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  1. dusterp

    Keen Vent 35% Off

    Umm it's not working for me either now, I was going to buy two more. Ugh [emoji90] Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  2. dusterp

    Keen Vent 35% Off

    Try adding it to your cart, maybe that's it. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  3. dusterp

    Keen Vent 35% Off

    It's only the 4x10, no code. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  4. dusterp

    Keen Vent 35% Off

    Keen vents 35% off on 4 by 10 vent. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  5. dusterp

    Cutting the cable

    I signed up, hope to get it soon. It looks more modern. Like kodi.
  6. dusterp

    unboxing and pairing GE hinge pin sensor

    Put it on a door that makes you change the way it's mounted/setup. That's when mine broke.
  7. dusterp

    Cutting the cable

    I was paying the monthly fee after buying my TiVo for $50 at bestbuy but called up and told the rep I want a lifetime service... he then said oh you want to cancel if you don't get a discount on lifetime service? I said yes and got it for only $200. Love my TiVo. You can sign up on their site to get the new update first.
  8. dusterp

    Alexa doesn't control the ALARM

    You need Iris+ 3rd party app... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eightydegreeswest.irisplus
  9. dusterp

    Alexa doesn't control the ALARM

    I use Iris+ as well to do this. You can configure any phrase you want to trigger any thing the app can do using IFTTT app. I can run Scenes, control the alarm, open the garage, raise the blinds, etc...
  10. dusterp

    Advanced Camera Settings

    Yeah you might try sensitivity of 8 and threshold of 63. This would increase the sensitivity of the sensor and decrease the duration of activity required to trigger it if I'm correct.
  11. dusterp

    Advanced Camera Settings

    So in summary sensitivity is what trips the motion sensor and threshold is how long is has to remain active for before sending the event to the hub. In more detail, a higher sensitivity value requires less image/sensor change to trigger motion activity and a lower sensitivity value requires more image/sensor change to trigger motion activity. Then once motion activity has been triggered a higher threshold requires the motion activity to remain active for a longer duration, at or above the sensitivity level, to trigger the motion event sent to the hub. A lower threshold requires motion activity to remain active for a shorter duration to trigger.
  12. dusterp

    Advanced Camera Settings

    What's the difference between motion detection threshold and sensitivity? I'm trying to cut down on a few false alerts on my outdoor cameras to clean up my history log.
  13. dusterp

    Halo's are now available

    Anyone find a zip code that you can actually get it?
  14. dusterp

    Schlage lock after battery replacement

    My locks go in to a "locking" state as mentioned above and they never actually lock. Many minutes later they finally show as unlocked still. It never did lock. When it gets in this state it just sits there and you cannot manually control it on the doors and locks page any more. I have a lock that's currently eating up 4 AA's every 10 days. It fell offline when I just re-optimized the zwave network. I was asked to put a Jasco GE Appliance plug near it a repeater. These seem to be the best repeater but I'm still having issues with mine unfortunately.
  15. dusterp

    Garage Door Lock

    It's on you tube and the bad guy already knows how. It's the innocent person that would never think this is possible. Knowledge is power, share it.