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  1. GaryS1964

    Best adhesive strips for sensors

    I've been using Sticky Putty by Alcolin available on Amazon. I have several motion sensors stuck on various surfaces using this stuff. None have fallen off. I even have one mounted on the ceiling of my garage. If I need to move one the putty is reusable. I just pull it off, remove the putty, massage it, and stick it back on the sensor.
  2. GaryS1964

    Non IRIS branded motion sensors?

    Thanks for the response but could you name a few of them?
  3. Are there any non IRIS branded motion sensors that work with IRIS with full functionality?
  4. GaryS1964

    V2 contact sensor sale

    All the stores in my area are out of both the contact sensor and the motion sensor ($14.99). So last week I ordered them online. I missed an email telling me the order was delayed and to contact the store within 3 days. I didn't and they cancelled my order. So I go online and see they are still in stock and place the order. Now they are available for delivery only. Delivery charge is $144 for 3 motion sensors that cost $44.97. So I call customer service and they say they are not available to be shipped. Only available for delivery. $95 for one motion sensor. I say no thanks. Makes me rethink my decision to go with IRIS.
  5. GaryS1964

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    I bought the 3rd generation hub and keypad and I must say that so far they have superior signal strength over the gen 2 stuff. I have a Utilitech Siren (Zwave) which had to be located in my home office about 5' from the gen 2 hub because it would not work as soon as I moved it outside the home office. With the gen 3 hub I'm able to place it out in the living area and it works fine. I was also having intermittent problems with the gen 1 keypad not always turning the alarm system off I'm assuming because the signal had to pass through 3 walls. When I moved the keypad into the home office there was never a problem but it was not convenient to place it there. With the gen 3 hub and keypad I can place the keypad back where I wanted it and so far no problems.
  6. GaryS1964

    Alexa discovery

    Can Alexa turn Arlo cameras on and off? My security system is a mixed bag of products. I primarily use IRIS with contact and motion sensors. However I have 5 Arlo Pro cameras. It doesn't look like we will ever be able to control Arlo cameras with IRIS but I was wondering if you could control them indirectly using Alexa. Basically what I would like to do is have my Arlo cameras turn on when my IRIS security system alarm is tripped. I was thinking that IRIS could tell Alexa to turn on my Arlo cameras. Probably wishful thinking.
  7. GaryS1964

    Control Nest Thermostat with IRIS

    It did. Thanks again.
  8. GaryS1964

    Control Nest Thermostat with IRIS

    Thanks for the tip. I built the scene but haven't had a chance to test it. Hopefully it will work.
  9. GaryS1964

    Pair single device to two hubs?

    I didn't think so. Thanks.
  10. I have a Nest thermostat and it has been added to my list of IRIS devices. What I want to do is have it turn off whenever the alarm is armed and turn back on when the alarm is disarmed. I don't see any rule that would work. Is there a way to do this?
  11. I was wondering if the IRIS motion sensors can be paired to a IRIS hub and a SmartThings hub at the same time?
  12. GaryS1964

    Question on Smart Plug Repeaters

    For anyone who is considering buying a switch GE makes two switches. One works with Zwave and the other with ZigBee. I bought the ZigBee version and it connected instantly. When I had to turn the power off to that switch to work on an unrelated project when I turned the power back on it re-connected instantly. I have had poor experiences with Zwave. I had to return the garage door controller because it wouldn't connect. If I have a choice I would always choose the ZigBee version. But that's just me.
  13. GaryS1964

    help with a garage door opener

    I'm a little late to this party but I tried the Iris garage door controller and it could not communicate with the hub. The signal from the hub was two weak. I took it back to Lowe's and got a Chamberlain controller that works over WiFi. I have a strong WiFi signal in my garage and it works great.
  14. I have two motion sensors in my master closet. One has a rule to turn the light on when it detects motion and turn it off when motion is no longer detected. Due to the shape of my closet if I'm at the other end the motion sensor doesn't always see me and turns the light off. There is a second motion sensor at the other end of the closet that would always see me if I'm there. If I set up the same rule for that motion sensor will they work together? What I envision happening is the first motion sensor no longer sees me and attempts to turn the light off but the other does see me and either doesn't do anything because it thinks the light is still on or it sends a signal to the light to turn on and I end up with a light flashing on and off. The light is controlled by a GE ZigBee switch. Anyone tried this?
  15. GaryS1964

    How does IRIS handle alarm triggers

    It does matter to me because I have a 45 second grace period. The keypad to arm and disarm the alarm is in the laundry room which has a door leading to the garage. We park the "family" car in the garage. This location makes it easy for my wife to arm and disarm the alarm. I on the other hand I park my truck on the driveway. I enter the house through the front door and it is not unusual for me to be carrying in items which have to be put somewhere before I can make the trek to the laundry to disarm the alarm. My wife also sometimes enters the house with items that have to set down somewhere before the alarm can be disarmed. Bottom line 15 seconds is not enough for us. I do wish that IRIS had a way to disable the beeping of the hub during the grace period. Would make it harder for a thief to find it. Bottom line for me it is nice to know that the trigger event is stored in the cloud and the notification is sent if it never receives the proper code.