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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    I had someone from iris direct message me on the 'official' forum. They checked my hub ID and confirmed that local processing was enabled at my place. I guess if they have enough people bug them about it, maybe they will come up with a way to show local processing status within the app.
  2. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    I have had a hose timer for a while and I keep playing with it, but it's never been reliable enough to actually use.
  3. Question Regarding Thermostats

    I've used the CT101 (which is now at my parents house and working just fine), and currently I am using a nest. I had some issues with the reliability of the CT101 when I first switched to V2, but it seems to work fine now. I'm pretty sure both allow you to set as many changes you want throughout the day. If you are concerned about reliability, I would suggest doing the nest. It might be a little less flexible depending on exactly how you want it to integrate with iris, but it is rock solid and "just works" and has never given me a single problem.
  4. MS-DOS Smart Home Automation

    I used to use some x-10 stuff in my house. I also had a little set top controller with an IR sensor which I used to control some lights from my harmony remote. For some reason ants kept crawling up in my walls and shorting two of the switches out. It was very strange, they weren't attracted to any other switch, and I've not had an issue since replacing it with z-wave either... I think I was on my thrid x-10 switch in my living room before I moved to iris.
  5. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    Interesting... I doubt my internet is going down that long as often as this has happened, we would notice I'm sure... We are streaming video on 1 or 2 screens at a time the majority of the time we are home and constantly barking commands at alexa while someone is usually on a computer or tablet on facebook... In all of these "dropouts" the only thing we ever notice is the push notification saying it it has switched to cellular. It seems to have stopped again and this time it happened around the maintenance window for version 2.7.
  6. Iris vs SmartThings

    In looking at it again, it seems they are really pushing a partnership with ADT now, which requires a specific ADT hub. The whole thing just seems a little convoluted and expensive. I thought they had a partnership with scout, but I'm not seeing any info on this on their website. The whole thing seems more complicated than it needs to be.
  7. Iris vs SmartThings

    I looked into smart things a while back, but it didn't seem as "security focused" as iris. Native support for keypads, an integrated professional monitoring service (which is very affordable), entry and exit delays, cellular backup... all these things are much easier to do with iris. I think there are some work arounds for most of this with ST, but it just doesn't feel like a real security system.
  8. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    ANNNDD... here we go again... Does anyone know how long your network connection has to be down before it switches over to cellular? Is it possible its just a blip of a fraction of a second, which is not noticeable with things such as streaming video but it is forcing my hub over to cellular? I guess I need to put on my sysadmin hat one day when I get home and see if I am getting any random packet loss on my connection.
  9. EMI interference from LED bulbs

    Just a thought, but I wonder if the connectivity problems some people have with iris is, in some cases, related to RF interference from cheap or defective LED bulbs. With the explosion of LED over the last few years there have been a lot of low quality LED bulbs released. Additionally, some of the larger companies may have had to push production so hard to meet demand that there are some QC issues. I do know that since V2 was released, I have had exactly 1 situation where a device would not stay connected... I also recall that AROUND the same time I had a very premature failure of an inexpensive LED bulb (it lasted only a month or two). I don't remember the exact timing, but I wonder if the power supply in that bulb was defective and caused some RF problems. I don't have one specific article to link to, however if you google "LED bulb RF interference" you get a LOT of results. It appears to be a fairly common problem.
  10. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    Just an update: my random loss of hub broadband connectivity stopped after a couple of days. Everything has been pretty stable for almost a week now.
  11. Anyone else having hub disconnect issues?

    I did a 2 second reboot on my hub, and I also restarted my wireless router but it is still doing it... I'm not noticing any other internet problems.
  12. For the past few days I've been having a LOT of broadband disconnect issues... I get notifications that the hub has switched to cellular and then back to broadband multiple times a day. Last night I was binge watching stranger things on netflix and my wife refused to watch it with me so she went in the bedroom and watched something else on hulu... we both streamed for a few hours and never had the first issue, however during that time the hub dropped to cellular two times. It had done this multiple times through the day yesterday and it has happened several times today. I have a hard time believing this is my internet connection. I never have any issues with it normally and you would think it would have interrupted netflix and hulu. Has anyone else noticed their hub dropping offline a lot lately?
  13. Iris Q3 Reset Overview on YouTube

    I seem to recall some new kit being mentioned, but I don't remember what it was...
  14. So it looks like you can now create routines in Alexa (Have her fire off multiple commands such as playing your flash briefing, controlling smart home devices, running scenes, etc... with a single command). My iris scenes do appear as scenes in alexa, however none of them appear as options when creating a routine in alexa. I do have some logitech harmony scenes that appear, but none of my iris scenes do. I wonder why... Has anyone else played with this yet? Also, it seems that room specific grouping is now possible. In the alexa app, you can create a new group of smart home devices and choose to associate it with a particular alexa device. This seems to work well with lighting, but it doesn't work with my ceiling fans. For instance: I have a group called "Living room" which contains the following devices: Living Room Echo Living Room Lamp Living Room Light Living Room Fan If I say "Alexa, turn on the light" while in the living room, only the living room light comes on. However, if I say "Alexa, turn on the fan" I get the usual "there are several devices that share that name, which one do you want?" response. I had to leave to head back to work, so I didn't get to see how it worked with lamps, but I do know it didn't automatically turn the lamp on if I said "Alexa, turn on the lightS" I'm not sure if "Alexa, turn on the lamp" will result in just the living room lamp turning on, or if it will say "there are several devices with that name..."
  15. New V1 stock?

    I found that the North Myrtle Beach store also has a bunch of V1 stock when I went there looking for a camera last week. Unfortunately, the display as a whole looks worse than any I've ever seen. Lots of non-iris products added in (everything from Arlo Surveillance systems to cheap surge suppressors). I was surprised that they even had a blue line energy monitor (in a VERY worn and faded box) in the spot for the leaksmart water valve. How can they sell something like that which doesn't even work with iris anymore? Online it showed they had 4 of the indoor/outdoor cameras in stock, but they didn't even have a place on the shelf or a pickup card for it. When I asked someone in customer service they went and looked in "the cage" and found it. It's almost like the local stores are purposely trying to kill iris.