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  1. Local Processing Is Here

    @TreeFiddyTech on your hub Firmware is that or If then go here. and click "Set Hub To Local" and go back to home page to see if you have local processing. If you need to call support so you can get an FW update.
  2. Local Processing Is Here

    @TreeFiddyTech Is that tilt sensor part of your on and partial devices list?
  3. Iris web portal V1.2.9

    Update 1.2.9 Added icon to the home page to see if your hub is on local or cloud processing. Updated All Devices page to show if a device is running on local or cloud.
  4. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester I would start removing cloud-based devices on and partial devices list. I had to remove a GE hinge pin door sensor to get mine to work.
  5. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester Look here You should see a new button hope it works.
  6. Local Processing Is Here

    The local icon shows next to my alarm. This is because local processing is turned on for me. So I can disconnect my hub from all internet sources and it will still sound the alarm. I am looking to find the command to set local processing to true.
  7. Local Processing Is Here

    YAY!!! and sorry but your system is set to cloud processing. Let me look for a command to fix that
  8. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester ctrl+F5 here You should see a new icon next to your alarm bell icon.
  9. Local Processing Is Here

    I think I found it. It's in the alarm subsystems. There are 2 values for this PLATFORM and HUB I have added the same icons to the home screen. Do a ctrl+F5 to see it
  10. Local Processing Is Here

    Okay then back to searching.
  11. Local Processing Is Here

    Is that on your back door?
  12. Local Processing Is Here

    There is on way to check. Get the info on any device and look for "devadv:hubLocal":
  13. Local Processing Is Here

    Try doing a ctrl+F5 refresh
  14. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW
  15. Local Processing Is Here

    @Vettester @Smitho and @Terk You may need to click "Check for updates on portal" or ctrl+F5 but you should now see what devices are local and what are cloud-based.