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  1. mojo2600

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    I have Wink hubs & ST hubs...both are for my store & home. I only used Iris for the keypads & siren and I seamlessly moved all Iris door/window sensors as well as NYCE door hinges over to Wink with no problem. All the rest of my home locks, ceiling fans, switches, (GE, Lutron Leviton) are all on Wink as well as about 45 Phillips Hue bulbs...all work fine on Wink. I LOVE my Lutron Casetas on Wink! The ST hub I use at my store with sensors & 10 Phillips Hue bulbs plus switches & plugs. I use the gen2 keypad with a device handler in ST as I had ditched the Iris hub at store a couple of years ago. Since I have no gen 1 Iris stuff, I've just decided to stop hoping/worrying about whichever platform is working on porting gen 1 Iris stuff now (SysRF?? It's all getting confusing! LOL) as I've decided to let the dust settle now on me just using Wink & ST. I'm sure ST will figured out a way to use gen 2 keypads with a delayed entry sooner or later...all in all, I'm happy with Wink first & ST second. By this time next year or sooner, Iris will be just a distant memory for me...all things must pass.
  2. mojo2600

    System Costs

    I only want a basic security system--not monitored. Basic meaning just a few door/windows sensors and a keypad with Utilitech Siren. I only have gen 2 Iris hub and Gen 2 contact senors and Gen 2 keypads...I have no gen 1 Iris stuff.....sold it on here a few years ago. LOL I know ST can use the keypads with a device handler but there is no delay for exit/entry. Should I buy up a few Gen 1 door/window sensors & a couple of Gen 1 keypads now & invest in SystronicsRF hardware module to get a basic security system up & running for now?
  3. mojo2600

    Lowe's, love it or hate it?

    I just got back from a Louisiana Lowes---not a single Iris product on the shelves, but they still had pull cards for Halo & Halo Plus. Not a single ST either, only GE Smart Switches &'s strange that not a single Louisiana store near me (2 in Shreveport & 1 In Bossier City) has ever stocked ST....only a few TX stores near me have ever had ST, while a Henderson, TX Lowes store 28 miles from me NEVER stocked Iris from day one in 7 yrs. Will be interesting to see what 2nd quarter of 2019 brings for Lowes in HA. mojo2600
  4. As I said yesterday, I looked at the redemption offer & backed out of it yesterday as I still had a couple of Halo Plus and a few more smart switches & key pads to add on. I added them last night. Called tech support this morning, 02-02-19, was on hold approximately 18 minutes....lady said she would have to do a "ticket" & they would do a manual redemption for newly added devices. I never got a ticket number...supervisor told her they would do it now....took almost 40 minutes to do it...she comes back and says that supervisor said since the added devices totaled more than $300.00 that was the max they could do on a manual redemption. She asked was I satisfied with that as it was guaranteed now that I would get $300 manual & $430.00 for the ones that were already showing on online redemption. I gathered that "redeemable devices" is subject to change as per iris online redemption offer....I was still losing about $150 dollars since they weren't "manually" giving me full credit for everything I added last night. I guess I could have contested it, but I agreed to $430.00 + $300.00 and will now get two separate Visa gift I get $170.00 for another few devices I have under a separate account which I had redeemed yesterday. I'm happy with 900.00 total as most of this stuff will work under Wink & ST--both of which I have...the Iris stuff was really not being used by me anymore & at one time I started to junk it all...glad I waited. The tech lady never put me on hold the whole 40+ minutes...I heard all her coughing, throat clearing, office talk about other employees & their happenings while she was waiting on supervisor "to look at my account & manually redeem" added devices...I did have to first to the online redemption & THEN supervisor approves manual redeem. Good luck to you guyz.... mojo2600
  5. mojo2600

    Iris is Officially Done

    I did not complete the redemption thing as when I saw it, I see they are allowing me $135.00 for a Halo Plus Smoke detector I have I just closed the browser. I also have 2 more of these that I never installed...I know it's a long shot, but when I get off work tonight I'm going to try to install the other 2 unused Halo Plus and see if they show up as being able to redeem....probably not.
  6. mojo2600

    Shut Down?

    Just went to a local Louisiana Lowes that is close to me...the Iris end cap display has been replaced with Craftsman tools...all that was left in the Iris side display around from the the end cap was just a few old marked Iris down pieces such as 1st gen keypads and motion sensors & yard signs...dust covered & torn open/returned. The GE smart switches that used to be displayed with Iris stuff were moved to a newer display near the Nest & other smart home stuff...nothing Iris in this display. It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings folks....What's that I hear in the distance?? I've heard her warming up before but now I think she's ready to walk out on stage and sing. Sad, sad...
  7. mojo2600

    Reset 2nd gen hub to give away

    Thank you accessdenied79. I just hate to call tech support--will probably let him do it. :) I will reset it as you said though. I still have one hub with just a few things on it, but I have mostly gravitated to ST. Iris was fun for the last 6 years and I hate to say goodbye to an old friend but I think she is bleeding now.....and I hope I'm wrong. Thank you again for the reply, mojo2600 "Old phone phreaks never die, they just build new boxes."
  8. I have a 2nd gen Iris hub that I had setup in a 2nd home years ago. Last year I unplugged it and pulled batteries and stored it away. I'm done with this hub and am giving it away to a friend along with some smart plugs. Do I need to "unlink" it somehow from my account even though it hasn't been plugged in for about a year? Been so long since I fooled with Iris I can't remember much about resetting it or do I need to call iris support and have them do something? Does holding red button down factory reset it?
  9. mojo2600

    Marvin Ellison

    Lowes is closing stores of the Orchard Supply chain they bought. What concerns me is that they plan to "aggressively reduce inventory in Lowes stores of poor performing products". As I've said before, all 9 stores in my immediate area have Iris displays that are "dead & dried on the vine". A couple of stores no longer even stock Iris products. Guess we'll see come Q1 2019. mojo2600
  10. mojo2600

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    All Lowe's in my area still have them as well at regular price as of last weekend...will look tomorrow when I travel to Louisiana.
  11. mojo2600

    Sad news for Halo Labs

    I got same email today. I have 3 Halo Plus and 4 Nests...I always thought the Halos were cheap made in comparison to Nest. I only liked the NOAA weather radio feature of Halo...The Halo light was useless and cheesy....I love the nightlight feature of Nest though. I hate they are closing but it doesn't surprise me. mojo2600
  12. mojo2600

    Marvin Ellison

    If he was to do a walk-through in Lowes stores in this area and see the Iris displays, he'd probably definitely put Iris on the chopping block as the displays are pathetic. The Iris displays need to be put out of their misery before rigor mortis sets in on them. I don't understand why Lowes has let Iris go down like it has in this area yet the Nest, Google, etc displays are well stocked and clean. Lowes is behind in sales trailing Home Depot. Retail articles I've read lately point out that Lowe's venture in tech "store in a store" and robots hasn't helped sales...while HD focused on training their employees to be more knowledgeable about its products...this is something Lowes needs to do as well...most Lowes employees are ignorant when it comes to Iris. Time will tell about Ellison and the future of Iris...he seems to be quick on the draw though...he definitely came in with both guns loaded with hair pin triggers. Once 4th quarter 2018 holiday sales figures come out in early 2019, that could be a deciding factor. Even though Lowes is really a home improvement store, Christmas sales will make or break a store....especially in consumer tech products mojo2600.
  13. mojo2600

    Problem with forum

    Thanks Otto Mation, but there are no notifications showing for me in my profile and the bug keeps appearing. Don't know why it just started doing this as the IDM proggie has not been updated or changed since I installed it. The only way I see to stop this is totally disable IDM from running in the background. ..guess I'll just have to live with it. Thanks again.
  14. mojo2600

    Problem with forum

    I have a paid version of "Internet Download Manager" (IDM) for downloading files from websites. I have used this program for years as well as accessed this forum for years. Recently an annoying problem has cropped up while accessing any section of this forum. IDM pops up trying to automatically download the following MP3 file from this forum: The above URL is the link that IDM captures each & every time I click on any topic or reply on this forum...IDM then tries to download the mp3 to my PC--I have to cancel the download. It is very annoying trying to read this forum as it pops up every time. Again this problem just started a month or so ago and only happens on this forum. I've even let the download go thru and IDM just keeps downloading the same MP3 file but sequentially numbers the subsequent downloads...after a few topic reading, I'm stuck with a download folder full of the same notification.mp3 file to delete. Any ideas how to stop this? I've cleared cookies, cache, etc.
  15. For those of you that use Wink, most Iris products are now supported by Wink as they keep adding more & more HA product compatibility every few weeks or so. I just have a feeling that the Iris fat lady is warming up to sing in the distance sometime in 2018...hope I'm wrong but a shakeup is bound to happen with Lowe's treating Iris like a red-headed step child. mojo2600