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  1. mstriker250

    Ring forum?

    Does anybody know if there is a forum for Ring?
  2. mstriker250

    Vera Bundles

    I agree I'm really on the fence on what smart hub to go with.
  3. mstriker250

    Vera Bundles

    I found the bundles that Vera is offering to iris users You have to go through the iris app. Goto support> more resources > other smart home options. Vera is listed towards the bottom Click on the link "Here"
  4. mstriker250

    I have an Iris Hub, but no Iris account. Help me!

    Besides the hub it dosen't sound like you would get much back. Most of the redemption is for V1 stuff because it will not work with other systems
  5. mstriker250

    Device removal and resetting

    So to remove and reset a device you just need to hit the "remove this device" button? is that it?
  6. mstriker250

    Post When you get your Gift Card

    I just got off the phone with iris they are saying 2 to 4 week to get the Visa card. I did my redemption on the 1/31
  7. mstriker250

    V1 indoor cameras

    Rebooting the router seem to work. I didn't give that any thought because had no other issues with any other wifi devices. Thanks
  8. mstriker250

    V1 indoor cameras

    I lost connection. With my 3 indoor cameras. I tried unpairing and repairing. Tried a factory reset on the cameras. Tried removing power to the hub and batteries. They connect with ethernet cable but not WiFi. Verified wifi settings. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. mstriker250

    Garage door controller

    Thank you I finally got to work again
  10. mstriker250

    Garage door controller

    Still not having any luck rebooted hub Moved hub closer around 10 feet still connects as new device. Any other ideas thanks
  11. mstriker250

    Garage door controller

    Controller lost connection never reconnected even after a couple of days Replaced battery in sensor Tried to unpaired ended up forcing it to unpair. Tried to pair it shows up as New device and unsupported. Any ideas thanks for the help
  12. mstriker250

    Garage door controller

    Terminal, That did it Thanks for the help.
  13. mstriker250

    Garage door controller

    Just switched to V2 this morning 25 devices. For the most part everything working except the garage door controller. Controller will not close door(will open) it says obstruction but I can close with the opener button. It does show correct status of the door. Any suggestions? Hub is running .63 firmware
  14. mstriker250

    V2 when?

    I responded to the email as soon as it came out and wanted ASAP. My system includes indoor camera contact sensors,keypad, smoke/co detector, siren, garage door opener,tsat, and smart plug. How much longer?
  15. mstriker250

    Scheduling The Alarm?

    Did they give any thought to schedule the alarm on the new platform?