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  1. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    One other thing doesn't make sense from hub status. I see: "hubzwave:numDevices":13 hubzwave:healTotal":13" hubzwave:healCompleted":4 i have 9 zwave devices, all currently online. Ican understand the total may be higher due to some devices I removed, but I do show 9 active devices.(6 first alert smoke detectors/combo, utlitech siren, utilitech leak detector and ge outdoor switch ) Any idea why the count of only 4 heal completed? thanks
  2. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Thanks I was hoping for an answer as to why a utlitech alarm occasionally goes offline when it is right above a gen 2 switch (many of these are used purely as repeaters). Also have issues with a ge outdoor switch having poor reception (seems to need to be within 5 ft of a repeater) Guess these are all the zwave issues many of us see. on the positive side, zigbee is rock solid and first alert detectors are fairly stable .
  3. Z-Wave devices disconnecting/reconnecting

    Anyone ever see "hubzwave:numDevices" less than what it should be? My hub reports 13, but I have 9 zwav devices and 8 2nd Gen smartplugs (from iris webportal where I see firmware of 20085010). Seems like 4 smartplugs are not being seen as zwav on hub? Thanks
  4. All devices migrated to V2 except 1

    If you do not get support soon, might try the 'remove this device' from the app, reset the device, and add it back in. Try it on one to see if your device comes back under hub/app control. I am guessing the remove this device is same as what support did. Btw, for z-wave, need to also reset the z-wave on device using z wave tool Good luck
  5. All devices migrated to V2 except 1

    If you had the same problem as I had (which the support person could have been from pressing the reset for > 20 secs), devices showed up on app, but I could not control them and history was frozen What it took was for iris to remove all devices from their end (which cleared the app), then manually resetting and adding each device back in. Btw, I did try calling another time and got right through instead of waiting the 48 hours. God luck.
  6. re: 2. No remove device option it just says Iris at bottom, so how to re-pair? I do see 'remove this device'. It is under the "MORE" tab", and not device. This is with IOS 1.7
  7. Found the problem with Iris support. Somehow my hub lost all devices (maybe I held the reset button for > 20 seconds - though did not think so). Anyways after re pairing all devices it now works.
  8. tired a router reboot, no change. Seems Hub is communicating to backend - as I can see 'hub down' when rebooting hub, and when i unplugged it I received a notice that AC was lost. Called Iris support - good news was they answered in 5 minutes, bad news is they just took my information and said they'll get back to me "within 48 hours"
  9. tried it. Also tried deleting app, reboot phone, reinstall app. Did get email that a mobile device has been added to iris. Still same problem (app appears to not communicate with hub/cloud). I do get the 'buzz' when a door opens from v1 keypay, but app does not communicate. Also tried thermostat and have same problem (on thermostat, try to change to off, shows it in card, but when go to dashboard shows it as on).
  10. Hi, System seems completely frozen. App reports all devices connected, but nothing works - including history, door alarms or switches. Last history update was 16:19 GMT, then nothing.... Reboot hub twice (seeing steady green light after approx a minute. Hub on Same results with 1.6 (IPAD) and 1.7 (IPhone) - frozen controls... Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Thanks I'll buy one and let everyone know if it works with basic
  12. Thanks. Saved me from a $40.00 purchase
  13. Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the indoor siren for my Iris V2 system (currently can't hear the hub...) However, I recently downgraded my service to Iris basic (which disables the rules and scenes), and am wondering if I need the rules to enable the siren? BTW - just recently decided to downgrade to basic. For my limited system, paying $10.00/mo just so my smart button could control a switch did not seem worth it (and very glad basic now has scheduling, otherwise would be looking at smartthings) Thanks
  14. +1 I am investigating purchasing a 2nd hub for a new location. debating just buying a smartthings solution for the 2nd location just so I do not need to logoout/logon (easier to have 2nd app...)
  15. thanks for the pointer. For the time being, it looks like it a non-iris solution if we want that capability.