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  1. Im looking to buy some good CR2 batteries for the sensors. Any recommendation on what brand to get that would last? Thanks
  2. pearlm30

    Tried to return Iris..never ending Iris nightmare!!

    I also hit a brick wall when trying to return some of my V1 devices. The store manager said receipts or/and original package were needed before he can do anything. This was me after showing him a copy of the Lowes internal memo on blanket return authorization. I am currently working with IrisByLowes to solve this issue. So PM IrisByLowes if local store cant help you. Good luck
  3. I am having difficulties on returning my devices as well. Even after showing the manager the documents posted by mikeyc( Thank you). I just PMed IrisByLowes and hopefully get this resolved.
  4. pearlm30

    Range Extender Exchange Experience

    Is this a exchange program by Iris? I went to the local Lowes with my V1 extenders and they couldnt help me without original package or receipts. Can anyone point me into the right direction? Thank you
  5. pearlm30

    Amazon Fire???

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Any of you guys know if the cheap Amazon fire tablet is supported to run V2? Its on sale now for $35. Just curious Thanks
  6. pearlm30

    Damp Basement

    Hi everyone Long time Iris user but first time poster. I have damp basement problem and wonder if there is a moisture or humidity sensor that will work with Iris??? Any suggestion? Thanks