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  1. Weather42

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    I don't have a big investment in IRIS, and I was a critic of the various issues a few years ago, but they all seemed to work out (became much more reliable) about the same time they started offering a free plan. I only use it for timers (lights on and off at certain time) and notifications of some temperature sensors and water sensors. Not regular security, no monitoring, no cameras (I do those through BlueIris). I haven't posted here in a while because everything has been working fine on my system...and without any just hums away doing what it is supposed to do. But this highlights the problem with anything cloud or service changes ownership, vendors discontinue support, etc. How many of us have thrown out perfectly working devices of one kind or another because the manufacturer decided to drop support? I also worry a new vendor might drop the free plan, and/or raise prices. Anytime I see mention of one of the big security system names, I think $$$/mo. The SystronicsRF solution sounds interesting....I'm already a RPi junkie, so that helps sell it I'll be signing up to keep updated.
  2. Weather42

    Hub Replacement Automation

    My guess...and it's only a that the devices wouldn't see the new hub as their existing pairing mate. In other words, the devices would be looking for a hub and they wouldn't know the difference between your new hub and a neighbor's hub. The new hub would have a different MAC address on the wireless interface, or whatever they use in these protocols. Of course they could get around that by cloning the address of your old hub into the new.
  3. Weather42

    Clearance items

    Looks like some Iris compatible stuff is being clearanced at Lowes (in store). Lightify bulbs on big discounts. Bulbs, floods, can lights. I went to 2 Lowes last night, both were fairly well cleaned out of regular bulbs (but still a few left), but had lots of floods and can fixtures. Many of the types were under $10. Some were in the regular light bulb aisle, then additional stock with the smart home/camera area (not the Iris display). One of the two also had the hinge sensors on clearance. Unfortunately they only had 1 left and it was open...but at $2.50 I bought it anyway
  4. Weather42

    Anyone have a smart plug (2nd gen) take a crap?

    Is that a cap or an MOV? Could it have been a surge?
  5. Weather42

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    I wonder if it's not possible to "restore" the pairings in bulk to a new hub because the device itself is looking for the MAC address (or equivalent) of the hub and restoring the pairing LIST to a new hub wouldn't work because the DEVICE would be looking for the old hub. Then my next question would it possible to clone/spoof the address of the old hub on a new hub. People do that with routers - clone their MAC address - so the ISP's modem thinks the same router is still attached.
  6. I switched to the free plan about a week ago and I haven't missed anything. I tested one of my leak sensors over the weekend and confirmed that I received the call/notification/email. I feel better about Iris and it's quirks/issues now that I'm not paying for it. When I was paying $10/month, I was getting annoyed every time something didn't work or wasn't at V1 parity.
  7. I just downgraded to free plan. I don't have cameras or care pendants. Everything I use is a "rule" or a "scene" (either timed lights, or notifications of sensors), even if some of the rules are listed under "Care" in the rules section. (Care card is blank). Let's see what happens. Considering no offline processing, no notification of the internet going down (something I really miss from V1), devices disconnects causing scenes not to work (and no notification until 24 hours later), if I can save $130 (with taxes) a year, it keeps me from dumping the system entirely.
  8. Weather42

    Iris down?

    I had a scene fail around 8pm eastern. The history shows the scene itself ran, but none of the devices in the scene show as turning on (and they didn't...dark house again!). I was able to manually turn them on from the app about 90 minutes later when I saw the failure. I was home and my internet connection was up.
  9. Weather42

    IRIS Team: Important notice about Alarm Requirements

    And I, as has been the case lately, received none of them.
  10. Weather42

    Maintenance Notice

    I'd appreciate knowing why I don't get any of these emails.
  11. Weather42

    Hub update notice

    Mine is showing the firmware, but I never received a notice. So they didn't notify everyone who was getting it...
  12. Weather42

    Hub update notice

    No email here. But I don't have the cellular backup either. Maybe they are only updating hubs that have the cellular backup?
  13. Weather42

    Iris Keypads on Sale for $10.00

    I was in my local Lowes today for something else and saw they had 2 keypads on the hanger. One was open and ripped, the other looked sealed up. I didn't buy, but the hook was marked for the $16 price. I don't know what the website might say as it claims it's not available at this store V2 smart button was $10.
  14. The Iris Portal shows my bulb as this version: 1020325 You mentioned ".316" ... is the "325" in mine ".325"?
  15. It was more like $40 if I recall, it's the multi-color dimmable. It definitely wasn't $15. Any recommendations on a light that works reliably with Iris? If I recall, when I bought this bulb, it was the recommended way to go with Iris as there wasn't much in terms of other choices. I had another bulb before that...I'm trying to recall which...that was a nightmare of instability. The Osram I have is one of the SKUs that was supported in an Iris monthly update last year...if it's supported, then my feeling is it should work. If it's unstable on Iris after they claim that it is supported, that's a Lowes issue, not a customer issue.