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    Door Chimes

    So it may seem minor, but one of the things that is important to us is being able to hear a chime when certain doors are opened. One thing good about Wink is that they have a chime that has like 8 different sounds. That would be a neat upgrade over iris. But I'm concerned about Wink's expand-ability. And apparently Wink's security chops are weak. Dome and Aeon Labs both have a device that is a combination multi-chime/siren that apparently will fit the bill, but requires a device handler on ST and on Vera only has one chime sound available. Anyone have experience with the various platforms under discussion and how they do in this somewhat minor, but important to me, area?
  2. joelh

    Vera Thread - Pro\Con

    They don't. That's why Lowe's is essentially refunding all the V1 stuff through the reception program.
  3. joelh

    Vera Thread - Pro\Con

    These are V1 contact sensors:
  4. joelh

    Vera Thread - Pro\Con

    Sorry but I have to ask - are these V1 or V2/V3 contact sensors that you are not able to pair with Vera?
  5. I think you only get one chance to run the redemption routine. Some make sure ALL of your V1 devices are connected before doing it to maximize your refund. I think I may have a few that I missed, as I didn't realize at the time...
  6. @joshfromvera, what would be very useful for evaluation would be some videos or even just screen shots of various tasks in your app. Without this, we're kind of flying blind until we buy a hub and start playing. I'm not interested in buying hubs until I find the one that's best for me. Some of the things I'm interested in seeing are: 1) viewing and filtering the event log (please tell you you have a "show everything except motion sensors" option!) 2) Process for creating rules, and the options available therein. 3) Viewing temperature and power usage graphs (hoping you have this) 4) I see the Dome and Aeon Labs Siren/Chime device are compatible - I'd like to see how you set a particular chime for a particular door. Also, thanks for being here for these types of questions.
  7. joelh

    Iris is Officially Done

    Hmmm. Interesting. I've started leaning towards Wink. Any insight on that system?
  8. Just about all of my contact and motion sensors are V1 Iris, so I'm going to need to buy a bunch of them for my new hub (prob will be either SmartThings or Hubitat). Looking around on-line there seems to be bunch out there. Anyone have any favorites? Any to stay away from? I like the price of this one:
  9. Anyone else having trouble getting to this site?
  10. The redemption process is quick and easy. Before you hit Accept it will show you how much they are going to give you for each device that it sees on your system. But best I can tell, you only get to do it once - so make sure everything is there. I was so impressed with the amount they gave me, I just pressed ahead and committed. Fortunately, I don't think I have TOO many V1 devices not connected. That said, I saw somewhere in another thread that someone had connected a V1 device today and it did NOT show up on the list of "redempt-able" devices. So perhaps they took a snapshot of everyone's system and are only going to offer refunds for devices that were on your system before today? Or maybe it takes a while for devices to show up on the "redemptable" list?
  11. joelh

    Iris is Officially Done

    Thanks for the detailed breakdown. Would you say that Hubitat has more upside? With the decline in SmartThings support response, I wonder if it has reached it's peak?
  12. joelh

    Iris is Officially Done

    Wow, I'm getting ~$1300., for about 40 devices. Way more than I would have expected. Now to choose a replacement system....
  13. joelh

    Iris is Officially Done

    I'll take you up on that! I figured those were my two choices. If you were to choose one to transition to, which would it be?
  14. joelh

    Generic Z-Wave Driver

    See this thread: I tried this before the update and it didn't work, then tried it after and it DID work.
  15. joelh

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    OK, it works - sort of. It pairs as a generic z-wave switch, and I can control the light from the app. Response is very quick (although this particular switch is pretty close to the hub if that makes a difference). However, when the switch is operated manually, the switch status on the app does not update. So if I turn on the light from the app, but turn if off at the switch, the light turns off, but the app still shows ON. The switch itself acts like a toggle - it reverses the state of the light no matter if it's up or down. It was hard to fit in the box - if you have a lot of wires in there, it won't fit very well.
  16. I did a search here and found nothing on this. Has anyone tried this thing? Looks interesting... I can't find any definitive answer if it will pair with Iris. If no one has any insight, I'll buy one and let yinz all know.
  17. joelh

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    Ah, will do. Thanks for pointing that out Otto.
  18. joelh

    Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch

    No joy. It installs pretty easily, and paired right away, but showed up an "Unknown Device" with no controls. Darn.
  19. joelh

    V1 Keypad Experience

    I too have key pads at the front and back doors, mainly for the chime. When used to arm/disarm (infrequent) we have no issues. MY big issue with these things is that the chimes are way out of sync. The hub usually chimes immediately when a door is opened, but the two key pads are up to several seconds late. Sometimes the keypad doesn't chime until I'm through the door and it's closed behind me. They still do the job (let us know when a door to the outside is opened), but the "chime cascade" (they never sound simultaneously) is grating to me and my OCD.
  20. joelh

    Hub update notice

    Yep, I got the notice, too. And my firmware is now at (as of 10:51am PST today). No issues with the update as far as I can tell (but I normally don't see issues with firmware updates). Any clues as to what's coming?
  21. joelh

    Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    On the temperature page, add the ability to de-select devices for graphing? Usually there's just a few that I want to keep an eye on.
  22. joelh

    Would like to know what to add to the web portal

    This is something that was on the Suggestions page of the "Official" Iris forum, but how about being able to sort sensors by room?
  23. joelh

    Iris web portal V1.3.1

    FYI, On Chrome, all I get is one graph of total power. On IE, I get total, plus the individual plugs...
  24. Darn it. Maybe it's coming? And this listing was premature?
  25. I've had my eye on these for a while. Exactly how do they "Work with Iris" I wonder? If all they do is display on the Iris app, then big deal. If I can use my Iris Premium sub to save recordings (rather than pay another fee to Netgear) then that's a good thing. If I can trigger recordings with Iris sensors or when the alarm goes off (i.e.: work just like the Iris cams (which ,IMO, suck)), then I'll be buying a few soon.