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  1. Parity list with v1

    Saw it. Kudoed. I asked about offline processing a week answer. Silence is deafening.
  2. Iris version 1.16 for Android is in the Play Store

    Have this problem too. Geez. How long until.its fixed I wonder.
  3. I think I've seen where a few of the regular forum members have placed some sensors in their attic. What have you noticed in terms of temperature readings (outside vs inside temp). I'm trying to determine if my attic is ventilated enough. Currently I'm reading 25F when OSA temp is 10F. (I have some trouble with the snow/ic on south side roof melting and then draining onto the north side sunroom roof and causing some ice formation). Kevin
  4. History

    New update. History. Time is half blank. Upper part of characters there...lower half not. Impossible to read. Anyone else?
  5. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Ok. Now its working but I have 2 side gate sensors showing (1 saying disconnected, the other working). Also said last opened in August. I replaced the side gate sensor in August. Really kind of ridiculous this stuff goes on. I went ahead and forced removed the old one.
  6. Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    I seem to have all my devices. However, my door/lock card is not working. App was showing my side gate as not connected until I went an opened and closed it and now the device is connected. On the card, though...there is still a red dot and when I try to open the card, NO devices show up.
  7. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I am not happy about it. Time will tell Time is running out. Major Major flw and oversight. I mean so much of one (oversight) and now so long of a delay....heads should roll.
  8. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I was trying to be patient.
  9. V1 indoor camera lag time question

    Thanks. I've used I-Spy before...what are you (or anyone else) using?
  10. I have a few foscams but decided to get a iris camera off eBay. Is it supposed to have such a lag when streaming? It appears to lag by about 60 seconds or so when viewing.
  11. Warning sound before alarm is trigger?

    I too wish this was back for the very same reasons. deterrent, reminder.
  12. push notifications - alexa - coming soon?

    If you have a cell phone...all your precautions are moot.
  13. As it stands right now, Amazon Echo is the well-behaved child your grandparents might have approved of: it doesn’t speak until spoken to. But soon Alexa could be piping up to offer information without being prompted first. According to a report from The Information, Amazon is considering enable push notifications for Alexa that would let the virtual assistant speak up with alerts from any Echo-connected apps and gadgets.
  14. It is unacceptable that when devices go offline that we aren't notified until 24 hours later....if THAT even happens.IF the developers for Iris can not fix this quickly then this indicates to me there is no hope.
  15. Problems after update today

    I can't get my V1 keypads to STOP beeping when turning on or off alarm. Yes I tried using the setting available in the ALARM card....