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  1. Smitho

    Shut Down?

    Making the sort of decisions they have lately, there is a chance there won't be a Lowe's for you to set foot in if they keep on.
  2. Smitho

    Signs of a buyer?

    I don't think iris poses enough threat to any existing google product line for them to expend the capital to kill it off.
  3. Smitho

    Signs of a buyer?

    I don't know if this is "preemptive" or if it is a sign of a buyer, but I just hit a bookmark that pointed to and it was dead.... Looks like the URL has been changed to The "name" of the page, however, is still "Iris by Lowe's" at the moment. With that said, I've stated for some time that the updated logo (and the way "by Lowe's" was tagged onto the end) was a sign they planned on selling it off... so this could just be a preemptive measure. Combined with the "nothing else I CAN share" comment (as opposed to "nothing else TO share") and "stay tuned", and "hope to have some exciting news to share soon", posted by the admin on the official iris community forums, I wonder if they are in the very beginning stages of transitioning to a new owner. I bet we see some URL forwarding action soon... Lowes currently also owns It probably will be included in the sale and become the primary domain soon (with forwarding to it for a period of time). Hopefully there is a big announcement coming soon.
  4. I have one and haven't had good luck with it. It would constantly fill up my log with motion events, even when there was no one home. Someone here told me I needed to call iris to have some sort of firmware update manually pushed to it, but it just seemed like too much trouble so I disconnected it. You would think firmware updates (especially one to fix a device that is as broken as this is) would be automatic.
  5. Smitho

    Best adhesive strips for sensors

    Tomorrow we have painters coming and I've had to remove about a dozen sensors in our home. The adhesive strips that came with the sensors have been very reliable... I've never had one fall off... What can I get that will fit well on V1 contact sensors that will perform just as good as the original strips? Any ideas? preferably something I can pickup locally (Lowes, walmart, home depot, etc...)
  6. Smitho

    Alexa Guard with Iris

    I wanted to like this feature, but they just didn't take it far enough. I will admit I have not messed with it in a while, so maybe they have improved it, but it seemed like it only worked with the word "light". For instance, I have multiple rooms that each have their own echo dot, overhead light, ceiling fan, table lamp, and television... all controllable via alexa. Yet, when I group them by room I can not turn on the lamp, TV, or ceiling fan without stating the full name of the device. It only worked with "light".
  7. Smitho

    GE Light switches reversing

    Nevermind... Looks like the switch can not be inverted in this way...
  8. Smitho

    GE Light switches reversing

    I know with some of the switches you can reverse the LED light (lit when on, or lit when off) using a series of button presses... I would think there is probably some combination which will also reverse the direction of the switch.
  9. Smitho

    First Alert Smoke/CO False alarm at 1AM

    Just this week I have had my halo start making a random single beep on occasion. Could be dust as we've been doing a lot of remodeling. I just gutted the master bathroom and have been doing drywall work. Also we have just had to start running our heat pump on heat as well, but the only time I've ever had that issue with the heat is the first time the heat strips come on. It seems like every year when the auxiliary heat strips come on we get a slight burning smell (probably dust burning off) and sometimes it trips the smoke alarm.
  10. Smitho

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    That's interesting, I've never had a problem with zwave stuff. It's always paired fine away from the hub. I don't have any V2 stuff though... Only V1 zigbee and zwave. Most of my V1 stuff are battery powered sensors, so I pair them close just because it's convenient... I've never tried the battery powered stuff away from the hub. I think I paired some of my V1 smart plugs on the other end of the house. All my Zwave GE wall switches were paired wherever the switch was without any issue.
  11. Smitho

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    Just wanted to throw this into the conversation: I have never moved my hub or any of my hard wired or plug in devices in order to pair them. Even the ones on the opposite end of the house have paired just fine without moving anything... Sometimes it takes a little longer if it's further away, but they always pair eventually. Every switch in my house is z-wave and I've only had one problem with a switch dropping in the 4 years I've been using iris... This was right around the time of the V2 transition and a 2 second hub reset squared everything away. I have always understood that, when a z-wave device pairs, it establishes a path of communication which is likely to hop off the nearest z-wave device. To me, it seems like I would not want it talking directly to the hub if I have another device which is closer. However, I guess this is the reason it tells you to "optimize" after you pair a new device (which I pretty much never do). With that said, I do always pair my battery powered stuff next to the hub, but it's just because it's convenient to do that with things like battery powered sensors... It seems like it takes the zigbee stuff much longer to pair though.
  12. Smitho

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    I'm surprised they have labeled this as a "V3" hub... it does cause some confusion because the platform is not changing like it did from V1 to V2. Version 1 and Version 2 were two completely different systems. Version 3 is just some new devices but the iris service isn't changing at all. To me, it doesn't seem like V3 as much as a wifi variant of the V2 hub... Changing to the new hub doesn't really change you to a "new version of iris", it just enables a speaker and allows the hub to connect via wifi. I don't see much reason to move to the new hub if those things aren't important to you.
  13. Smitho

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    If so, that is a great improvement and also gives hope that they could do a door bell sound with an update in the future.
  14. Smitho

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    @accessdenied79 Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking to see. Unfortunately I think they missed an opportunity by not putting keyhole slots in the bottom. It would be really nice to have the option to mount it to the ceiling. I would love to have it mounted in a centrally located hallway... however, I'm not sure how many people would go through the trouble to run power to it in a situation like that... maybe POE would have been nice. I won't be picky though, it's just nice to have an option with audible alerts. I'm curious, does it do anything different on a "doorbell chime"? Since it has a speaker now, it would be really nice if an update in the future actually allows you to trigger different chimes and tones.
  15. Smitho

    Iris 3.0 (Yes, it exists)

    Anyone that will... can you please visit this thread and give kudos to my post? We really need a migration tool for the new hub. I'm not about to redo all my rules, recreate my scenes, re-pair all my devices, etc... "Aint nobody got time for that" haha I'm sure others will avoid purchasing the new hub for the same reason.