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  1. ScottH

    Visa Cards

    And just signed for mine at the house. Card activated and all is good. Time to delete Iris account. Whats funny is the local Lowe's still has all Iris signage up in the Electrical department.
  2. ScottH

    Visa Cards

    King Size please and you can send to 1000 Lowes Blvd, Mooresville, NC 28117 Attn: IrisUser, Disgruntled šŸ¤Ŗ
  3. ScottH

    Visa Cards

    Well apparently the gift cards are on the way. Mine is set to arrive Thursday. Lowe's said they would email advance notice of gift cards being sent that they REQUIRE a signature. To LOWE'S, And YOU didn't follow thru, again...It's NOT a smooth transition when YOU don't give us even 48 hours notice to have to take off from work to stay home to sign for a package YOU sent. YOU still have not as of the time of this post sent an email confirmation. Yet YOU expect us to choose YOU for our future smart home and improvement needs????
  4. ScottH

    Visa Cards

    I just checked and I also have 1 package needing signature coming from Henderson NV. No email, notice no nothing, sigh, I will be at work. Here's the info - Says Arroweye is a On Demand Payment Solution ARROWEYE SOLUTIONS / ENDICIA HENDERSON ,NV Priority MailĀ®-- Signature Confirmationā„¢ Up to $100 insurance included
  5. ScottH

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Since a buyer will probably update IRIS to a more up to date system they more than likely will not use the devices that solely depend on the IRIS platform. Lowe's should allow customers to return their products if they so choose. Lowe's will have no responsibility to us once a sale is completed and if the buyer makes V1 and other IRIS exclusive devices useless.
  6. ScottH

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Nov 20 (Reuters) - Lowe's Cos Inc said on Tuesday it was looking to shed its retail operations in Mexico and certain non-core U.S. businesses as the country's second-biggest home improvement chain strives to compete with rivals including Home Depot. Shares of the Mooresville, North Carolina-based company fell 5.3 percent to $86.50 in premarket trading after Lowe's also reported a smaller-than-expected rise in same-store sales. Under Marvin Ellison, Lowe's newly-appointed chief executive officer, the company has been streamlining its business by shutting underperforming stores and cutting back on slow moving inventory. The company has perennially lagged Home Depot Inc in same-store sales, despite having roughly the same number of stores. Lowe's said it was looking at all options for its chain of 13 stores in Mexico and that it was "exiting" its U.S. contracting services business Alacrity Renovation Services and security and smart home app Iris Smart Home. Couldn't find any news about whether it would be sold off or just shut down. Wonder if this is the end of IRIS and more importantly if it is where is my refund??? EDIT: I do see where it says smart home app. I wonder if they mean just the app, which I don't think so, or the whole IRIS program.
  7. So I read all the old threads and I am fine with wiring and the number of wires match the official video from GE. My concern is while following instructions to determine line and load using multi-meter the video says one switch should have current and one should not when testing the black screw and the ground. Both my switched are in the OFF position per instructions and they both show current. The video says one shouldn't show current. So is it me or is my wiring fubar? My situation is 2 switches control 1 light. Switches are approx 6 foot apart, one at entry from garage and the other around the corner from entry. I thought this would be a simple 3 way switch I could change out. I appreciate any advice and will wait before proceeding as I feel it's better to be safe than sorry. I can provide picture(s) if needed.
  8. ScottH

    Your FREE Iris Hub Is on Its Way!

    Shame. I haven't even got the email and only have basic items. Maybe by Christmas....
  9. ScottH

    Your FREE Iris Hub Is on Its Way!

    Now if I could just get mine. I just want to upgrade and be done!
  10. ScottH

    New IRIS contact sensor & packaging

    The contact sensor is all that was there. Hopefully we will see more new items this year.
  11. ScottH

    New IRIS contact sensor & packaging

    Love the look. HA version is on box.
  12. Item# 690400 $14.06 Will try to upload pics later.
  13. ScottH

    Schlage vs. Kwikset Locks

    I love my Schlage locks. No issues to date.
  14. Just came across the wire. Looking good for IRIS