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  1. Hub died again

    tried connecting to different outlets, no battery power either, replaced the batteries with new ones and it didn't work. The device was bad and not able to be recovered, not a power problem that was correctable.
  2. Hub died again

    It went completely black again. Been on the phone with CS now for 1 hour trying to get the last z-wave to connect.
  3. Hub died again

    Well I am off to get a new hub again and have to reinstall all my devices. On a good note, they gave me 5 months credit for the inconvienence.
  4. Help contacting support

    ok thanks
  5. Help contacting support

    When it happens I lose all ability to use the forum, also IrisbyLowes does not operte the site.
  6. Washed out background on Android App

    I had it happen to me as well. I forced stopped it and reopened it successfully.
  7. Help contacting support

    I seem to run into a regular problem anymore, I go to log in and it tells me that it's not valid or something similar. Is there an email address that I can contact when this happens again? if so can someone email it to me @ e m t p 8 2 @ g m a i l. c o m? Thanks in advance
  8. Getting frustrated

    I was only able to get one code to work on the deadbolts. Both locks have a different one.
  9. Getting frustrated

    No I had the same rule show up 2 or 3 times within the same area and labeled the same way.
  10. Getting frustrated

    I broke down and undid all my rules and then re-added them 1 at a time and ran a test. For now it seems as though things are working. I finally got my lock and a light switch paired with my system this morning after having to exchange out my original Gen 2 hub about 1-2 months ago. TS ran an optimization after we got everything paired. I find it odd at all of the duplicate rules that get generated somehow. I'm hoping that is the problem and not something else. Either way still aggravating. Thanks for the suggestions and help.
  11. Getting frustrated

    I hate to be one of those guys that whines, but man am I getting tired and frustrated with not being able to get my system running the way it should. Issues I am currently having: 1 lock doesn't want to operate with the setting of the alarm system. Lights don't operate according to the lock status I can't seem to figure out which rules to keep and which ones to delete. There are duplicate/triplicate rules for things I want done. Lock isn't disarming the system as they should be. I can't get the user codes to accept on a deadbolt. I am sure there are more, but honestly don't have the patience to go throw each individual rule to test/delete/reenter. And to top it off, I haven't been able to access this forum for a while because all of a sudden I no longer had permission. Somebody get me a tall glass of whiskey. I refuse to try to add or do anything new to my system until this crap starts going smoother. Maybe it'll be better with the web app, but it is a total PITA to sort through everything on my phone.
  12. Hub Offline

    Mine went offline after a citywide power failure and never recovered.
  13. Gen 2 hub died

    OK I forgot to remove and/or do the 8 button click thing. On my way to re-pairing.
  14. Gen 2 hub died

    Well after a power outage in the neighborhood, my Gen 2 hub died and was not able to be brought back to life. Support sent me the email to replace it and off I went 35 miles to get it. Got there and picked up the least used looking package and came home only to find out it was still attached to someone else's system. Support got that corrected, now I am go to have to re-pair all of my devices again. So far device #1, the keypad, won't pair. ...................To be continued.
  15. Light switch

    I have 2 of my light switches set to turn on for 2 minutes after the corresponding door is locked. The problem is that after the light turns off it turns back on again and stays on.