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  1. Thevolget

    Chime delay

    The delay in my system varies. I have the hub in one room over from the keypad, and when the door is opened, the delay from the hub to keypad can be between, 5 to 15 seconds.
  2. They had a couple whole home solutions that worked. One of which I have and still have hooked up and am using, just not with Iris. My power bill is almost on par with the reader (+/- 5KWH variance). I've had it installed at my current address for 3 years now, no issues besides having the batteries in the sensor for the meter dying out every few months (which was from using cheap batteries, switched over to Lithium batteries and haven't changed in over a year). I am able to get the temperature outside (measured at the power meter), a real-time usage, and a usage per hour. I'm able to look at the graph and note when certain appliances are turned on. I can tell that my water heater turns on every 30 minutes for about 5 minutes in total to bring the temperature back up to 120F, I can tell when the dryer element is cycling on and off, I can tell when the compressor in the heat pump has kicked in, all by the amount of energy used. But Lowe's decided to drop support for it. Same thing with the other unit that was supported via V1, which was even more accurate. The short time span is also a lie. It's been almost a year now since V1 was shut down. Sure some of V2 has gotten better, but there's still more issues and missing features that should have been implemented from the start. From my perspective, a "short" time span is about a month or two tops. It took me less than a month to write and develop code and circuitry for a project (unrelated to Iris, but required similar abilities). That was not knowing a thing about C++, and not having designed circuitry or done any engineering work before. All while only working on the project in my spare time after working a 10 hour day. Including debugging and testing the code on the actual device. It's taken the Iris team almost a year to give us a half functional Web UI (which another user has developed a working one before), and half functional features. And as far as the Q&A, that answer of working on a whole-home solution doesn't match up with what was stated on the official Iris community forums about "not being enough demand and users on V1 to justify the feature on V2". Iris limited the number of users by not supporting one of the solutions that worked with V1 officially until 2015, and by not carrying the other working solution but in very limited stores. They self-restricted the demand, then blamed us for the lack of users.
  3. No but we were promised parity. And still what I'm seeing isn't parity in the least bit IMO.
  4. Thevolget

    temperature graph with V2 hub?

    No notification. I deleted the rule and recreated it using another sensor. It worked OK. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  5. Thevolget

    temperature graph with V2 hub?

    Same thing here. I had a contact sensor in my fridge to monitor the temperature. Well fridge died over night and wasn't aware of it. Just found out when went in the fridge and everything was hot Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  6. Their response is that there wasn't enough users of it. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  7. Thevolget

    Iris now works with google home?

    Because all they did was take the Alexa skills and migrate them to the Google home API Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  8. Thevolget

    Thought this might be interesting

    Maybe, but it kinda seems a tad off to me Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  9. Thevolget

    Thought this might be interesting There you go. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  10. Thevolget

    Thought this might be interesting

    Ok Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  11. Thevolget

    Thought this might be interesting

    I came across a document (public records) which actually makes me feel that the V2 was all about a quick money grab (such as Lowe's writing off $8 million in inventory for Iris, then instantly investing $50 million). Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  12. Thevolget

    IDE for device handlers

    It would be nice if the Iris team would release an IDE that allowed the ability to edit the device handlers. It would make it so that we could help them with the development of features. If a device pairs as an unknown device, we could look up the Zigbee/Zwave/Wifi commands that it supports and write a handler for the device. Would allow for a lot of possibility, mainly for those power users, who have devices that are Zigbee/Zwave, compliant but Iris doesn't want to add them in.
  13. Thevolget

    Another Push for Editable Lists

  14. Thevolget

    Community forums are a joke

    It seems that once again the Iris team is trying to ditch anything negitive in regards to the device. I made a simple post in reply to parity being promised and still not delivered on a feature. Called the system "crap", unable to post. Ok, changed it to "junk", unable to post. Only when I masked out the word crap/junk was it allowing the post. Since when did crap and junk, both of which describe the system and dev team, become too much? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  15. Thevolget

    Iris V2 Energy Monitoring?

    I do kinda direct them to your portal, mostly for the existing customers who I get with iris. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk