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  1. Okay, I brought in the houseI also will delete them for awhile to see if there any other reasons the door unlocks itself. Thank you
  2. My concern is door unlocks when want it lock!
  3. Our key fobs are in the car. So are you saying we should bring in our key fobs? Yes I have set up a rule to unlock the door when we arrive home. Sometimes it works sometimes not.
  4. This has happen several times where we will be watching tv and hear the deadbolt unlocking the door. Now its happening while we are sleeping!! and Iris say she's in "home mode". What gives? Is there a magic where when we locked our door manually it stays locked?
  5. Schlage deadbolt, Iris unlocks it while we are sleeping

  6. otterear

    Key pad going thru a lot of batteries

    Keypad is like 7 ft from hub. All other devices are less than 15 feet. No the batteries are not rechargeable, just regular Ever Ready. We will exchange it out and get a new one. Still would like to see a solar power or hardwired possibility in the future.
  7. We've had Iris since July 11, 2015. Since then we've have to change the batteries of the key pad every three weeks. Is this common? Is there a specific brand that may be better? Is there a keypad which I can use that is hardwired?
  8. There is sooooo much information about the system. Once I find something, it's not like I can tag it so I don't forget where I found it. I wish there was some sort of index. Like right now I can see what my husbands code is, but I can't find mine! I wish there was a chapter on key fobs from programming to reprogramming, to fixes... A chapter of operating iris from walking into the door and out the door. I know you think how dumb but what if you come home and suddenly your key fob doesn't work, your pin on Schlage connect doesn't get the picture? Website: I am usually pretty good finding continuity within the site, but this one "irisathomewebsite doesn't go deep enough for me. Like troubleshooting key fobs Or it's answers to my questions are not where a dummie like me would find it!
  9. I don't know if it's related to key fobs not always working, Schlage connect forgot my PIN number or what. Are key fobs really worth it? I had support reconnect my husbands key fob and now mine doesn't work. Secondly, when I tried to 'fix' my fob, ( you know the routine, delete device, remove battery...) iris went nuts! She set the alarm, lock the door sent a text message. A few minutes later, she set to home mode and unlocked the door sent a text. And she did this on off thing for about 5 minutes! And I'm sitting there in the house... Since then , it can't find my fob, won't connect to it time to call support? Also the other night, while we were sitting watching tv, iris went off and set the alarm.... As far as I. Know there are not set schedule(didn't set any don't know how) Where can I find on irisathomewebsite where my codes are? Sorry a lot ??
  10. otterear

    Duplicate text messages

    For every 'incident' I get 2 messages(duplicates). I get one text , open my phone, read it , delete it. A few seconds later I get a duplicate message. Am I suppose to 'respond' to the first message?..