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    joelh reacted to scunny in Hello and welcome to the forum.   
    You've come to the right place baby. The major update we can offer is Iris is history much like people who join the forum only to find themselves banned as spammers.
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    joelh reacted to scunny in A unified forum   
    As we evolve away from the Iris platform this forum will no longer be a favorite to any one platform.  Instead, the Admins hope this becomes the goto place for all things Home Automation.
    Accordingly let's keep the platform favorites out of the equation and work towards sharing information and help to benefit all.
    There have been many super helpful members contributing along the way and I hope this trend continues and the forum grows to be bigger and better for all.
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    joelh reacted to thejq in Cheap ST motion sensor at Fry's with caveat   
    If you have Fry's close by, they have the SwannOne motion sensor for $8.99 (30% off) It's quite small and well designed.
    It uses Zwave, but ST doesn't have a native DTH for it. So you need to go into your ST account and manually change the DTH to either zwave motion sensor or smartsense motion sensor. Also although the sensor has temp sensor, it's not reported by the DTH, but motion sensing works. Other people have also reported disconnection after a while with the older hub/firmware. I have the V3 hub and have not experienced disconnection (fingers crossed) after a 1.5 days. I won't use it for security etc., but for none-critical automation (lighting etc.), it should be fine. 
    FYI, Fry's also has the smart plug for $14.99, but you don't get wattage monitoring in ST.
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    joelh reacted to Smitho in SmartThings experience so far   
    This weekend I completed my migration to smartthings and so far I can say I am very pleased.
    In one weekend I've already been able to do MUCH more on smartthings than I ever could on iris...
    Observations so far:

    (1) Pairing devices was pretty much seamless. At the recommendation of others, I set up the v3 hub with the new app, then switched to the classic app for the remainder of my setup.
    I had an issue with a few z-wave devices that would not pair at first. I tried excluding them via the iris app, but the only way I could get them to pair was use the exclude function within the smartthings app.

    (2) The smart-things brand devices: motion sensors are much more sensitive than the old v1 iris ones I was using. I had to position them differently, but I made them work. The magnetic attachment is pretty slick though... It makes it easy to take them down or adjust the angle.
    For the buttons, I like that you can assign different functions to tap, double tap, and hold. I think this might have been possible with the iris v2 buttons, but not with the v1 buttons I was replacing. The contact sensors are also nice because they are "multi-function". They can act as a contact sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, acceleration sensor, or tilt sensor. 

    (3) SmartThings devices can trigger routines in alexa. This might get annoying eventually, but I created routines for alexa to speak when doors are open. This could open a lot of other possibilities as well.

    (4) Everything seems really stable... I never really had any stability issues with iris though. I moved my hub to a new location after setting up everything and I was afraid all the devices might not come back up, but everything came back pretty quickly.

    (5) The first party "smart lighting app" is really flexible and it RUNS LOCALLY. You can do a lot of your automation in this, and I would suggest you do anything you can within this app because it all runs locally. Seems to me that all my lighting rules run instantly... probably because they are not being processed in the cloud. Also, it allows you to create some additional criteria like "only if switch is off" (see next point)

    (6) The IDE allows digging into the system at a level not possible with iris... I was afraid it would take some time and there would be a steep learning cure to it, but fortunately what I've done so far was pretty straight forward. One of the cool tricks I came up with is to use a "simulated switch" created in the IDE in order to bypass a rule. For instance, I created a switch called "nap time". All of our bedroom lighting works on motion during normal "awake hours", but depends on this switch being off. If the "nap time switch" is turned on then none of the bedroom motion sensors will trigger lighting. To take this a step further, I enabled a power allowance rule that turns off the nap time switch if it has been on longer than 3 hours. This simulated switch can be turned on via alexa by saying "turn on nap time". It can also be triggered from an alexa routine called "it's nap time" which also has alexa verbally explain that nap time will be enable for 3 hours. I also created a similar setup for bathroom lighting, called "shower time" which gives you longer to take a shower before the lights turn off due to lack of motion.

    (7) Actiontiles: I've only started playing with this, but its really cool that I can have a tablet act as a touch screen controller for the entire house... Its a pretty slick setup.

    (8) Harmony hub integration: I can now control any of my lighting from my harmony remote and also assign lighting scenes as part of a logitech activity. I can also have my living room tv turn on as party of my "I'm back" routine in smartthings that happens automatically when the first family member arrives home, or it can turn off when the last person leaves if someone has forgot to turn it off (great for the bedroom TV). Speaking of location services...

    (9) Life 360 integration: I'm not using presence sensors to trigger home and away modes... my wife and I both use iPhones and I'm finding that the geofencing through life360 works really well. I like how quickly it detects we have left or arrived.

    (10) Integration with unsupported devices: Again, this goes back to the IDE, but I've found github projects to integrate with my ring alarm system and nest thermostat which are not natively supported. I've only recently setup the ring alarm integration, so the verdict is still out but it seems to work without any issue. I'm not a big fan of the nst manager smartapp, but at least it gets me some basic integration (thinking about switching to ecobee) It seems that "where there's a will, there's a way" in smartthings. If someone else hasn't figured out how to do it, it's probably because no one has bothered to try.

    (11) IFTTT: When all else fails, you can automate things via IFTTT. This opens up a whole slew of possibilities, however I've found very little I couldn't do outside of the built in integrations and/or custom device handlers through the IDE.

    (12) Device mirroring: This is something I always wished was available in iris. I have a light switch for outdoor lights that is difficult to get to and I wanted it to turn on and off along with my front porch lights. This was easy to setup in smartthings.

    I've only been running smartthings for a few days, but so far I would say I am really happy with the possibilities... and I haven't even gotten into webcore yet. I haven't needed to, but I'm sure that is something I will naturally want to explore in the future.
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    joelh reacted to Terk in ST and Event History   
    Most users that I've talked to are on the classic app since the new app isn't compatible with many of the community created DTH and Smart Apps.  In the classic App there is a Notifications section under More that will also tell you when the mode changes.
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    joelh reacted to dusterp in ST and Event History   

    Iris Who?

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    joelh got a reaction from ryat2016 in Vera Thread - Pro\Con   
    These are V1 contact sensors:

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    joelh got a reaction from PeteSal in Door Chimes   
    So it may seem minor, but one of the things that is important to us is being able to hear a chime when certain doors are opened.  
    One thing good about Wink is that they have a chime that has like 8 different sounds.  That would be a neat upgrade over iris.  But I'm concerned about Wink's expand-ability.  And apparently Wink's security chops are weak.
    Dome and Aeon Labs both have a device that is a combination multi-chime/siren that apparently will fit the bill, but requires a device handler on ST and on Vera only has one chime sound available.
    Anyone have experience with the various platforms under discussion and how they do in this somewhat minor, but important to me, area?
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    joelh reacted to rdisom in Wink   
    I've been slowly switching devices over to Wink.  Moved Hue bridge and several smart plugs as well as a couple of V2 contact sensors, one of my garage door controllers and my Honeywell wifi thermostat.  So far, so good.  I am liking the app a little better as I add more stuff.  When you add a type of device you don't already have, it adds the appropriate category to the home screen, ie: thermostat, garage door controller, lights, sensors, etc.  It makes it easier to find devices, except lights.  The app groups bulbs, smart plugs and light switches in one category.  I wish there was a way to separate this out.  There is a "groups" sub category in the lights main section.  I could probably sort here and it would just add one extra screen touch to get to the appropriate device type. 
    I am down to about 100 devices left on Iris, including cameras and all security items.  Still researching security systems, but leaning towards Ring since it has most everything I need.
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    joelh reacted to Weather42 in I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings   
    So I have made my transition (mostly)...a few stories/observations.
    1) I bought a V3 hub. I couldn't get the new app (there are two, Legacy or Classic and new, with the new supposed to be the app to integrate all things Samsung) to even get to the point of scanning the hub QR code or providing the WiFi network info for the hub. The app (iOS) kept erroring on a message about no network access or couldn't access server. Tried my phone on WiFi and cellular. After playing for a while, I tried making a new location and that worked right away. It never asked me about address or proximity circle for the default home location, but it did for the one I created. I don't know if this was just a fluke for me or a bigger bug.
    2) I started using the new Smartthings app until I got to the OSRAM light bulb I have out front. It would pair, but it didn't show as a device I could do anything with in the new app. I downloaded and tried the Legacy app and it was there. I was able to create a sunrise/sunset rule with the old app. So it seems that there are some devices that are visible to both apps, but can only be operated on in the old. Weird.
    3) As a result, I've been doing all my stuff in the Legacy app, and it seems to work fairly well. The Smart Home Monitor in-app app is a little annoying....I keep going to where I think is the place to setup a rule, but it's the basic config. I have to go over to the dashboard icon for subapp to setup rules. And the subapp for the button controller requires multiple instances if you have multiple button controllers. Unless you have a Smartthings button, in which can you can make automation rules out of it. It all works, but it's a little confusing to me as it's not consistent.
    4) I am very appreciative of the thread on this forum about removing devices from Iris before moving to another system. I'm so happy I saw that! I think I wouldn't have realized you could do that and skip the whole device reset. Most of my devices (except of course V1 Iris) unpaired from Iris and re-paired in ST fairly easily. I actually like the ST classic app's way of adding devices...
    5) I had a single Iris V2 smart plug and a V2 button fob. I had to get custom code from Github for both and use the ST website and load it in as custom device handlers (or so the ST forum told me). It took a bit of Google-ing to figure that all out, but after the first one, it was easy to do the 2nd.
    6) There is an extensive ST Community Forum with lots of good discussions and help, and it seems to be well indexed by Google.
    I have a few more devices on the way from Amazon to replace Iris V1 stuff.
    As soon it gets warmer outside, I plan to replace my faulty motion sensing security floodlamp with a ST compatible motion sensor I saw on Amazon. 
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    joelh reacted to joshfromvera in Hubitat or Vera - I want a sales pitch from both vendors   
    Joel, we do have filtering of events. In the second screen (attached), you can see that you can choose which types of notifications you want to receive. The first screen shows how you can view alerts by device type. You cannot make exclusions at this point in time.
    Our scene creation tools are very flexible. You can see some how-to videos, with screencasts, here: 
    We do not have temperature or power usage graphics at this time, but its an increasingly often requested feature and is something we're looking at for future development.
    Those chimes you mention are compatible, but I do not believe there's an ability to create distinct chimes for different doors. 
    Hope this is helpful. 

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    joelh reacted to Smittysmit in Hubitat or Vera - I want a sales pitch from both vendors   
    Many of us have been inquiring about Hubitat and Vera.  They both are trying to attract us Iris users.  I am a bit tossed between each.  Vera has low ratings on the Android app (so did Iris) while Hubitat doesn't have an app...yet.  We understand that there is no cookie cutter with our devices and many of us have a full variety of v1 & v2 and other devices (locks, smoke detectors, water sensors...).  I need 2 systems and "might" get both to test from my rebate.  I know that both vendors are active on this forum and want a DETAILED response as to why "we" should go with your service.   Don't "over promise" and "under deliver" but just honest info.  Feel free to provide an honest timetable of any future features.
    Let the games begin...
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    joelh reacted to IrisUsers in Iris is Officially Done   
    The SmartThings/ADT hub has three significant limitations.  First, for the ADT monitoring you MUST use ADT sensors.  ADT will not allow you to use non-ADT sensors for the security portion.  Second, it is not a full SmartThings hub.  The ADT/SmartThings hub also does not support local execution of device or rules either.  And lastly, you cannot arm/disarm the ADT portion outside of the app or the keyboard on the hub.  You cannot use presence for arming or disarming the system.
    I’m with scunny, I’d pass.
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    joelh reacted to IrisUsers in V1 Contact Sensor Replacement   
    The SmartThings v4 multipurpose sensors are pretty top notch.  They report temperature and also have accelerometers so they can also report position as well as impacts.  They're also only $20 at best buy.
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    joelh reacted to virtu789 in Emotional farewell to what we've lost   
    As I am looking at the replacement alternatives, I'm confirming what I have already known for awhile. Despite some deficiencies and annoyances, we had it really good with IRIS, and we are unlikely to find anything that can replace it. What it offered on the combination of features, I doubt any other system can match:

    - Solid set of security features that made it reliable and usable
    - Not the best, but very decent home automation capabilities
    - Support for numerous third-party devices and expandability with Z-wave/Zigbee standards
    - Most affordable. Free self monitoring and automation plan, and cheapest professional monitoring plan on the market (with cellular included!)
    - Low priced sensors, and even better on Lowes clearance
    - Aesthetics, or the cuteness factor. The core devices (keypad, contact, motions sensors) are small, compact, and cute looking. The motion sensors are especially nice - I hardly noticed those little buttons on my walls.
    - Hub has low power consumption (may seem like an irrelevant technicality, but super important for adequate battery backup)
    - Backed up by the big reliable Lowes and an extra bonus of being able to walk into any Lowe’s store to touch, buy, and return stuff without the hassles and waits of shipping (strike out reliable as of Jan 30)

    I haven't finished looking around, but I'm getting a sense other DIY offerings just don't measure up on the overall combination of features. SmartThings excels on automation, but has half-baked unreliable security.  Abode is solid on security and free self-monitoring, but you better stick with its proprietary sensors, which are expensive and bulky in size (the motion sensor is especially ugly compared to IRIS'), and automation is still inadequate. SimpliSafe is good on security, but it's a closed system with no Z-wave support, and you can't get self-monitoring unless you pay police monitoring first, and then add self-monitoring on top of that, and pay a lot each month for the whole package, while many of us don't need pro monitoring all the time. Ring is promising, affordable, and cute, but seems like No Zwave expandability (I take that back, it's a Zwave system, albeit with constraints), but no automation at all, bulky sensors, and still long way from being a proven solution. Haven't looked at Vera and Wink, but having low expectations at this point.

    I doubt you will find another winner combination that IRIS had. Which brings me to the emotional point:
    SHAME on you Lowes, for botching this excellent product. It’s must be either indifference or marketing incompetence on the part of the executives, because IRIS had everything it needed to take off big. Just look at the SimpliSafe aggressive marketing campaign - being inferior to IRIS, it already achieved a large market presence. I see SimpliSafe TV commercials all the time - when was the last time you saw an IRIS ad? SHAME on you Lowes, you let down your customers who recognized the strength of the platform and invested in it in hopes of using this system for a long time. SHAME on you Lowes, this outcome is a disrespect and disservice to your own IRIS engineering team that developed a technically solid product, which you failed to advance.

    Peace out. I'm off to bed to dream that a pack of renegade former IRIS engineers dressed in hero consumes would pick up the source code and restart the whole cloud platform under a different name (ah, sweet dreams)
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    joelh reacted to mojo2600 in Manual Redemption for added devices post redemption   
    As I said yesterday, I looked at the redemption offer & backed out of it yesterday as I still had a couple of Halo Plus and a few more smart switches & key pads to add on.
    I added them last night. Called tech support this morning, 02-02-19, was on hold approximately 18 minutes....lady said she would have to do a "ticket" & they would do a manual redemption for newly added devices. I never got a ticket number...supervisor told her they would do it now....took almost 40 minutes to do it...she comes back and says that supervisor said since the added devices totaled more than $300.00 that was the max they could do on a manual redemption. She asked was I satisfied with that as it was guaranteed now that  I would get $300 manual & $430.00 for the ones that were already showing on online redemption. I gathered that "redeemable devices" is subject to change as per iris online redemption offer....I was still losing about $150 dollars since they weren't "manually" giving me full credit for everything I added last night.
    I guess I could have contested it, but I agreed to $430.00 + $300.00 and will now get two separate Visa gift I get $170.00 for another few devices I have under a separate account which I had redeemed yesterday.
    I'm happy with 900.00 total as most of this stuff will work under Wink & ST--both of which I have...the Iris stuff was really not being used by me anymore & at one time I started to junk it all...glad I waited.
    The tech lady never put me on hold the whole 40+ minutes...I heard all her coughing, throat clearing, office talk about other employees & their happenings while she was waiting on supervisor "to look at my account & manually redeem" added devices...I did have to first to the online redemption & THEN supervisor approves manual redeem.
    Good luck to you guyz....
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    joelh reacted to kayak in Iris is Officially Done   
    I'm pretty worried about this too. Switched to ST from Iris a few years ago. Love the programmability, but got so fed up with the constant false alarms and complete non-delivery of features that I actually came back here today to see how Iris was faring... wonderful timing. Samsung does not appear to take ST seriously, or simply has no idea where to go with it. 
    But I haven't found a system that really works well. ST could be so close if they'd just fix years old bugs (like presence malfunctions, which has gotten much worse) and add entry delay with a keypad, it'd be far more useful. 
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    joelh reacted to joshfromvera in Iris is Officially Done   
    Hi All, Vera here with an update. Starting next week we're going to be offering 30% off any controller, as well as six different device bundles starting at $99. For Iris users only. More to come...
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    joelh reacted to sparc in Favorite non-Iris Contact and Motion sensors?   
    Aeon Labs Multi-sensor 6 is a nice one. Works with ST but not Iris which of course doesn't matter anymore.
    Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, Light level (LUX), Motion, and the 6th sense I don't remember.

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    joelh reacted to IrisUsers in Iris is Officially Done   
    I would say that, but they're in a major pivot right now.  They have been slowly releasing a completely new API, piece by piece.  They're getting away from the legacy DIY grove platform where users are given a code editor in which they could write device drivers and apps.  That's clearly being geared now towards professional developers.
    Then there's the new app.  The new app has some features that the old "classic" app lacks, but the classic apps supports a great deal more features and automations than the new app.  That's created a huge mess for support to deal with.
    I do think that Samsung is just not willing to expend the added resources on support right now.  
    Edit: For those wondering the future of SmartThings, Samsung claimed a year ago that it has a presence in 1 million homes.  That's a dubious claim to say the least, but the new app can be used in a "hub less" environment much like the Iris app can, so there is also merit to that claim.
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    joelh reacted to IrisUsers in Iris is Officially Done   
    For those who may remember the history, I dumped Iris about 3 years ago due to extreme platform stability.  (i.e. alarm going off at 3am daily)
    SmartThings has been pretty good for me over the years.  I was working with their developers last January testing out the new Z-Wave firmware even before it hit their public beta program.
    Lately, support has become very slow to respond, and as my system has grown I feel that I've outgrown the platform.   Like Iris, they've had their cloud issues over the years, but as my system has scaled upward, even the smallest outages have pretty far reaching impacts.
    That said, I've recently moved to Hubitat, with only a few things left in SmartThings for now.   I recommend both, but Hubitat does have a few advantages that make it a good choice for me.  Here's a quick breakdown...
    Pro: Has a mobile app.  Two of them.  Classic offers better performance and 3rd party app support.  The new app does not, but it's got a modern UI. Pro: Many natively supported devices run locally. Pro: SmartLighting, the app for controlling lights and switches runs completely local, assuming the driver selected is local. Pro: Widest device support in the industry right now.  This includes official integrations for Arlo and Ring for example.  There's 3rd party support for Nest as well as others. Pro: Great rules engine in WebCore.  Only drawback is WC is cloud-based. Pro: Can get Scout monitoring. Neutral: SmartHomeMonitor runs locally, if ALL devices being monitored AND all devices being controlled are local.  (hint: most of the time it's cloud dependent) Neutral: No cellular backup. Con: Support has become slow and unresponsive. Con: No native Alexa or Google Home support. Con: No support for Zigbee group messages (multicast)  
    Con: No mobile app.  Web UI for device control runs only on local LAN.  A "tiles" UI exists and can be accessed through the Hubitat cloud. Pro: All natively supported devices run locally. Pro: All apps run locally. Neutral: Support for most Z-Wave and Zigbee devices that follow common standards..  No includes official integrations for Arlo and Ring.  There is 3rd party support for Nest as well as others. Neutral: Several decent rules engines, including Rule Machine.  All rules run locally. Con: No option for professional monitoring. Pro: Hubitat Safety Monitor runs completely local. Neutral: No cellular backup. Pro: Support is very engaged and responsive to user needs. Pro: Native Alexa & Google Home support (including Chromecast). Pro: Support for Zigbee multicast allows for dozens of devices to be controlled simultaneously without any lag or "popcorn" effect.  
    There is one very unique feature of Hubitat, you can actually run multiple hubs and link them together in a parent-child relationship, where child devices and events are mirrored to the parent hub.  This makes it nice for larger systems in that you can distribute devices and automations across two hubs.  In fact you can even link a SmartThings Hub to Hubitat too, which is what I've built.

    I have a basement hub (child) and a parent hub (2nd floor).  For example, presence is done on the basement hub which triggers mode changes on both hubs and sets the alarm system states accordingly.  By using this approach, I can have automation running in parallel for near instantaneous response times.
    Hubitat isn't perfect.  There are some significant issues with meshes running a large number of routing devices (aka SmartPlugs).  That's something I'm working with their developers on through testing pre-release hub code.  
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    joelh got a reaction from rdisom in Contact Sensor For Garage Door   
    I had the same issue.  I came up with this using a small door hinge:

    Works great.
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    joelh got a reaction from oldfredbear in Generic Z-Wave Driver   
    See this thread:  
    I tried this before the update and it didn't work, then tried it after and it DID work. 
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    joelh got a reaction from oldfredbear in Generic Z-Wave Driver   
    See this thread:  
    I tried this before the update and it didn't work, then tried it after and it DID work. 
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    joelh got a reaction from c379776 in Vision In Wall Z-wave Micro Switch   
    I did a search here and found nothing on this.  Has anyone tried this thing?  Looks interesting...
    I can't find any definitive answer if it will pair with Iris.  If no one has any insight, I'll buy one and let yinz all know.