 LED dimmer bulb 1 CO/Smoke detector 2 key fobs 1 Siren 1 Keypad My hope is to eventually transfer from ADT to solely IRIS. I understand that IRIS is not monitored, but I love that I can set up contacts, if something were to happen. If we are out of town, I can have neighbors check on things. So, my question is this... Is there a limit as to how many devices can be hooked up? I see where some of you all have 50+ devices. Did you have to do anything special? The reason I ask, is because yesterday, I added the iris keypad to the system and now one of my KEY FOBS and my IRIS plug keep dropping out intermittently. One minute they will show up, the next minute the system will be searching for them. Some have mentioned range extender, but I'm not convinced that would make a difference, as they were working fine before I added the keypad and the location of all equipment has not changed. Any suggestions? If I am going to "sell" my wife on this system, then I need to know that it has minimal down time.