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  1. MIB

    Free V1 Stuff

    I appreciate the offer, but I'll go in the order I received responses.
  2. With this experience, I'm getting out of the home automation/security field. I could just trash all my Iris stuff, but I'd rather it go to someone who would actually use it. Here's what I'll give away for free. You just pay for shipping. - V2 hub - (1) Garage door sensor - (11) V1 contact sensors. 2 of the thin pieces broke when I was taking them down, but they're easily replaced with magnets. - (1) V1 keypad - (2) V1 SmartPlugs - (2) V1 keyfobs - (2) V1 indoor cameras Two caveats: - It's all or nothing. Please don't ask for specific items. - I'll send it out when I have the gift card in hand.
  3. We have Iris installed in an area that only has DSL internet .... and it's spotty at best. If the internet is down and a notification rule I created is triggered (e.g. a door opens) during that period, will Iris cache that notification and send me an email once internet service is restored? Or is the notification lost?
  4. MIB

    All devices migrated to V2 except 1

    dfahey37: I had the same experience. On the negative side, I had to delete my hub and re-pair all my devices, which was painful. On the plus side, after about a week of trying to pair my cameras (unsuccessfully, even after reading all the posts here and spending hours on the phone with support), a full system reset was the only thing that now have all my devices (including cameras) working.
  5. MIB

    V1 Keypad Stuck in Silent Alarm Mode

    I did some more testing today and I definitely think it's a bug (probably in the communication between the app and keypad). If I disable the arming sounds, the keypad is stuck in silent alarm mode, regardless of the actual silent alarm setting. If I enable the arming sounds, then the silent alarm setting is functional. Basically, at least for me, it's impossible to have the alarm be audible and the arming sounds be silent, which is exactly what I want!
  6. My V1 keypad appears to be stuck in "Silent Alarm" mode. All other keypad-relating app settings (e.g. grace periods/sound while arming) appear to be functional. However, in the app, I have the Silent Alarm mode as being "off" but the keypad is silent while alarming. I also have the "sound while arming" setting off, but the two should be independent. I could try to turn the "sound while arming" setting on to see if that fixes the silent alarm side .... but at that point, I'd rather have them both silent than have this thing beep at me for a minute while leaving the house. I've already tried resetting/removing/re-adding the keypad but have the same issue. I'm using the latest (1.8) version of the Android app. Thoughts? On a related matter, this is a Iris V1/V2 parity issue, but I'd like to individually be able to turn off/on the sounds while arming/triggering. In my case, I'd like the keypad to be silent while arming but generate noise when triggered. I know this was possible in V1 !
  7. MIB

    1.0 Outdoor Cameras will not pair

    Following up on my Monday post, I finally have both cameras working. Iris Support has been friendly and "helpful" with providing suggestions but none of these actually solved my problem. Ultimately, I just did some fiddling on my own. Here's what worked: I deleted the hub from my account (and thus the other 21 devices from the migration) and then reset the hub using the button on the back. I haven't found any documentation on resetting the V2 hub but I basically held the reset button until all three lights were lit and then released the button. Following that, I did the standard reset procedure on each of the two indoor cameras. I next re-added the hub to my account and then successfully paired both indoor cameras. I'm slowly resetting/adding back the other devices but so far so good. My guess is that the issue was with the migration wizard but man, this is a mess.
  8. MIB

    1.0 Outdoor Cameras will not pair

    I'm having a similar issue with pairing an internal camera to the V2 Hub. I received the V2 hub early last week and attempted the migration. I have two internal cameras. Neither of them migrated but camera #1 paired easily to the hub using the normal pairing process post-migration. Camera #2 refuses to pair. I've spent several hours on the phone with support and attempted the normal camera reset/pairing process about 10 times with no success. The camera is definitely online and connected to our network as I'm able to connect to the IP directly. I have an Android phone running the latest version of the app. The latest I got back from their 3rd level support was that there's a bug with the camera firmware not upgrading correctly. Seems like a dubious reason; I'm not sure why that would've enabled camera #1 to work and camera #2 not to work and I don't remember a firmware upgrade being available prior to the migration. They recommended a 10-second pin reset to force the firmware upgrade and then another full camera reset but that also failed. It's extremely frustrating that this migration process has disabled a major component of our security system ..... and that they have no ETA for resolving this issue.
  9. I had a contractor accidentally throw away the magnet/thin half of an Iris contact sensor, leaving me with the thick part with the actual circuit board/battery in it. I'd rather not toss that piece since it's perfectly functional. Has anyone found a simple/cheap magnet I could buy at a hardware store that they've found to work well with an Iris contact sensor? Thanks.