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  1. GaryS1964


    A good reason to avoid Wink? And the search goes on.
  2. GaryS1964


    I was looking at the Wink website and it seemed like all their products are out of stock. Either they are getting a lot of sales of people coming from IRIS and can't keep up with orders or they are in financial trouble. Hopefully the former. Does Wink follow this forum? Where is the best source of information about Wink like compatible devices and how to integrate them? Do they have a dedicated users forum? Basically I have IRIS 2ns and 3rd gen devices like 2nd gen motion sensors and 1st & 2nd gen contact sensors plus 3rd gen hub and 3rd gen keypad, Ring doorbell, and Arlo Pro cameras. Will any or all work with Wink?
  3. My version 2 hub and version 2 keypad didn't always communicate leading to the alarm activating and having to enter the code more than once or use the phone app to disarm the alarm. Distance (35'), wood furniture (2 1" thick panels) and walls (2) were probably a factor. With the V3 hub and keypad combination it worked everytime. According to IRIS they both had better range and it made my system work every time.
  4. I'm curious as to how this would work. Can you offer some setup details and how it would function in a security setting? Would it replicate IRIS's calling my cell when the alarm goes off?
  5. GaryS1964

    Well ring is out

    According to several Amazon one star reviews LTS does not provide support for doorbells purchased via Amazon. Quick search and I couldn't find any other online suppliers (the LTS website doesn't have a dealer locator or a list of authorized dealers) although there may be some out there.
  6. GaryS1964

    Here's what I know

    I've been looking at SimpliSafe. Sam's Club has a basic SimpliSafe security system which would satisfy my needs. However I'm reluctant to spend $15/mo which is why I didn't get it and went with IRIS. I was thinking about biting the bullet and going the $15/mo route but I want to be able to arm and disarm the alarm with the mobile app and I'm certainly not going to pay $25/mo just to get that capability which apparently doesn't even allow you to disarm the alarm. Scratch SimpliSafe off the list.
  7. GaryS1964

    Iris is Officially Done

    Security was my main use of IRIS. It will be interesting to see what Arcus does if and when it's released. If it performs most (hopefully all) current IRIS functions locally AND has a way to call your cellphone if the alarm is tripped I'll be a happy camper. If not I'll be looking for something else.
  8. GaryS1964


    I don't have the original email. I signed up a few weeks ago and stored my login and password information in a password program and deleted the email. I can log in. I have received your emails. I just can't access My Profile.
  9. GaryS1964


    BTW - I tried to gain access to my profile on the SystronicsRF website (I registered some time ago) and when I click on the My Profile it takes me to the Home Automation page but I don't see any reference to me or any place I can enter my devices or explain how I use my system. Thus the reason for my post above. I tried the Opra, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. Or maybe I'm just dense and can't find the links.
  10. GaryS1964


    I had poor luck with Zwave products. Lack of range. Wouldn't reach to my garage to control my garage door and wouldn't even activate my Zwave siren when it was placed outside my home office where the hub resides. That's why my garage door controler is WiFi and my GE Smart Switch is Zigbee which paired immediately despite being about 25' from the hub with two walls and a couple of large metal safes in between. I did read that the more Zwave devices you have the stronger the signal. With my Gen 3 hub being moved about 1' from my Zwave siren it activates just fine. When I added a second Zwave siren I was able to place it about 20 feet away and through several walls and have it work. Could be the stronger signal generated by the Gen 3 hub, having more than one Zwave device or a combination of both.
  11. GaryS1964


    Are you going to look at the 3.0 hub? I gave my 2.0 hub away.
  12. GaryS1964


    It does not appear that there is support for Arlo cameras. Is support being considered for the future? I have a sizable investment in Arlo Pro cameras and cameras are expensive so I really don't want to have to buy others. How about support for Amazon Echo or Google Home Assistant? I have both Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini devices. Both work with Arlo cameras. If you support either but not Arlo there might be a workaround to have your system send a command to Amazon Echo or Google Mini which in turn could trigger Arlo cameras to record. Being retired I occasionally take long trips and the Arlo camera batteries don't last long enough when the cameras are always on. Therefore I need a way to turn them on and off with a command from your system triggered by motion or contact sensors. I also don't see support for Nest thermostats. What about them? I also don't see support for Swann Lowes Iris WiFi Smart plug/Smart switch with are my primary means of controlling lights except for a GE 45856 Zigbee Smart Switch. What about them? What about Gen 3 devices? I only have a Gen 3 keypad but others may have purchased the Gen 3 motion sensors and I believe they also had Gen 3 smart plugs. I also would like Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener support. It is a WiFi based system. The IRIS Zwave garage door system didn't work because of the range from the hub and the signal not having enough strength to pass through one interior and two exterior walls. My current basic IRIS functionality is mostly security based. I arm the system with my Gen 3 keypad. I have contact sensors and motion sensors that will trigger the alarm. I require two motion sensors to detect motion before the alarm is triggered. This is important because motion sensors are susceptible to causing false alarms when only one is required. IRIS currently gives you the option for this. When the alarm goes off it also causes my two Utilitech sirens to go off. And finally I get an actual phone call on my cellphone. All of these things are important considerations that the security must provide. Icing on the cake would be to automatically turn on all my Arlo cameras. Something else I do is when I arm my IRIS alarm system my Nest thermostat automatically is turned off so I'm not heating the house while I'm gone. When I return home and disarm the alarm my Nest thermostat is automatically reset to whatever temperature I have programed into the rule. Another thing I currently do is automatically turn on certain lights when a motion sensor detects motion and automatically turn the lights off when motion is no longer detected. I also have scheduled certain lights to turn on and off on a schedule which the IRIS app provides. Finally the biggest complaint I had with IRIS was the Gen 1 keypad didn't always communicate with the Gen 2 hub. The signal had to go about 35' and through two walls. When I upgraded to the Gen 3 hub and Gen 3 keypad the extended range offered by that combination pretty much eliminated the problem as long as my wife was patient enough to give the system a chance to respond. How is the range and signal strength of the Pi/Gen 3 keypad combination? Response time? Do all this and I'm sold.😁
  13. GaryS1964

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Definitely needed if you want me and others to consider Vera. I didn't see any of my IRIS or works with IRIS (like GE Smart Switch) devices on your list. Also I have a lot of money invested in Arlo Pro cameras. Don't see any compatibility there. I will keep watching your Vera specific thread for updates.
  14. GaryS1964

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Thanks. Hopefully that will help get answers to specific questions from those actually using that system.
  15. GaryS1964

    What Platform Should I Migrate To

    Nice work however I don't understand the distinction between two check marks vs one check mark.