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  1. I have two used Outdoor Wifi Camera's forsale, Model # OC821. They come with power supply. Nothing is wrong with them, I just upgraded to a new system have have no need to use these anymore. I would like $ 40 each plus shipping. Please PM me.
  2. BB-Nola

    Lowes Dumping IRIS for Google Home?

    I went to my local Lowes yesterday to pick up a tool chest and passed by the Iris display and they had no hardware, nothing on the display. They just had small display cards showing version 2 hubs. They had zero, nothing on the shelf on the. They didn't even had the hub's on display. Looks like the store isn't doing anything within this section. It is hard to believe they have zero hardware. I can tell you I haven't purchase anything for the Iris alarm when they drop V1. I told my wife I am not sure how long I will keep this system. I hate to start over with another system and losing my investment in the system I have now. Needless to say I ended up going to Home Depot picking up a tool chest from them.
  3. BB-Nola

    Alarm went off

    Last night my keypad started beeping in the middle of the night twice and then a few minutes later the alarm went off. My shop contact set off the alarm in the middle of the night. The door was still locked and was not open. Long story short was my wife was pissed off. I have seen the keypad just start beeping maybe once in a while a few times but the alarm just go off in the middle of the night. From what I can tell from the alarm log is the door contact drop the connection and I didn't know because it was in the middle of the night, the alarm was set and after the door contact re-connected and then the alarm went off. I guess the alarm notice something changed. I wasn't happy I had to check my shop door in the middle of the night. My wife hates this alarm, she calls it stupid. I am about at the end of my rope with this alarm system.
  4. BB-Nola

    Alarm went off

    The contact sensor wasn't bypassed, The alarm was set by the keypad and they batter is about 84% from that I can tell. The sensor is about 30 feet away. This sensor from I can tell has never drop the connection. Then if if the contact sensor didn't cause the alarm to go off, then I have no clue why, we were is the bedroom.
  5. BB-Nola

    Advanced Camera Settings

    I did make the change and press save. I wanted to see if it save the setting and I double click it again and I guess it defaults to it's setting and not what you saved it as?
  6. BB-Nola

    Advanced Camera Settings

    Cool, I notice if I try and change the setting and press save or reboot camera, it goes back to the original setting.I guess you can't change the default?
  7. BB-Nola

    Keypad beeping last night

    3 different times last night my keypad started beeping like crazy and after the 3rd time I had to shut it off. This has not happen in a long time.
  8. BB-Nola

    Official Iris Community Launch

    I hope this site will stay up, I don't know who pay's the bill.
  9. BB-Nola

    Iris Web UI Preview

    Designing a new website from the ground up does take a lot of time and it is too hard to set a date and because if you rush it, it will be full of bugs and you don't want that. We have too many bugs on the devices we control at in our hands now. I have been in this business for many years in web designs and I have seen problems when you rush things... I too want the website to work, but on the other hand, I want it to have a good design, a good flow, bug free and mostly secure.
  10. BB-Nola

    Cutting the cable

    The only problem I see is with Directv is with the weather bad, you lose TV signal.
  11. BB-Nola

    The Grass Wasn't Greener

    I am looking to jump ship maybe to ST hub, I am sure they will be on sale. I think I saw the hubs were $ 50 off. Does the door switches work? Please let us know if the Iris cameras work if you find out any info.
  12. BB-Nola

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    Today around noon CST, I had problems setting my alarm, The V1 keypad didn't want to do anything, I tried a few times to set the alarm and nothing, it was like the keypad went crazy and didn't want to do anything. Then I tried with the iOS app, it started with no problems, but I when I press alarm on the main menu it did nothing. Nothing showed off line. It took a few times, after 3 times I was able to set the alarm with the app.
  13. BB-Nola

    Anyone else having issues around 4 pm Eastern?

    That has happen with me also from time to time. The clip will only play if I download it to my phone, I am not sure if it is iOS bug or not.
  14. BB-Nola


    Mine take about a half of min to show up.
  15. BB-Nola

    Hub Off Line

    Guys are you having a problem with your hub today? I have tried to reset and remove the power.
  16. BB-Nola

    Forum outage

    Yes... Thank goodness...
  17. BB-Nola

    Hub Off Line

    For some reason I had to unplug the router, strange thing is my TV's were streaming over the internet with no problem, plus my office computer was working fine and my cameras for my 3rd party software wasn't having any problems, just the hub.
  18. BB-Nola

    No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    I also will not purchase anything else for the iris system, they lost my trust.
  19. BB-Nola

    Hub Off Line

    Wow... I found the problem... Never mind...
  20. BB-Nola

    Forum outage

    Some probably hack the admin account. LOL!!!
  21. BB-Nola

    Off Site file backup services

    I run my business and have a lot of customers files on my work computers and I use two backup systems. I used a USB hard disk backup using Acronis True Image and clone every drive in my computer and this is very fast doing this and a second backup on a Linux Server. You then can take the USB drive off the location when you leave and store it at a safe location. It would cost too much money to back to many hard disk of data and too much time also. This works for me.
  22. BB-Nola

    Camera Preview/Still shot - missing?

    Now today I have one picture of last night on one camera and one picture in the day time, but the time is correct. I had to wait a min or two and the night time image updated.
  23. BB-Nola

    Camera Preview/Still shot - missing?

    yes... I have 1 for 2 today pictures today....
  24. Yes, They make more money adding new vendor products to the list because the vendor has to pay to get on the Iris bandwagon.
  25. Do you really think a vendor will create a product and not have to paid a company to add this to their lineup. , Do you really think a vendor will get free space on the shelf at Lowes stores throught out the company for free. Iris will have to paid their working to trouble shoot the vendors products with the customers. Think about it NOT!!!!!