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  1. How to add a rule to a motion sensor?

    Yes it works with switches but I want to add a rule to a motion sensor. When I try I get the message, "These features require a premium subscription." I can't help but wonder how long it will be before IRIS requires a fee to create rules for any devices including ones that are now free.
  2. In another thread I was told I can add rules to any device under the Basic plan. I want to add a rule to a motion sensor but can't figure out where in the phone/tablet app or the desktop app I can do that.
  3. Adding and updating rules?

    Not sure exactly how to interpret this but under Rules Library/Camera & Sensors it says; "Your current service plan does not support Cameras & Sensors rules."
  4. Adding and updating rules?

    Having written a few computer programs in my time I understand what you mean. If then rules would be great. Much more flexibility than the official IRIS rules. I just discovered that you have to have a paid account to set up rules for sensors. If you do end up creating rules would they follow the official IRIS policy of what devices can have rules under the free account and which ones you have to have a paid account in order to create rules?
  5. Adding and updating rules?

    Is there somewhere in the unofficial web portal to add or modify rules? If there is I can't find it.
  6. Temperature readings

    NEVER MIND. I FOUND THE ANSWER. I can not find anywhere where the unofficial web portal shows the temperature of sensors that have this capability. My old V1 motion sensors were not doing a good job of picking up motion so I replaced them with V2 motion sensors. But I did find a good use for them. I put one in each of my refrigerators so I can monitor their temperature. I initially put them in the same refrigerator and they both displayed the same temperature which agreed with the thermometer that was in the refrigerator so they seem to be accurate. Now I can check the temperature in my refrigerators periodically when I'm out of town. BTW - I have an uninterruptible power supply that keeps my IRIS hub, router, and cable modem functioning when the power goes out.
  7. Signal strength

    Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Signal strength

    As far as I can tell the official IRIS app and web portal do not report signal strength. The unofficial web portal does but that feature does not seem to be working. I say this because it is reporting 100% signal strength for devices that are not in use. My V1 range extender is in a box in the garage not plugged in and it reports 100%. I'm assuming that this information is just ported over from official IRIS data. Does anyone know if IRIS plans to display that information? An employee at Lowe's who has his own IRIS system told me when I was discussing Zwave problems with him that when you call IRIS support they can "map" the signal strength of all your devices. Not sure what he meant by "map" but apparently they do have some means to determine the signal strength of devices.
  9. When to replace battery?

    The official IRIS Web Portal and app show one of my contact sensors as OK. The unofficial web portal shows that sensor as a "problem" and lists the level at 38%. So at what point should I change batteries? I don't even know what the official app will display it when it is no longer OK. I have spare batteries so I'm going to replace the one in question but as a guideline when should they be replaced?
  10. I like the unofficial Web Portal but I was looking for my Utilitech Siren and Keypad and can't find either. They don't fit into the different categories and there is no list of all devices that I could find? So how do I find Iris devices that are not part of any category? Work around is I used the official web portal to my Favorites then they showed up on the unofficial web portal.
  11. Suggestions for a WiFi garage door controller?

    Thanks. I'll try that. Right now it just plugged into a socket with nothing attached so it will be easy. But I have still given up on the IRIS GDO Controller. Because I have a Liftmaster GDO made by Chamberlain I ended up purchasing their MyQ Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller. It won't work with IRIS but it does have all the features I wanted which was basically alert me if the garage door is open and allow me to close it from anywhere in the world I have Smartphone coverage. Since it is independent of the IRIS system it will still work even if IRIS goes offline. No more driving off and then wondering whether or not I remembered to close the garage door. I actually did forget about 2 years ago. Fortunately nothing was taken from the garage or the house while we were gone.
  12. Suggestions for a WiFi garage door controller?

    I have a smart plug installed between the hub and GDO but it wasn't enough. I wonder if I have a defective smart plug? It works OK as a smart plug but I have the Utilitech Siren which is Zwave and won't work more than 8' from the hub. I placed it less than 2' from the smart plug and the siren still wouldn't work. Moved it back to within 8' of the hub and it works. The other problem I have is the builder was cheap and there was only one outlet installed in the garage. I have since added a couple more but there are none on the side of the garage that would be between the GDO and the hub. I suppose I could run an extension cord to the other side of the garage to test it but since it doesn't help the Zwave siren I'm not sure it's worth the effort especially since I took it down this morning, unpaired it, and put everything back in the box to return it to Lowe's. Also my GDO works fine so I'm not in the market for a new one. However I looked at that since my GDO is a Liftmaster made by Chaimberlain but their stand alone GDO controller doesn't work with the IRIS hub as far as I can tell. Therefore the only thing I have found so far that may work is the Aladdin by Genie which is WiFi so range probably wouldn't be an issue since my WiFi Smart Plug work in the Garage and it is farther away than the GDO. I was hoping there might be a regular here who has experience with the Aladdin GDO controller since it can be paired with the IRIS hub.
  13. Add device using Web Portal

    I like it. He has done a great job. Now if he could just get it to do Geofencing. Kidding but that would be a great feature. Actually getting it to work I'm sure it would be a truly monumental task. Part of my security triad are Arlo security cameras and even Netgear can't get it working right all the time on all phones. IRIS simply says they are investigating it but they want to get their web portal and professional monitoring working first. I'm not holding my breath.
  14. I just tried installing a IRIS garage door controller. With the help of IRIS tech support I was able to get it to pair but when I returned the hub to my home office it was to far away to communicate. So I'm looking for a non-Zwave solution. I haven't had much luck with Zwave. The IRIS tech suggested the Genie WiFi garage door controller which I believe is called Aladdin. Anybody using this as part of their IRIS system? Other suggestions?
  15. Just in case someone else who is interested in this topic reads this I thought I would share my results. I bought the GE Smart Switch #45856GE which is a ZigBee device. I chose this one because I read others were having problems with Zwave devices and ZigBee seems to be IRIS's native language. I installed it in the master bedroom walk in closet per the instructions and as soon as I turned the power back on it automatically paired. I created a rule to turn the the switch on when motion is detected. It works like a champ including turning the switch off after no motion is detected for 30 seconds. The old standard wall motion detector switch worked well turning the light on slightly faster than IRIS but sometimes when my wife and I were out of the sensors view it would turn off the light while we were still in the closet. So far the IRIS Gen 2 motion sensor detects us even when we barely move and hasn't turned the lights out on us yet. I haven't had much luck with Zwave devices. My Zwave siren only works when it's within about 8' of the hub. I just tried installing a Zwave garage door controller about 30' away from the hub through three walls and despite being paired it can not communicate with the hub over that distance. A Smart Plug which is a ZigBee device can turn a light in my garage off and on even though it is farther away from the hub than the Zwave garage door controller.