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  1. Here we go again!

    Yeah, I guess it hears something where the 1's and 0's look like the wake word. I've never really had that problem, but I have a child named Alexis, (Lexi for short) so we have our share of false activations. On one hand, I kinda hope we get local processing today, but on the other hand I know it will be a MAJOR update when we do, and could come with it's share of bugs... I don't like bugs while I am out of town! *Crosses fingers*
  2. Here we go again!

    Sounds like a new major release (v2.5) and I am leaving for vacation! Just got an email about platform maintenance... It seems like major update hiccups always happen when I am away.
  3. Something Fishy Around Here (again) [emoji23]

    Yeah, there is a major hurricane off the coast, there will be people evacuating and wide spread power I'm sure they are getting ready to push a major update in the midst of that. I seem to remember the same scenario last year. Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Using thermostats as humidity sensors

    Smoke alarms are never recommended near a kitchen. Mine is in a hallway... It replaced an alarm that has NEVER been triggered (2 units over an 8 year time, and never a false alarm). Within a couple months I had a false alarm IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
  5. Alexa now supports multi room audio

    Very cool! Edit: One thing thats not cool; Apparently you can't add one device to two different groups. For instance, if you have a group called "everywhere", with all your devices in it, you can't have any other groups because all your devices are already assigned to a group. I could see some people wanting groups for "living area", "upstairs", "downstairs", etc... the problem is you can't have any overlap between "zones". Hopefully that will be addressed later.
  6. Using thermostats as humidity sensors

    The regular halo (not the plus) would be the one to look at, as weather alerts wouldn't be useful. The regular halo is a bit more expensive than a CT101, but the idea of fire detection under the crawl space probably provides enough added value to make it a consideration. The biggest concern I have is this encapsulated space being a "retro fit" and there still being a considerable amount of dust from the insulation and such. I'm thinking this may not be the brightest idea. I've already had one random false alarm from a halo in the middle of the night... I have no clue what caused it, but all I can figure is dust. It might would work well in a newly constructed home with an encapsulated crawl space, but the fact that my crawl space is being "sealed" 25 years after it was built makes me nervous about dust and false alarms.
  7. Using thermostats as humidity sensors

    So how is this working out for you? It looks like I will have a crawl space encapsulation system installed soon, and I noticed on the quote that it included a "wireless weather station" to report humidity under the house on an lcd screen inside. I'm thinking I could take it a step further and put a radio thermostat underneath so I can get alerts if the humidity is outside of the acceptable range. Did you ever find out if the CT-100 also reports humidity? Is that the least expensive option? I'm also wondering if a halo smoke detector would work OK in a sealed/encapsulated crawl space. That could provide temperature/humidity sensors as well as detect a fire under the house... but would a smoke detector in a crawl space be prone to false alarms?
  8. Nest now compatible with Iris

    I have, but after buying a CT101, which didn't work reliably, and then buying a nest, which works well but isn't as flexible, I think my wife is tired of me blowing money on this stuff. It doesn't help that I've bought about 80 smart home devices in the last couple of years... I'm pretty much cut off for a while... haha
  9. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Just curious if anyone else has noticed a discrepancy in relative humidity between the nest app and the iris app? Looking at the nest thermostat in the nest app always shows humidity 2% higher than in the same thermostat in the iris app.
  10. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of flexibility in what you can do with nest in iris. It's a reliable, nice looking thermostat, but I kinda regret purchasing it. I was hoping the integration with iris would open up more options to do what I want, but it didn't. The natively supported zwave thermostats (Radio Thermostat and Go-Control) in iris have much better options for programming schedules, and nest forces you to use their app and their rules for scheduling nest thermostats. I just want the ability to have different schedules run depending on presence. Its just not something you can do with nest. If you use their auto away feature in the summer, you have to come home to a hot miserable house and then it takes all night to cool down again! The nest operates exactly the opposite from what I want. I want a hold temperature when someone is home, and a schedule when we are away (which I can configure to pre-cool the house based on our typical arrival times). You can also set your away temperature on nest to heat well beyond what they consider "energy efficient". However, you aren't allowed to do the same with cooling. They force efficiency over comfort for cooling, but allow comfort over efficiency for heat. The ONLY thing I really want from a smart thermostat is for it not to run all day long while I am away, but have the house comfortable and ready for me when I get home. The nest fails miserably at this task in the summer... the only way to do it is to disable the smart features and set a simple schedule just like you can do with a dumb $35 programmable thermostat. It seems to me that Nest was designed for people who live in cold climates. If you live in the south, and you don't like your house 76 degrees when you come home, the nest isn't really the best option for you!
  11. Version 2.4.1 is out in the apple app store As noted previously, this has support for nest thermostats.
  12. Nest now compatible with Iris

    Yep, nest shows as an option in the devices, however it says you need to download the latest version of the app to pair it... no update in the iOS app store at the moment.
  13. Am I just missing something? Haven't we had this rule since the beginning? I've had a camera for a while and I set up a rule "when a security alarm is triggered, start recording from ________ for ___ minutes". How is this a new feature? Now we have a toggle switch that does the same thing in the cameras card that does the same thing? *confused
  14. Maintenance notice from Iris

    I wish they would do the water heater something like that. It's an absolute pain to adjust.
  15. Maintenance notice from Iris

    Cool. Anyone have a screenshot to share? I got rid of my iris compatible t-tstat a while back, so I can't see the changes.