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  1. Motion Bypass

    go to alarms and then click Security in you'll be able to apply settings to each motion sensor contacts sensor.
  2. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Update 1.2.7 Added where you can double click the device name in the All Devices page to get device info. @Otto Mation Removed Halo devices from 90 check.
  3. Iris Web Portal Update

  4. Fan circuitry/fan switch weirdness

    Try removing one light bulb at a time or are you running LEDs? If you are running a lot of lights then the load on the switch is too much.
  5. Tapatalk

    Isn't working here too.
  6. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Coming soon.
  7. Web Portal list of all devices?

    Yeah I am still working on dimmers as that is a lot more data that is being passed. Hope this update helps.
  8. Web Portal list of all devices?

    @RonLh Make sure you see 1.2.6 for the portal and by auto-refresh it will update the control and the icon when a switch has been turned on or off from the app, device or Iris Web UI.
  9. Web Portal list of all devices?

    @RonLh Update 1.2.6 does auto-refresh of the switch and fan controls
  10. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    Update 1.2.6 Fixed wording and added pairing icon to pairing page. Thanks @sparc Added patch for temperature graph Updated Supporters page Live updates for switches and fan controls. Beta release for Advanced Camera Settings.
  11. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    "base:caps":["base" "ruletmpl"] "ruletmpl:extra":null "base:id":"bd1116" "base:address":"SERV:ruletmpl:bd1116" "ruletmpl:premium":false "ruletmpl:template":"When ${button} is pressed then send ${person} a message via ${method}." "ruletmpl:keywords":["button"] "base:tags":["note" "but"] "base:type":"ruletmpl" "ruletmpl:lastModified":null "ruletmpl:satisfiable":true "ruletmpl:added":1438732800000 "ruletmpl:description":"Notify someone when a smart button has been pressed." "ruletmpl:categories":["Buttons & Fobs" "Notifications"] "ruletmpl:name":"Who Pressed a Smart Button?" Here is the total break down of that rule.
  12. Iris headed into fingerprint recognition?

    Let me see what I can find. Is that in 2.4 ?
  13. Iris web portal V1.2.6

    @scunny i dont see why not. I will need to look at device data