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  1. Camera Compatibility

    Hey guys, just wanting to confirm; for cameras (specifically outdoor cameras), can I purchase any zwave/zigbee compatible product and it will with with Iris? Just trying to figure out the best economical solution for another 1 or 2 cameras (previously used the cameras specifically marked as working with Iris).
  2. [Sold] 4G Modem for Sale $50

    Hi Smitho, sorry for the late reply. It's still available, and I'm reaching out to you in PM now
  3. Selling my 4G modem. I dropped the cellular backup from our plan, and now I have no need for it. Price includes shipping for the continental US. Edit: -sold-
  4. If the basic version allowed our cameras to record on a rule trigger, I would definitely drop to basic. Unfortunately, that doesn't sound like the case. I'll be sticking with the $10/mo until I find a better solution.
  5. Lowes Security display

    When your dimmers turn on at a certain %, does it first turn on at full brightness? Same with turning them off-- it goes fully bright before turning off.
  6. Alexa-Iris Commands

    Yup, that fixed it. Thanks guys!
  7. Alexa-Iris Commands

    Hey guys, I noticed after the issues last week, I can no longer get Alexa to turn on/off my lights; she keeps telling me that the hub the device is connected to is offline. My Iris dashboard shows that the hub is connected, and I can control my devices with the app (and scheduling still works). Any clue what's the issue? I tried to restart both my Echo and Iris to no avail.

    Constantly no pic for me on iOS.
  9. Camera Preview/Still shot - missing?

    Happening for me too, iOS 9.3.5, app version 1.14
  10. Exclude Fob From Home/Away

    What happens if we have a guest fob that isn't assigned to anyone? We want locking up to be automatic, but don't want to assign it to my wife or I, since we have our own fobs.
  11. 4G modem not working on backup batteries

    Ah, that explains the thread I made last week asking about that haha. Never had a chance to play around more. Good catch!
  12. GDC Connected, Unresponsive

    Thanks! I'll try removing it and re-pairing it!
  13. GDC Connected, Unresponsive

    I haven't, but I'm certainly willing if you think that would help. The GDC says it's connected, and I have smart plugs in my garage as well, so I didn't think it could be a network connectivity issue.
  14. GDC Connected, Unresponsive

    I've had an issue with my GDC for a couple of months now. I kinda forgot about it until tonight when my wife said something. It's connected, but when I hit open/close, it says opening/closing, and I guess it times out and goes back to saying open or close. The normal garage door clicker works fine. Anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be? Possibly relevant: it doesn't make the beeping noise like it used to when I pushed open/close.