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  1. thegillion

    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    Okay this is new to me. If someone has a Mac it seems like thats what this code was for. Shows thats its for a mac and I ask a dev and yes it is for mac.
  2. thegillion

    Arcus (Iris) Smart Home code posted.

    Im working on it. Form what I have found out so far. OS: CentOS7 (Will not work on anything less) 2 vCPUs (More wont hurt) min of 4 GB of ram 8GB would be better 20GB of HDD or SSD (Best) Java 1.8.0 or greater ( ) Homebrew ( ) Docker ( ) boot2docker ( Working on this one) Gradle( ) Cassandra ( ) I am still getting build errors but closer then before.
  3. thegillion

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @oldfredbear Yes it wont hurt anything to do it again.
  4. thegillion

    Consolidated Camera Thread

    @jeff909 I will help you out here. Spectral (Free) How it works: It works by letting the camera do most of the work. EX: The camera waits for motion then start recording a video. Once the video is done it uploads it over FTP to the site. The video is then set to your account and you can view it. Problems: Hardware limits of the cameras V2 camera max out at 30 sec clips, V1 are 10sec clips and V3 are not supported. Cool down is locked in at 10 secs. Smart Thi´╗┐ngs (Needs smart thing hub) How it works: It added to smart things as a motion sensor and can fire other devices and you can view images. Problems: Its only stills for right now but in this setup the cameras can be used with other systems too. Does not work with V3 that I know of. Blue Iris($59.95) How it works: It just uses the cameras as a IP camera and all the work is done on the Blue Iris Server (Windows only) Problems: You need a "server" computer for Blue Iris to run on 24/7 and maybe a battery backup (I would) but with this system there is no cool downs and unlimited (hard drive size) recording times. You iSpy connect (Free for Local viewing only, $7.95 Monthly for remote viewing) How it works: Just like Blue Iris it uses your cameras as IP cameras and all work is done on the iSpy server (Windows only) Problems: You will need a server here too. You are not limited on cool downs or recordings. You are limited on the free one with local viewing. I hope this helps someone.
  5. thegillion

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    Whatever the Arcus team wants to do with it. If they want me to host I will be happy to if they want me to give them the domain for like a Wiki page I will do that too. I just have it locked down so someone that didn't want to see Arcus work or wanted to make a quick buck didn't get it.
  6. thegillion

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @JRocket02 The username and password should be passed to the camera over the URL I would try switching web browsers.
  7. thegillion

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @Twhalen24 If you can still login then you can just reclick on the links and it will update your camera settings.
  8. thegillion

    Desired outcome for Arcus.

    I have the domain that will be used for the open source project the other site was just that someone that had the same name. Iris will be closed and lowes is not allowing the name Iris to be open so thats why the name was changed.
  9. thegillion

    Phone call notification SOLVED!

    I use IFTTT but somtimes its late by like 5 mins.
  10. thegillion

    Halo+ Help

    @mojo2600Do a reset on it and repair it to Iris. This may update the firmware.
  11. thegillion

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    So I see some videos on my page. I can't play or see a preview. I can download them and they seem ok, except that my cameras are set to record for 2 minutes and each recording only plays for about 30 seconds.. I assume that is for space saving, which is perfectly reasonable. . Just wanted to verify. If they are v2 cameras the preview should work. With V1 the preview works in IE/Edge. The videos for V2 are maxed out at 30 seconds because of a hardware limit of the cameras the same goes for V1 but the limit for them is 10 seconds with no buffer. So with your system it only records on motion seen by the camera. So a video initiated by motion sensor would not be uploaded? Yes its done by the PIR sensor on the camera. I ask because there were videos from last night that show on the Official Iris web portal but are not on the Spectral page. I assume that is because these were started by a separate sensor. Yes this is not the same system. Iris can push a command to the camera to start streaming to there servers for recording.
  12. thegillion

    Spectral for the Iris Cameras.

    @oldfredbear I will check the log but videos don't get uploaded till the cameras see motion
  13. thegillion

    Multi-platform interference problem? coincidence?

    I'm not having any problems right now most of my devices are Z-Wave and they are still on the iris platform. I'm using hubitat for testing so only 3 devices are on it 2 zwave and 1 zigbee. I am starting to move everything else to ST for the wife. I am also using basic devices on Walmart smart plugs. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. thegillion

    Merkury Innovation

    I got a "smart" light and switch from Walmart for $10 each a few months ago before the shutdown. I am now switching (pun intended) all of my basic switches for them. Basic meaning just for voice and timer control like wax warmers. They are cloud-based but I don't care for my uses. If you are trying to save some money then go for it. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  15. thegillion


    I dont think it is looking good