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  1. I've put up with the amateur hour for way too long. What are my options, I have 60 sensors throughout my house, alarm, water shutoff valve.... mix of V1 and V2 devices. Where can I go (switch to) with minimum pain? Thanks,
  2. IrisWhat?

    Water Sensor - Turn off smart plug? Rule how to?

    Nevermind. I see it. I missed it because it's labeled initially as ...when smoke detected....
  3. Anyone see how I can turn off a smartplug if my water sensor senses water. Why? It turns out the when my washer drains, the floor drain sometimes bubbles up (I have a plumber coming to inspect sewer drain). But I'd like to turn off the washer (to stop the drain cycle) if water starts bubbling up the drain in the future.
  4. IrisWhat?

    Local Processing Is Here

  5. IrisWhat?

    Local Processing Is Here

    Finally! And yes, the water shut off valve is not local, but water sensors are. So...I guess at least if I am home, I will know there is a leak and I can shut off valve...but yeah..need valve on local too.
  6. While mine no longer beeps continuously while waiting for the delay to expire when arming.... when that delay is over, my keypads still beep briefly. I have not found a way to disable this part of the alarm arming.
  7. IrisWhat?

    Alarm arming Sound

    Yep, I actually had to go in and remove my keypads and readd them. Then I had to each time, toggle the beep while arming feature each time I added a keypad, otherwise when I added a new one, they all started beeping again. I too would like to have a beep when alarm is triggered before it goes full on WAKE UP THE WHOLE HOUSE! This could also be selectable.
  8. IrisWhat?

    Alarm arming Sound

    Why now all of the sudden is my alarm beeping the entire time it is arming. I have this turned off. I turned it on then back off just to make sure...and yet it still does it. DID THEY break something again or am I just special? (BTW, still waiting on local processing). Update, while toggling the no sound while arming option didn't work before I removed the keypads and re-added did in fact work after I removed and re-added them. So fixed! But why did this occur? Forever to remain a mystery. Not cool though when leaving in the AM when the family still asleep.
  9. IrisWhat?

    Parity list with v1

    Saw it. Kudoed. I asked about offline processing a week answer. Silence is deafening.
  10. IrisWhat?

    Iris version 1.16 for Android is in the Play Store

    Have this problem too. Geez. How long until.its fixed I wonder.
  11. I think I've seen where a few of the regular forum members have placed some sensors in their attic. What have you noticed in terms of temperature readings (outside vs inside temp). I'm trying to determine if my attic is ventilated enough. Currently I'm reading 25F when OSA temp is 10F. (I have some trouble with the snow/ic on south side roof melting and then draining onto the north side sunroom roof and causing some ice formation). Kevin
  12. IrisWhat?


    New update. History. Time is half blank. Upper part of characters there...lower half not. Impossible to read. Anyone else?
  13. IrisWhat?

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Ok. Now its working but I have 2 side gate sensors showing (1 saying disconnected, the other working). Also said last opened in August. I replaced the side gate sensor in August. Really kind of ridiculous this stuff goes on. I went ahead and forced removed the old one.
  14. IrisWhat?

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    I seem to have all my devices. However, my door/lock card is not working. App was showing my side gate as not connected until I went an opened and closed it and now the device is connected. On the card, though...there is still a red dot and when I try to open the card, NO devices show up.
  15. IrisWhat?

    No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I am not happy about it. Time will tell Time is running out. Major Major flw and oversight. I mean so much of one (oversight) and now so long of a delay....heads should roll.