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  1. Chon_Lee

    Sercomm Indoor Camera RD8221D

    No, I gave up on these with Iris.
  2. Chon_Lee

    March Shut-Down

    Because of my laziness I have quite a few devices that are still in the box not tied into my system, is it too late to add them and maybe get redemption on them too?
  3. My wife picked up a few indoor cameras for her parents house on eBay but we did not realize when she purchased them that they were the Sercomm RC8221D unit rather than the RC8221 units. These cameras have the Sercomm factory firmware with the web interface on them and I cannot get the Iris hub to detect them. I did the factory reset with the hub unplugged and I've even changed the admin username to alertme and set the password to nFQTEm*s67uxuF**a2vAth7RoJ but this did not seem to fix the detection on the hub either. Anybody have any experiences with these D units or have any suggestions I could try to get them adopted by the hub?
  4. Chon_Lee

    Iris web portal V1.3.1 SHUTDOWN

    mine doesn't seem to be loading my cameras at all... I have more than one.
  5. Chon_Lee

    Irrigation controller problems

    Because of how flaky my 12 station is I threw one of these on the power. Mine has never run the set schedule and this saves me having to go out to the garage when the system is unresponsive when trying to run stations manually.
  6. Chon_Lee

    Presence Rule that Would Improve Fob Detection

    I wonder if we could setup a BTLE device that listens for your phone then relay power to the fob when it's detected... in theory having your phone tell iris you are home. Would require some homebrew but it might could work.
  7. Chon_Lee

    Touch screen home interface

    you could always buy a cheap tablet, put a frame around it and mount it to the wall.
  8. Chon_Lee

    Devices Offline Indicator "System Status" Card

    At least something like a very active twitter account with outages, service updates and software updates with patch notes. @IrisHomeStatus or something.
  9. Very cool method of controlling your blinds... I wonder if there'd be some way to intergrate this into iris.
  10. Chon_Lee

    Irrigation Controller - Manual

    When I was in the store picking mine up the lady behind the register said it's a non stock item now... sounds like they are pulling them from most stores.
  11. With V1 I knew immediately it was a Iris alert... now I pretty much end up ignore them because they sound like everything else
  12. Chon_Lee

    V2 At&t Uverse indoor camerea wont connect

    2 indoor cameras here and upnp is turned of on my dd-wrt router, cameras are working fine.
  13. Chon_Lee

    Dusk dawn settings for all lighting sources

    Good to hear... I was worried I'd have to change my settings 2x a year for my exterior lights.
  14. Chon_Lee

    Dusk dawn settings for all lighting sources

    This is one of those features that sold me on the old system. It was there before... why take away such a valuable feature?
  15. Chon_Lee

    V2 Hub shipping

    Just got an notice from UPS saying it shipped.