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  1. Don't Throw Away Your Old Devices

    V1 iris devices do not currently work with any other system. I can't speak for everyone here, but I can imagine there are many people who just wont entertain the idea of jumping to another system because they have made a heavy investment in V1 devices which currently do not work anywhere else. If my devices are supported this is something I will be watching very closely. I'd love to have another option in the future but wouldn't be interested in switching until I felt like it was a "better" system than iris. Good luck to you!
  2. I have an outdoor camera which is showing as disconnected. I have tried power cycling the camera and a 2 second reboot on the hub. Anything else I should try before taking it down and physically connecting it to the network?
  3. Well ring is out

    It wouldn't surprise me if Amazon purchased Ring only for recognition of brand dominance. If they had planned on creating their own product, it would be hard to compete with ring which already has a major foothold in that corner of the market. By leveraging the ring "brand" in conjunction with the amazon "brand", they can release any new doorbell product they had in the works using the "amazon ring" brand and give these products an instant boost. It's also a quick and easy way to get around any patent issues they may have been facing. Not to mention they likely on-boarded some new talent from Ring's development staff. I bet all the old ring products become "legacy devices" pretty quickly.
  4. Alexa scene with thermostat control ?
  5. This is rather disappointing. I've searched the exhibitor listings and I can't find anything for iris. Hopefully I am just missing something, but somehow I doubt it. This is the 2nd year now they have had no presence in the biggest consumer electronics showcase in the world. All the biggest names, (and most of the smaller ones as well) in smart home technology are represented, but no Iris. I was hoping the relative silence recently was indicative of something big coming and we would learn about it at CES. Unfortunately, they just aren't looking like they will ever be a big player in the industry. This is sad.
  6. Appears that iris has no presence at CES again

    I doubt they have plans to drop iris any time soon. The current customer base is probably a self sustaining source of revenue. What they might do is stop marketing it and stop investing in it. Right now iris is probably still profitable, but not as much as the sale of nest and google devices. Unfortunately, if they stop investing in iris eventually the users will migrate to a more forward looking platform and that will lead to a situation where it is no longer worth the upkeep and they could decide to pull the plug then. Floor space is limited and they must have determined that the additional nest and google home sales outweighs the potential recurring revenue from iris.
  7. Iris update causes the Gillion's portal to fail

    Occasionally my cameras would stop working and I have to reboot them remotely. I could easily do this through gillion's portal. My cameras are currently down and I need to reboot them remotely. Does anyone know of another way to do this? I can't find an option in the official web interface.
  8. Is something going today 1/28?

    No issues here. Everything seemed to be running correctly last night and this morning.
  9. schlage touchscreen deadbolt function issue

    I have a scene called "home" that unlocks the door, disarms the alarm, and turns the front porch lights on (as well as the living room lights). This scene runs automatically when I arrive home. I also have a button on my fob programmed to run this in case I am heading towards the door and I haven't seen the porch light come on yet.
  10. Dead bolt not updating battery status

    Yep, it updated sometime overnight, so it was somewhere between 8 hours and 20 hours... I've changed batteries in it before and didn't NOTICE that it didn't update immediately. I bet it just polls the battery status once per day and depending on the time of day you change them it could be pretty quick or almost a full day. The only reason I noticed was because I was lazy and tried to use alexa to lock the door. Apparently, if the batteries are low (or it THINKS they are low) you can not lock via alexa.
  11. The batteries in my Schlage deadbolt recently died. Either something caused them to drain rapidly or they were duds... either way, I replaced them and it seems to lock now without being sluggish, but the battery level still shows as 0%. If I try to lock via Alexa I get a response saying iris wasn’t sure if the door locked because the batteries are low... Have any of you experienced this before? How can I get the battery status to update? It’s been about 6 hours since they were replaced.
  12. Opinions: how reliable is IRIS for security?

    I have used iris for security around 3 years now. I've only had a couple of false alarms in that time and I've found it to be pretty reliable. Once I had a newly install contact sensor that I didn't secure properly fall off a door, but that was user error. The other times it has been one particular motion sensor... it happened two times around the same time of day and same time of the year. I attributed it to something with the sunlight coming through the windows and shadows. If you have too many issues with motion detectors you can also enable a setting that requires 2 sensors to be tripped to trigger the alarm. I will say I've had a few issues with keyfobs leaving and reconnecting in the middle of the night also, but there is always a good reason. We have a designated place to hang our keys, and if we put them where they go we've never had a problem. In the event my wife leaves her keys in her pocketbook and it gets placed in certain areas it can happen. Also with my keys in my pants pocket, if they end up at the bottom of a laundry pile it sometimes happens. I have also experienced this with low batteries. I have found a few things to do to mitigate this issue. #1 Have a designated place for your keys where they should have clear communication with the hub. Key hangers work well. Try to avoid placing them in wire frame baskets that might interfere with the signal. #2 Ensure batteries are not low. This might sound obvious, but I've not found the battery monitoring in iris to be reliable. #3 Create schedules for presence based rules. My keyfob rules which lock/unlock doors or modify the state of the alarm system are not active between midnight and the time we normally get up. This way, if something did go wonky while we were sleeping the doors would not be unlocking and nothing would change with the alarm.
  13. My wife has been wanting a Keurig or something similar for Christmas. She is the only Coffee drinker in the house. I was looking at the different options, and I cant seem to find one that would work properly with a smart plug. They seem to all have momentary contact start switches, so there would be no way to leave it on so when she rolls over in the bed she could ask alexa to turn on the (smart switch for the) coffee maker. Has anyone found a single cup coffee maker that would work this way? I don't want to take apart and hack a brand new Christmas present, so I'd rather find something that would work this way out of the box. Basically, it would need to be configured to come on immediately when plugged in... It does not seem like there is anything on the market that could do that. I know people have been successful doing this with regular cheap coffee pots, but she doesn't drink enough coffee for that.
  14. Presence Rule that Would Improve Fob Detection

    I have a scene that runs when I arrive, that includes turning on the front porch lights (even during the day). This way I know when the light comes on my door is unlocking. The front porch light is configured to turn off automatically after a few minutes, so it doesn't really waste a lot of power. This is done via a smart switch instead of a bulb, so I don't have to worry about anyone accidentally leaving the power to the bulb turned off at the switch. I love this idea.... so much so that I already mentioned it in this thread about a year and a half ago:
  15. So, I have seen a few creative uses for devices, including: Placing a contact sensor in the mailbox A motion detector's temp sensor to trigger a ceiling fan. I imagine pre-loading a toaster in the kitchen before bed and triggering it with a motion detector in the bathroom (but if nature calls, you might end up with an unexpected midnight snack)... besides, I prefer toaster strudels which should not be thawed. I always see the coffee maker as an example, but every coffee maker we have ever owned had a timer built in already. Most digital devices now can't simply turn on when plugged in... for instance our coffee pot and TV's would have to be manually powered on after the power was interrupted. What are some other innovative ideas you have had with basic sensors and smart plugs which didn't involve dismantling a device?
  16. I can't seem to find a way to turn on a light at a specific brightness on motion. I already have rules that turns on the hall light when motion is detected in the hallway, but that rule is set to go inactive at my children's bed time (as to not wake them up) I would like to create a new rule that will turn the light on at a low percentage with motion after bedtime, but I can't find a way to do this. Any way to work around this limitation? Am I missing something?
  17. Light brightness on motion

    Yeah, I don't know that I'm willing to do all of that. If I scheduled it to come on at the desired brightness at bed time, I cant see that being too disruptive. However, I don't want a schedule that turns them on at full brightness automatically in the morning. In the event we have an opportunity to sleep in, I don't want the hall light coming on to wake up the kids. Hopefully this will come sometime in the future... I was hoping I was just missing a rule somewhere that would do this.
  18. Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    I've always kinda figured they have more control over what stores get iris than the other smart home products. It's possible they have to sign agreements with nest, ring, and other manufacturers saying that they will stock them in all of their stores. It is likely that they know these other devices will not perform well in certain stores, however they assume that risk because its the only way to get them into their other stores. It just comes off as having more confidence in the other products than their own.
  19. Lowe's Iris smart home membership jumps 40% in 2017

    Imagine how well it could have done if the local Lowe's stores didn't act like they wanted it to fail. If they would keep the iris sections looking presentable, keep the shelves stocked, and have someone in the store that even knows what it is, that 40% could have been even higher. In most stores a lot of the iris products are kept "in the cage" and you have to ask about them. The last time I went looking for an iris product there wasn't even a place on the shelf for it... they didn't have pickup cards or anything, although they had several in stock. Meanwhile the iris section is full of phone chargers, cat 5 cables, hdmi wall plates, bluetooth speakers, and random wemo and idevices smart home products which aren't even iris compatible. What frustrates me is I have been told my local Lowes store doesn't even keep iris stuff "because the local demographic doesn't support smart home devices" however, over the years they have started to carry all the Nest, Ring, idevice, wemo, rachio, and google home stuff.... pretty much everything EXCEPT iris. I pass a lowes store every day coming home from work, yet I have to go to one 45 minutes from home to get iris devices. How is iris supposed to compete when their own store will not carry their stuff, yet push competing products?
  20. Santa Tracker

    Ok, I'm neither complaining nor bragging (I don't want to open that can of worms again).... However, I still do not have the Santa tracker card. Just curious if anyone else here got it? I am on iOS, just made me wonder if there is a pending update which has been delayed.
  21. Disconcerting Performance from Monitoring Service

    My understanding is that this is "by design". It's only panic alarms that get dispatched immediately. Fire and burglary call first. I guess the logic is that panic button alarms are usually when someone is in immediate danger and has made a deliberate effort to hit a panic button... in cases like an active home invasion lives could be at stake and there is no time to waste. It could be argued the same for burglary and/or fire, but TYPICALLY those are cases of property damage/theft. There is a better case for immediate dispatch for fire do to the possibility of loss of life, but there is probably a much higher false alarm rate for fire than panic (ie. I've never had a false panic alarm, yet I've had false alarms from smoke detectors). This all sounds fine unless you have a toddler who has just become obsessed buttons. My 2YO hasn't hit the panic button YET, but only because I've caught it more than once. He has hit other buttons on my keypads, but I've been pretty lucky. One arm of our couch is right below the keypad in the living room, so he has a bad habit of standing on the couch and trying to press buttons. I might be imagining this, but it seems I have also heard that carbon monoxide alarms are also an automatic dispatch without confirmation. This would also make sense, because carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can be an immediate threat to life. I also would imagine that there is a very low false alarm rate with CO alarms.
  22. Just to throw this out there; I've not had a good experience with that Bosch motion sensor. It's the only product I have for my iris system that is completely unusable. It constantly detects motion (like every 5 minutes) when there is no motion... to the point I had to remove it because it was filling up my logs and made it impossible to find anything. I have been told by someone here to call iris and request a firmware update that they say fixes that problem, but I've not had the time to do it. From the various posts I've read here, I'm not looking forward to ever calling their support in the future.
  23. I've fought with this since I put my water heater in, but just now getting around to posting about it. Does anyone else have difficulties making changes to the water heater temp? Every time I go to change it, I have to change like 1 or 2 degrees at a time and then wait for a while, then change a couple more, and repeat until I get it where I want. If I change it by more than a couple of degrees at a time it just jumps back several degrees (usually back to where I started). I also get random disconnects with my water heater, so I'm wondering if its an issue of wifi coverage....
  24. Iris sent me news about Santa Tracker

    Yep, this has been around for quite a while... and I doubt it was even developed in house. They turn it on and then back off every year. I understand your frustration that we are still missing some V1 features, but realistically I think it's unfair to say "we are not even close". Maybe I am missing something, but it seems like almost all of V1 functionality has been introduced in the V2 product with maybe a handful of items still remaining. These are the things I've noticed are still missing: Energy monitoring Scheduled access to locks Change the indicator lights default state on Z-Wave wall switches Some water heater and blinds functionality (Not sure about this one, but I believe these are more limited in V2) In fact, a lot of what required a premium account with V1 can now be done with a free account on V2. There is a thread on parity issues here somewhere... I'll try to dig it up. I bet you will find that a LOT of the items on that list have already been addressed.