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  1. TW, did you ever get this resolved? My hub double deleted every device as well yesterday. 50+ devices. After resetting and repairing the "doors and locks" card shows NOTHING like your lights card.
  2. Samsung SmartThings at Lowes?

    Coming soon to Lowes ....Ryobi
  3. My iris grade is...

    B- , Missing Offline Processing and temp graphs. Disappointed with lack of Smartthings product integration, Iris team quits when they get stumped and abandon instead of repairing products once on the "certified" list. A lack of aftermarket products not approved such as a better doorbell, Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 IR Extender for Air Conditioners or bluetooth speakers.
  4. Iris+ Future and Roadmap

    Thanks for all you have done Yuriypgh. Its too bad Iris turned out to be a bunch of lying and shenanigans, I too have started the transition to Smartthings. If I can only find a good deal to replace my v1 stuff with v2s I can completely cut ties. After 7 pet doors and constant lies about parity, its time to move on.
  5. So I got the Pet Door...

    Another 2 pet doors bite the dust. The one that has worked since 8/14 stopped being able to close. New one they sent will not pair at all with Iris or Smartthings. 7 doors later.... still having issues. I cant blame Iris as it seems to be the Petsafe door tranmitting/receiving problem issues.
  6. No Local Hub Processing When Offline HUGE BUG/FLAW

    Tier 2 support called me about the petdoor ticket today, months later.....apologized for losing my ticket and comped a month service for the error. I asked him some questions about local processing while I had him on the line and he said "I just got out of a meeting earlier and its in the works, probably will be in the new year" I hope this is a good lead...sounds good anyway! Maybe local processing will be released on Xmas with as a Santa tracker update!
  7. Firmware updates

    Lost connection to zwave kwikset in the update, had to call in to get it back online. I have been informed they are still debating local processing. The website for Iris support updates has not been updated to reflect Oct.. Tier 1 does not have any new info for October, they said its mostly Iris's end system upgrades and a button to auto refresh z-wave networks rather than waiting. I am again met with disappointment that local processing is still partially on the table.....if what tech said is correct, its a let down.
  8. button to toggle siren

    I would like a rule to use a button to toggle the siren on and off. I would also like to be able to toggle on a seperate siren on/off outside for a few seconds if I see someone on the property via cameras so I dont have to go out myself. If the siren goes off while we are home I want an easy way to shut it up while I determine what triggered it. I had a button used as a panic and when tested, I could'nt get the siren to turn back off. A button to turn it on/off easily would be helpful.
  9. ordered 2, looks like if you by 5 you get the 6th free
  10. Amazon Echo feature request

    edited for vett: Smartthings community has Voice announcements working through Individual bluetooth speakers allowing you to play voice notifications in specific rooms. ie- in kids room, "boys, dinners ready", or "front door opened" etc.... heres the link: I would think if it can be done this way why not through dots or echo speakers eventually
  11. Amazon Echo feature request

    I would like Echo to be able to unlock, lock, or set the petdoor to auto
  12. My tv was doing the same with the iris smartplug and then I added a Harmony hub to turn everything back on that is not "auto return". I added Amazon Echo and it controls everything by voice. Hopefully, If Iris gets with Ifttt it will open many more possibilities.
  13. What clever things do you do with Iris?

    I suppose you can add a tilt sensor for emergency shutoff notification if the heater falls over and a smartplug to turn on/off to convert any electric Portable Heater you already own to be smart like the new Duraflame, Monitor temps of room with door window sensors to trigger heater along with schedules. Why they made a whole new heater seems like a waste of time when they promised the v1 team would free up resources for v2.... I wonder what the cost of the new heater will be vs a conversion?
  14. Logitech Harmony

    Its really not with Iris yet, I am hoping it is soon like smartthings. once Iris is compatible it can tell harmony to trigger activities based on presence fob or dim lights for a movie. check out the recipes for smartthings/Harmony
  15. Cutting the cable

    I cut the cable over a year ago and get plenty to see through using Roku stick or xbox, Netflix and Hulu plus primarily. News from the internet. Saved around a hundred a month. I will not go back to cable.