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  1. GaryS1964

    Device that can show power failure

    I have this one: I have pretty good power which rarely goes down and usually only for a short time. It powers my Hubitat hub and everything necessary to keep my internet connection working. All that stuff draws little power so it will keep it working for a long time and nothing has to reboot. It's primary purpose is to keep my security system up and running if the bad guy(s) turn off my power which they have been known to do in an attempt to defeat an alarm system.
  2. GaryS1964

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I got the IRIS V3 keypad working. Not sure exactly how I did so I'm not going to mess with it to figure it out.😁 I do believe that the LCM was not working properly as I would enter data and nothing would happen. Then suddenly my information appeared and it was transferred to the keypad details which is all that needed to happen as I was already able to communicate with the keypad. I believe I entered the data into the LCM properly and for whatever reason it didn't update properly and show the code user as it does now. However operator error is always a possibility. So now my system does everything IRIS did with one exception. It doesn't work with my nest thermostat. There is a way via IFTTT but I was hoping to keep everything local and IFTTT seems to require the internet although I'm not sure of that. I went the predominantly ZigBee route. The only Z-Wave things I have are my two Utilitech sirens. When I had one siren it never worked outside my home office which is where the IRIS hub was located and now the Hubitat hub is located. When I got the second one it coincided with my purchasing the V3 IRIS hub which had more powerful radios and I was able to place the second siren out in another room. I even got it working my backyard lighting on a schedule which makes my wife happy as the transformer did hum loudly even when the lights were off and it was near our bedroom wall. Now it turns completely off via the IKEA plug and she is happy and life is good.
  3. GaryS1964

    Looking for 2nd gen motion

    Check eBay. I picked up 10 for about $5 each. Used but all paired with a Hubitat hub and work just fine. It's hard to find them cheap.
  4. GaryS1964

    Not ready for prime time

    Well I finally got my IRIS V3 keypad working. By working I mean it will arm and disarm my security system. I would like to tell everyone who is struggling to get their keypad to work exactly how I did it but the truth is I don't know. I just kept trying different things and finally got it to arm and disarm my system. I do plan to address how I think I finally got it working over in the Hubitat Community fourms. Hopefully point those still having trouble in the right direction. The wife will be happy because she liked just pressing the ON button on the keypad and walking out the door and then entering the code and pressing the OFF button when she got home. I was listening to the podcast on YouTube that was mentioned in another thread. Doesn't sound like they are going to do much to improve the documentation any time soon so so it will be one of those systems you are going to have to tinker with and as such some things will be easy and others will be frustratingly difficult. Patients and persistence in large quantities will be required. Things that I set up when I first got my hub are just simply working. I don't even think about them. They just work. In the two weeks (not a long time) I've had my hub nothing has failed to work once I set it up properly.
  5. GaryS1964

    Podcast with Hubitat on Thursday Night the 18th

    Just watched the podcast on YouTube. It was pretty interesting. I'm convinced I made the right decision to go with Hubitat.
  6. GaryS1964

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm not the only one requesting help with setting up security using an IRIS keypad. I've only spent three or four hours on it and haven't worked on it in a couple of days. Most of the time spent was searching the Hubitat community forums and documentation. I have all the basic home automation stuff working which is a plus. There are still a couple more things in HA that I want to do. but all the basics are working. It's just the security part I'm having trouble with and it is mostly the keypad. I can arm and disarm the system from the device manager page. I can trigger an alarm with motion and contact sensors. It's just integrating the keypad. But I'll keep plugging away at it. I think someone else here said it best. I'll paraphrase but my understanding of what they said was Hubitat is not a single app. It is a group of apps that do different things within the Hubitat environment. Sometimes you have to use multiple apps to get something done. I'll keep plugging away and if I finally get it to work I'll post in Community.Hubitat how it's done so hopefully no one else will have to struggle with it. I'll also post a link to it here in this forum. I got the home automation stuff working so I'm confident I'll get the security stuff working. Fingers crossed.
  7. GaryS1964

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I have added the Safety Monitor app. I added it last week. It was one of the first things I did. Please point me to the place in the documentation that it explains how to integrate a keypad into a Hubitat security system and what the 20+ buttons (clickable panesl?) on the Keypad device page are for and how to use them to setup your keypad. Please point me to the place in the documentation where it explains how to use the the Safety Monitor app to set up a security system that uses a keypad to arm and disarm a security system. I could go on but I won't. It's not my intent to bash Hubitat. I'm letting former IRIS users know that Hubitat requires a significant amount of knowledge to setup a functioning security system and the documentation does not provide much (dare I say any) help. May I make a suggestion. Instead of arguing with me about whether or not Hubitat is a good choice for the average former IRIS user why don't you simply write out step by step instructions on how to setup a security system using a IRIS keypad (V3 in my case) and IRIS motion sensors (V2 in my case) and IRIS contact sensors (V1 in my case)? Better yet do it in the Hubitat forums where they would be available to all Hubitat users.
  8. GaryS1964

    Not ready for prime time

    Hubitat has great potential. It lacks usable documentation. For "geeks" it's a great product with so much capability. I'm in between "geek" and average user. Not sure who I'm closer to. Hubitat is frustrating and time consuming but I'm sticking with it as my only system.........for now.
  9. GaryS1964

    GE Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer

    LOL!! That's one way to solve the problem.
  10. GaryS1964

    Podcast with Hubitat on Thursday Night the 18th

    Suggest, off air, that if they want to be more than a product for "geeks" they need to hire an experienced documentation writer.
  11. GaryS1964

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I only have two Z-Wave devoces. Both Utilitech sirens. The older of the two paired immediately the first try. The new one took numerous attempts over two days before it finally paired. Putting Hubitat in pairing mode before putting the siren in pairing mode seemed to make it work although after so many tries I don't remember what I did that got it to pair. The key is persistence for the stubborn devices. That's been my experience.
  12. GaryS1964

    Tips for migrating to Hubitat

    I have the "simple" things working just fine now. The main reason I purchased IRIS in the first place was security. Home automation was a plus. I can easily turn lights off and on manually if necessary although it is nice to have it happen automatically because I don't have to be home to have them come on or remember to turn them off when I leave a location such as the MBR Closet or garage. Being retired I have the time and having developed computer programs for others I possess some of the skills. I don't however speak the C language. I suspect I will eventually figure it out but it shouldn't be that difficult. Hubitat needs to hire an experienced documentation writer if they ever expect to become mainstream. That's my opinion. I'm hoping for the best for them but in the meantime I'm sorta frustrated and judging from some of the comments here and on their forums I'm not alone. Personally I don't think they can survive as niche product. They need to go mainstream and to do that the average inexperienced user needs to be able to buy their product and use it using the provided documentation. Otherwise it will remain niche product. They also need a steady income stream. It's great that they are bringing all these different products together but they need to tell people how to put it all together. Some have apparently succeeded. I guess they got lucky or they possess more knowledge than I do. I quoted only the Simple Lighting part of your comments. That is a good start. Now they need to do the same thing for security. Once the basics (security and basic automation) are setup people can experiment and do more sophisticated stuff. Right now the "simple security" component is missing and I could be wrong but for me anyway if I'm going to spend the money security is important, in fact must have, and automation that simply provides convenience are a bonus. Those who used IRIS primarily for security, are not "geeks", and want something that works out of the box. They will be best served by looking least for now. Having said all that I stand by my original statement. Hubitat is not ready for prime time. However I still believe it has the greatest potential of the systems I explored. The one thing they are missing is documentation that will tell the inexperienced user who buys their hub how to set up security and how to set up some basic automation features. I'm not an expert but pandering only to "geeks" (I consider myself below geeks) is not the ticket to long term success, in my opinion. On the plus side if Hubitat fails as a business there is an active group of users who can keep the product alive for those that own a hub. Hubitat can already do more than many systems. It's just not easy to get it to do some of those things.
  13. GaryS1964

    Not ready for prime time

    I just started looking at IFTTT and linked it to Hubitat. It does appear it will help solve my Arlo cameras and Nest thermostat integration issues. I'll take a look at your response to my keypad issues. Thanks for that.
  14. GaryS1964

    Not ready for prime time

    The only thing I can think of is that when you go into the device panel there is a place where you can set a reference temperature. It works for me. Have you tried that?
  15. GaryS1964

    Not ready for prime time

    We are in agreement especially in regards to the state of the documentation. I still think Hubitat has the greatest potential but it is currently not the best choice for typical former IRIS users, who are the target of this forum, who are looking for a turnkey solution. Hubitat will require a lot of knowledge, time, and effort to get it to do what IRIS did out of the boxc. In the end Hubitat can do so much more if you have the time, patients, and requisite knowledge to make it work. I've spent hours and I'm nowhere close. SystronicsRF and others should pay attention to yours and my complaints. The race is on. In my opinion the winner will be whoever produces a product that the average consumer or in this case the average former IRIS user can purchase and easily setup and use by following the provided documentation.