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  1. monkey88

    Philips Hue hub unavailable

    They came back briefly but now showing no connection again. I'll monitor them for a day or two. Thanks for the help!
  2. monkey88

    Philips Hue hub unavailable

    Same result. I rebooted everything including the router and modem and removed and repaired the Hue Bridge.
  3. monkey88

    Philips Hue hub unavailable

    Same result. It comes back for 5 minutes or so then goes away.
  4. monkey88

    Philips Hue hub unavailable

    I just paired a new Hue hub with Iris successfully. However it shows as unavailable in the iris app. Rebooting the Hue hub brings it back for about 5 minutes then shows unavailable again. I can connect to the Hue hub using the Hue app no problem. But no luck with Iris. Any ideas on what is going on? Everything is up to date.
  5. monkey88

    Keypad V1

    I had to return 3 V1 keypads recently because they would not disarm the alarm. No matter what the delay was set to, the system would not respond to the pin
  6. monkey88

    Lightify and Iris V2 hardware

    I have a mix of Iris V1 and V2 hardware and I just dropped the premium subscription for Iris. I just wasn't using enough premium features to justify it. So I went looking for a low cost lighting automation solution without a monthly fee and picked up the Lightify Hub and dimmable light starter kit from Lowe's on sale for $26.99. I successfully paired an Iris V2 motion sensor and smart plug to the lightify hub with full functionality for both. Paired right away with no issues. Now I have schedules, scenes, and rules with no monthly fee. Plus, it works with Echo. Obviously this is limited to lighting and anything you want to plug in to a smart plug. But it's perfect for my needs. I am very happy with it.
  7. New observation. The V1 keypads armed partial and gave the confirmation beep yesterday, and then started beeping like there was a delay. I could not get the system to arm successfully in partial.
  8. I have no arming delay for partial. Looking at the V1 keypad when this happens, the ON light illuminates instead of partial while the beeping occurs which indicates an incorrect message is being sent to/from the keypad and hub or the keypad is processes the message incorrectly from the hub. Turning off the keypad sound is not a solution for those that do want the audible notification during other situations.
  9. I have this problem when arming partial, the V1 keypads won't stop beeping. I have no delay for partial. It doesn't happen every time with every V1 keypad (I have 3) but when it does it usually takes a few arm/disarm cycles to get them to arm and stop beeping. Using the app does not help. I have not seen an issue arming full.
  10. I'm confused how a contact gets access to the app. I have added a family member to my account but they did not receive email notification and when they download the app they appear to be signing up with a new account/hub... Am I missing something or do contacts not have the ability to use the app??
  11. monkey88

    Key fobs stopped beeping....

    I have one key fob and it has never beeped.
  12. monkey88

    Multiple "primary" contacts

    I called Iris support on this very subject. My secondary contact was receiving alerts about 7-10 minutes after the alarm occurred. They had me delete the contact and add them back. This actually fixed the issue and they are now receiving alerts 90 seconds after the alert (email and text).
  13. It does not address someone disconnecting the hub and I was not trying to address that, I was just offering an alternative to the USB modem that was brought up in this thread. Its not a perfect alternative but for as little as my power/internet go down, it should work fine, even on 3g with the minimal amount of cameras I have.
  14. My router wasn't cheap (although I got a great deal on it) and the primary reason I got it was to eliminate wifi dead spots in my house, which it did. It is an Asus RT-AC87U although I believe there are cheaper Asus routers that also have the backup USB modem feature and probably use less power too. The RT-AC87U is a high powered beast.
  15. To avoid increasing my Iris bill by another $5 a month for cellular backup, I just ordered a USB modem from Freedompop for $1 that comes with free 500mb 3g data every month. I have a router that can switch to a backup USB modem in case the primary internet connection goes down. Hopefully it works, at least for alerts, it may not work well for the cameras though. If it does work you can't beat $1! I have both the router and hub on a UPS as well.