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  1. V1 Keypad Experience

    I too have key pads at the front and back doors, mainly for the chime. When used to arm/disarm (infrequent) we have no issues. MY big issue with these things is that the chimes are way out of sync. The hub usually chimes immediately when a door is opened, but the two key pads are up to several seconds late. Sometimes the keypad doesn't chime until I'm through the door and it's closed behind me. They still do the job (let us know when a door to the outside is opened), but the "chime cascade" (they never sound simultaneously) is grating to me and my OCD.
  2. Hub update notice

    Yep, I got the notice, too. And my firmware is now at (as of 10:51am PST today). No issues with the update as far as I can tell (but I normally don't see issues with firmware updates). Any clues as to what's coming?
  3. Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    On the temperature page, add the ability to de-select devices for graphing? Usually there's just a few that I want to keep an eye on.
  4. Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    This is something that was on the Suggestions page of the "Official" Iris forum, but how about being able to sort sensors by room?
  5. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    FYI, On Chrome, all I get is one graph of total power. On IE, I get total, plus the individual plugs...
  6. Darn it. Maybe it's coming? And this listing was premature?
  7. I've had my eye on these for a while. Exactly how do they "Work with Iris" I wonder? If all they do is display on the Iris app, then big deal. If I can use my Iris Premium sub to save recordings (rather than pay another fee to Netgear) then that's a good thing. If I can trigger recordings with Iris sensors or when the alarm goes off (i.e.: work just like the Iris cams (which ,IMO, suck)), then I'll be buying a few soon.
  8. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    Oh, and being able to sort the battery and signal screens by level and strength would be quite useful.
  9. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    The man's on FIRE today! Was just about to suggest some of this. How about this: Can you add the ability to re-order the sensors? I'd like to put them in an order that kinda jibes with the house layout...
  10. Iris web portal V1.3.1

    V 1.x.x VERY nice. Round of applause for thegillion, everyone....
  11. 1st Gen Smart Buttons

    Dang, I gotta keep a closer eye on my local Lowes in case something like this shows up.
  12. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    I'm unable to log in from the iOS app. Never leaves the splash screen. Anyone have success with a hub reset?
  13. You got it. Monitoring power usage. Was muuuuuuuuuch more useful when we had power and temperature recording. I also have contact sensors in them and if they show high temp, I check the power to see if it's running (meaning door probably left cracked open), or drawing no power (meaning.... any number of things I guess). Given the experience I had with the recent blackout, might be more prudent to take them off until we get historical monitoring back...
  14. This doesn't help any the question here, but may be instructive: I have two fridges plugged into separate V1 Smart Plugs (not the GE duplex receptacle). We had an extended power outage the other day. When the power came back on after 3-4 hours, we noticed after a while that one fridge was not powered up and the other one was not. Both Smart Plugs showed in the app that they were on. I was afraid the fridge had sh*t the bed from a power spike or something. On a whim, i cycled the smart plug off then on, and the fridge came to life (whew!). Moral of the story: if you have an important load on a smart plug (like a fridge or freezer), make sure it is actually on after a power outage (don't trust what the app says).
  15. Got a good deal on some V1 motion sensors.

    I have V1 contact sensor in my mailbox, which is ~50' away from the house (and probably a total of 75' from the hub). Connection was tentative at first, but has been rock solid for quite a while (Unofficial Iris Portal V0.1.7 shows a signal strength of 100). I had tried a motion sensor at first, but kept getting a lot of false alerts.