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  1. Blink recently announced their foray into the security market. No word on automation but their existing cameras use IFTTT which may not be desirable to some.
  2. red600

    Neat Switch

    I was really excited when these were first put up on crowdfunding but as more details came out it quickly lost its appeal. There are other mechanical light switch timers(see links below)* around so really the only thing that switchmate adds is bluetooth, magnetic installation, and rocker control. All bluetooth really adds is automatic lighting and remote control when in range of the switch. Those benefits are pretty marginal. That said, if switchmate delivers their bluetooth hub that was originally offered and integrates with echo, google home, and ifttt the possibilities sky rocket. * *
  3. red600

    My app works except for the ability to "shop all departments". When I press it I just get an internal server error. This is part of the reason why I've migrated away from Lowes in general. Their internal systems/software don't seem coordinated, well tested or designed and while I do understand that Iris most likely isn't part of their retail infrastructure failures like these don't inspire much confidence in Lowes as a brand. Quick story to illustrate. I order a grill from and had it shipped to a nearby store with a delivery date. Got an email on the expected delivery date saying that my shipment had arrived at the store Went into the store to pick up the grill and was told it didn't arrive. I showed the employee the email and she checked again on her terminal and she showed me that it was set to arrive a week later. I called the Lowes corp customer service line and they insisted that the grill was there. I went back and explained that corporate said the grill was there. Multiple employees couldn't find the grill. Everyone who assisted me on the phone and in the store were courteous and helpful. I wasn't about the blow a gasket over a grill so I left my phone number at the store. Two days later one of the employees who helped me called me and told me my grill arrived. I went to pick it up and we had a good laugh about how terrible their systems are. Four days after I picked up my grill I got another emaiil saying that my grill arrived at the store. I emailed corp and wrote a non-bitching email documenting my experience and asked why there was so much disconnection in customer communication. I didn't get a response. Not even an automated one. This experience along with numerous shown in stock online but not there when I arrive and a decent amount of users posting about bad v2 migration led me to move on from Iris and Lowes. I now have a diverse eco-system of home automation and security systems so in the event of service failure or declining level of service my whole house doesn't go out of commission . I understand that there will always be some choke point involved. My choke point is IFTTT but I feel like when IFTTT is providing a service to both a retail person like myself AND their partners there is going to be more accountability.
  4. red600

    Philips Hue motion sensor coming soon?

    After doing a little more digging it looks like Philips has a temp/humidity sensor, door/window sensor, and smart plug in the works as well.
  5. Exciting news for anyone who is heavily invested in the Philips Hue systems. The sensor, according to the article, will include motion and ambient light sensors.
  6. red600

    Home page needed anymore?

    The homepage hasn't been updated for a decent amount of time and the link to the forum is relatively obscure. A person visiting the site can easily get the impression that the site is dead and go elsewhere never knowing that there are active, helpful discussions going on in the forums. It might be a good idea to forego a maintained home page and simply take users straight to the forums.
  7. red600


    You can do phone calls with a custom text to speech message via IFTTT. I have the message tell me what mode triggered the alarm, the time and what sensor was tripped. You can do similar things with text but I prefer the phone call / app notification combination. You can also tie IFTTT and Stringify to create more complex rules although it's a bit hacky. Here's an example of what I do: Abode mode changes to away. Using the mode change as a trigger IFTTT rule writes a new text file to away folder in box. Stringify detects new text file in away folder in box and sets stringify mode to away. If stringify mode is away and it is sunset turn on selected philips hue lights. The example above turns on my lights at sunset only if i'm not home. I do this because my kid sleeps at around 8 and sunset during the summer is 9PM here. I don't want the lights to turn on automatically while my daughter is sleeping but I do want the lights to turn on automatically if we're not home. There are a lot more complicated flows you can set up using stringify but I want to show an example of how I get adobe on IFTTT to interact with a more complex rules engine like stringify.
  8. red600


    There's no forum available that I know of. Their support board does offer free form questions though.
  9. red600


    I've had my Abode system for a bit now so I'll give a little information about the system. Pros + Build quality is good. Easily on par with the Iris sensors + Sensors (with one exception see cons) and app react immediately + Good array of security sensors (image capturing motion, vibration, water leak detectors, etc) + IFTTT integration! My favorite feature. + No monthly fees required (yet?) + Excellent customization settings (door bell, delays, beep volume, notifications, etc) + Web interface for settings. + Loud siren Cons - Accessory and system prices are high - Motion sensor image capture is sluggish - Door/window sensor is large - Can not adjust system settings in app. Must use web interface. - Key fob icons not ituitive - Automation rules are limited. Only simple IF THEN rules are available. Can not have rules active/inactive based on mode, time, etc. I can't comment on customer support since I haven't had the need to call. Installation went seamlessly and the system has been stable. My system is still small with just 4 sensors because I wanted to test the system before I sunk too much money into it but things are looking good and I will purchase more sensors and cellular backup ($8 a month) soon. I went with Abode because I don't want an all-in-one home automation system. I wanted a security system that can communicate with my other systems for my home. I want a diversified ecosystem so in the event that a company goes under, no longer supports my hardware or has declining level of service I don't have to do a complete overhaul. That said IFTTT is somewhat of a single point of failure for my home. My home automation system includes: Amazon echo Philips hue lighting Sensibo (to control my heat pump) Ring doorbell Wemo plugs Leeo (for alarms and environmental) Life360 (for family-wide location rules) IFTTT Stringify (added Early august) Ring Stick up cam and solar panel Logitech pop switches
  10. I've moved over to Abode home security. I'm selling the following as a bundle. All are V1 in good, working condition. 1 @ motion sensor 1 @ smart button 3 @ smart plug 1 @ range extender (recieved in mail as a replacement for a previous version) 1 @ keypad 2 @ keyfob $40+shipping for the whole bundle only. SOLD
  11. red600

    Next Generation of Iris Updates

    This is speculation but I'm guessing this is being done for user experience reasons. Windows 10 was initially rolled out in a similar fashion where upgrades were given out as hardware/driver support became available. Perhaps not every 1st gen device has full support or hasn't been completely tested yet so hubs will roll out over time to those with supported devices.
  12. I'm hoping for some integration of c multi-color or temp adjustable white led bulbs from any brand be it Philips Hue, LIFX, or Osram. The Centralite 3 series smart switch would be an awesome addition for those in the household who don't like using apps to control lights. Pretty please!
  13. red600

    On a visit to Lowes, yesterday

    LIFX bulbs are $40 because they have an adjustable spectrum from cool to warm (6700k-2700k) and they have a built in wifi radio (no hub required). GE bulbs require a hub and have fixed spectrums (2700k). My local Lowes Iris section is more of a smarthome section. It's a mix of Iris, usb hubs, smartlocks, etc. I think a giant "works with Iris" sticker would go a long way towards helping identify what works with iris.