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  1. Sorry to be that newbie that joins and throws out questions without doing my own searches/research but I'm very limited on time so I'll try to be brief... I currently have an older GE wireless system that hasn't been monitored in years. I was looking to add some sensors and saw the Iris system at Lowes. I'm interested in adding some "smart" options so when I saw the Smart Kit was only 99 bucks I picked it up today. I haven't opened it yet. My questions and concerns: 1. Can I somehow use the existing wireless sensors that are already mounted with Iris? 2. With the kit including so much for only 99 bucks it seems like it might be worth it to pick up a second kit for the extra motion sensor, door/window sensors and have a second keypad. Are you able to utilize multiple keypads and if so would both "alarm" if the system is triggered? I read it doesn't seem to be very loud and thought this would double up the sound. 3. Does Iris work with smart bulbs? I know nothing about this but I've heard of bulbs that you can get and control? 4. Is there a different option for getting a louder alert than from the small keypad? 5. Should I keep it or return and choose something else? I am not extremely concerned with remote monitoring. I live in a safe neighborhood but do like having something (hence my concern with it not being loud enough) to scare away someone trying to break in. I also want to play with home automation/smart tech and this just seemed like a great option for the money. Thanks in advance!