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  1. Yeah, I think the GitHub will work for now but when there is a real setup path and a real need for the wiki I can set it up.
  2. Will his work email work or do I need to get something else?
  4. Okay, sorry guys I have been away for a bit dealing with other projects and work. Now I have the domain I am thinking maybe making a media wiki page. @MikeS I emailed Will and got nothing about the website. I still want it to be for arcus but if he doesn't want it I would be happy to do something with it.
  5. Looks like something else is going down.
  6. This plug has a software watchdog in it and will reboot every few hours now that the iris server are down. There is nothing that can be done to turn off the watchdog just remove this plug.
  7. no I didnt even know they had an app. I am talking about ST
  8. Is the Iris API documented anywhere or did you have to reverse engineer it?  I'm interested in seeing if two different hubs, like Iris and Smart Things can be made to talk to each other, maybe through IFTTT.

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    2. GraemeCracker


      I working in a Microsoft environment and discovered that the SignalR library we use is a Microsoft c# Web Socket library.  We use it for bidirectional communications on our in-house developed web apps.  So I do have a little experience with it after all.

    3. thegillion


      Nice what do you do if you don't mine me asking ?

    4. GraemeCracker


      I'm a hands on IT director at a mailing, printing and fulfillment company in Sacramento.