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  1. mojo2600

    Podcast with Hubitat on Thursday Night the 18th

    Yes IrisUser, there are a few geek women in the Hubitat community...and I don't think anyone has ever said that Hubitat will fold because of poor documentation or lack of user app! Even dedicated Hubitat geeks will agree that they lack adequate docs. I've always said Hubitat will NEVER BE MAINSTREAM like ST, Wink, Iris etc. How many of those dedicated male geeks on Hubi post about their WAF? LOL I use Hubi, I'm just saying again Hubi will never be mainstream like the other players in the HA scene unless they change...We'll see where Hubitat is in say 2 or 3 years ...who would've thought Jan 30, 2019 we'd be where we are now? Iris...Wink on life support. I'd bet dollars to donuts you and I & most of the rest of us here will all be doing something else different in 3 yrs or less with our hubs.
  2. mojo2600

    Podcast with Hubitat on Thursday Night the 18th

    I agree with GaryS1964--they need better documentation for non-geeks. Ask them what their rating in the "WAF" is--bet it is near zero or negative. LOL I wonder what percentage of their user base is female? I don't think I nor my wife will live long enough to see Hubitat "come of age" and be mainstream/prime time....and for that matter, I don't think Hubitat itself will live long enough either if they continue the way they are now. LOL...but even so, they will still always have their geeks that love to tinker as the hub will still work even if Hubitat folds.
  3. mojo2600

    Not ready for prime time

    Gary I have to agree with you on Hubitat...for those that have a lot of time & patience & love to tinker, Hubitat is great. I've had Hubitat for over a month now & still struggling with it..I still have Wink & ST...mainly wanted Hubitat for security...I don't think I'll ever port everything over to Hubitat though as I have a full time self employed job & no time to tinker...I'm no dummy on computers either as I'm an old phone phreak (2600 Hz) from the early 70's & got my first comp in '79. I too have Nest & have not even tried to fool with it as Wink supports Nest as well as all my Ring doorbells. I have 7 Iris keypads...5 of which are 2nd gen & 2 are 3rd gen. I have six of them working to arm & disarm...haven't fooled with the 7th (3rd gen) keypad yet...but my 3rd gen keypad does arm & disarm the system....have you checked the drive for it in Hubitat? For what it's worth, it took me weeks on getting the keypads working and even sometimes they mess up & don't arm/disarm. The dashboard setup took me a few late nights too...Hubitat "may" be great someday but they do lack documentation....if they ever do come out with some decent docs on it I'd bet dollars to donuts that they don't show a female using & implementing it! LOL My wife is ready for me to throw Hubitat in the trash & we stick with Wink & ST. I really don't think Hubitat will ever make it mainstream...I think it will always be just like it is now...for geeks & tinkerers...I'm too old to devote much time to it but yet I still "play" with it a bit..but TIME IS MONEY for me & extra time is something I don't have a lot of now...20 yrs ago for me Hubitat would've been "FUN"--now it can be a PITA even for simple (?) security...& unless Wink or ST goes down, I'll never move it all over to Hubitat as "simple" seems to be an oxymoron when we're talking about Hubitat.
  4. mojo2600

    SystronicsRF vs Hubitat

    I'm not a beta tester for SystronicsRF but wanted to comment on Hubitat. A week or so ago I was ready to sell my new Hubitat hub at a fire sale price and go with Ring for security as I have Wink & ST for HA. I'm so glad I didn't now. I finally rolled up my sleeves and gave Hubitat another go and actually RTFM helped a little too. I now have Hubitat up and running as a great security system...granted it's not pro monitored like Ring..I do have 4 ring doorbells gen 2 but never have been happy with Ring products even when I had gen 1 Rings. I didn't like the big sensors Ring has...I used my hidden NYCE hinge sensors for doors, small Iris contacts for windows, keypads, Halo+ & First Alerts from Iris...installed Pushover, safety monitor, lock code manager..etc...FINALLY got all working & figured out. I even now plan to migrate Wink & ST devices to Hubitat as well as my Nest Protects & Thermostats...I now look at Hubitat with a whole new & refreshed attitude. Hubi's biggest problem is they need a user friendly app because it can intimidate many first time users migrating from Iris. I really think Hubitat will be the one that gets Iris gen 1 devices going even though I have none of these as I sold them all on here when gen 2 came out a few years ago. As we all know, the smart home biz can change in the blink of an eye....where Hubitat, SystronicsRF, Ring, Wink, ST & others will be this time next year is anyone's guess...who knows what system I'll be with next year...for now Hubitat has satisfied me once I took a dose of patience. There will be "fall outs & washouts" in the market once Iris goes down 03-31 & we wake up to a post-Iris world the next day...April Fool's Day 2019 will be a rather interesting one for sure...we'll still be reeling from the effects next year. mojo
  5. mojo2600

    Question for you Hubitat users

    Yes you're right Terk...Hubitat is like working with assembly language..something at my age I don't care to do...I'll leave that to the young geeks at Hubitat. They sure need an iOS & Android app. It reminds me of the times I wanted to switch to Linux from Windows & trying to get some old favorite programs to work under Linux...been there done that...I'm about to just say to heck with it and stay with ST, Wink for HA & buy Ring for security. Unless I get a good dose of "patience" in the next few days, I'll probably have a fire sale here on my Hubitat hub. LOL.
  6. mojo2600

    Question for you Hubitat users

    Well, this is my first day on Hubitat and I sure miss Iris for security. I spent all day and haven't gotten much accomplished on setting up an Iris keypad, siren and contact sensor. First setting up Hubitat hub and had to reboot it 3 times for it to find my location as it kept coming up with location in China. Finally got it to come up with Arizona (I'm in Texas) and had to scroll the map to finally get to Texas...then the "fun" began trying to set up the 3 devices listed above from Iris. Not happy with Hubitat for sure at this point...probably will ditch this new Hubitat Hub and just settle on Ring for simple security....will give it another try in a day or so and then if no go, I'm done with Hubitat as I don't have time to play with Hubitat...even ST wasn't this intimidating to me...guess I'm just tired from fooling with this all day... Iris security is sorely missed!
  7. mojo2600

    Question for you Hubitat users

    thanks for all the tips...I ordered the Hubitat hub's on it's way...I'll give it a try & if I don't like it I'll sell it cheap here or stick it on ebay. mojo2600
  8. mojo2600

    Question for you Hubitat users

    Thank you for the reply and review. So with Hubitat, does the Iris keypads have delayed entry/exit features as in Iris? ST never implemented this in the device type handlers with Iris keypads. Also, has anyone successfully paired the NYCE door hinge sensors from Iris with Hubitat? mojo2600
  9. mojo2600

    Question for you Hubitat users

    I am trying to learn about Hubitat before deciding what to do about security. I have several Iris V2 keypads & all my doors have the Iris NYCE door hinge sensors & windows have Iris V2 contact sensors, plus I have Utilitech sirens. This is all I want for security as I use Wink & ST for HA. I see Hubitat Wiki does show that it supports a couple of NYCE sensors but it does NOT show the door hinge sensors...I really don't want large sensors on my doors--it's OK for windows but not doors. Can any of you confirm the following: Does Hubitat support the NYCE door hinge sensors? I currently have them paired in Wink now just for a notification that door was opened. Does Hubitat support the Iris V2 keypads to function as in Iris, that is, with delayed entry/exit--something that ST does not do? With products that I listed above in what I used for my security system under Iris, will Hubitat allow me to do the same for security, i.e. window sensors, keypads, hinges & siren? If so, then I'm ordering a Hubitat Hub. This is all getting confusing trying to decide between Ring, Hubitat etc for just unmonitored basic security alarm. I just want to be able to arm the system on exit via keypad with delay...siren sound when door/window opened...disarm on entry with a delay using old Iris stuff I listed above. Is this easily done with Hubitat? Thank you! mojo2600
  10. mojo2600

    Halo+ Help

    Thanks thegillion I may give it a try...just can't bring myself to throw it away just yet...will work on it this weekend and then decide to trash it or keep it.
  11. mojo2600

    Halo+ Help

    Thanks dusterp...that #%*^$# beeping Halo+ has gotten me in trouble. I set it outside in garage because of the beeping & it was scaring the cat, so I put it in backseat of my wife's 2nd car--one she rarely drives. Well lo & behold she left out for work in it yesterday morning and it's an hour drive commute for her. Well now I'm in the "doghouse" after 2 hours of her driving with that $%&*** thing in the backseat! I'm in the doghouse because I didn't want to scare the cat. LOL. The only thing that may make her feel better is that I got a surprise in the mail today--my Iris cards. Halo+ is going in tomorrow's trash. Sleeping in the doghouse with a beeping smoke alarm isn't fun! mojo2600
  12. mojo2600

    Halo+ Help

    I have 3 Halo+ Smoke detectors that I bought for Iris. I put one online awhile back and kept other 2 in box...when Iris announced shutdown, I hardwired the 2 new ones up & put them online for manual redemption which Iris support approved and allowed me credit--which I have yet to get anything from Iris. Anyway, one of the new Halo+ has beeped every minute from day one since I put online. I assume that the rechargeable battery is faulty in it and since it can't be replaced (that I see) is this smoke detector just trash now? Anyone ever torn one of these open to replace the battery? With Halo out of business I can't find anything on them...I know St will support Halo but the rechargeable battery must not hold a charge even though it's brand new. Any ideas? Trash it? I just hate to throw away a brand new 130.00 smoke alarm. mojo2600
  13. mojo2600

    Researching the Ring.

    In researching the Ring Security System I came across a review from a user that gave it a 1 star rating due to size of the sensors, problems with them on double hung windows, etc and also about Ring not having a duress code. In his original review from Oct. 7, 2018 he complains about theses features of Ring....he then comes back on January 5, 2019 and posts an update to his original review as he felt it needed updating as he was contacted/told by Ring Support about them working on new slimmer contacts, a few other features, etc. Just no exact date given by Ring on when these will release. I myself am holding off on Ring for security for a while. I hate having ugly door sensors on my doors--especially the big ones from Ring--they could have done a much better design for initial launch than what they did. The NYCE door hinge sensors really spoiled me! Read the review of a guy named "Kyle" on Amazon here: Good luck to you guys....I'll just wait a while for the dust to settle on a post-Iris / life without Iris before I make a final decision...I'm still waiting on Iris money from 2 accounts so I don't have any money burning a hole in my pocket just yet. Heck I haven't even gotten an email from them or anything. mojo2600
  14. mojo2600

    Researching the Ring.

    I was just about to pull the trigger on Ring for security until I found out that Ring is planning on much smaller contact sensors than the ones they are now selling. The large size of the contact sensors has been a turn off for many and give some people problems on their double hung windows. I sure don't want to buy 15 (LARGE) contact sensors & get them installed and then Ring launches their slimmer style ones. I think I'll wait and see what happens in the next few months before I bite bullet on Ring as I have Wink & ST for HA--only want Ring for security. mojo2600
  15. mojo2600

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I have 2 separate Iris accounts, one of which was a manual redemption...haven't gotten any email or anything from either account, granted one was done a few days after shut down announcement but other was done a day or 2 after shutdown email.