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  1. Trying to figure out what to do in a PIW (Post Iris World), and I think SmartThings offers the closest experience and most of my devices are supported...and with the gift cards from Lowes, it makes up for the ones that are not. My most important features are: Light control by timer (lighting on at a particular time, etc). This is a combination of GE plug-in outdoor, lamp modules (a mix of supported and replacement). One is an OSRAM bulb that was a pain in the early Iris days. Notification (push or SMS) of water sensors (basement, kitchen cabinets, etc) and temperature out of range (this is mostly what I used contact sensors for, but being all V1 I will have to replace them). Also First Alert CO/Smoke. App on/off control of one GE module when I'm not home. I don't use pro monitoring or arm/disarm features. I've thought about waiting for Systronics, and I like RasPIs, but I only have a few V1 sensors that I truly need to replace (some were spares or unimportant projects) and I'm looking for a ready to switch and polished solution to eliminate the frustrations I experienced in the early days of Iris.
  2. Weather42

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    My 2 came today. USPS Priority Mail flat envelopes. The label says USPS Signature Confirmation, but he just left them in the mailbox. I do have a locking mailbox, so it's fairly secure. No email was received...they just showed up.
  3. Weather42

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    I was wondering if that meant they would retroactively reduce the refunds, or if that was more like "if you wait to file a redemption claim, you might not get what someone did earlier"
  4. Weather42

    Pairing Iris V2 smart plug with Smart things.

    That was a good idea that accessdenied79 had. Also, even if your dish view is clear, the pointing could be off. I don’t have dish, but you might want to Google to see if the receiver can tell you a signal strength and see online if that number looks “good”.
  5. Weather42

    Visa Cards

    I believe the Lowe’s email said not to delete your *account* until after you get your gift card.
  6. Weather42

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    So I have made my transition (mostly)...a few stories/observations. 1) I bought a V3 hub. I couldn't get the new app (there are two, Legacy or Classic and new, with the new supposed to be the app to integrate all things Samsung) to even get to the point of scanning the hub QR code or providing the WiFi network info for the hub. The app (iOS) kept erroring on a message about no network access or couldn't access server. Tried my phone on WiFi and cellular. After playing for a while, I tried making a new location and that worked right away. It never asked me about address or proximity circle for the default home location, but it did for the one I created. I don't know if this was just a fluke for me or a bigger bug. 2) I started using the new Smartthings app until I got to the OSRAM light bulb I have out front. It would pair, but it didn't show as a device I could do anything with in the new app. I downloaded and tried the Legacy app and it was there. I was able to create a sunrise/sunset rule with the old app. So it seems that there are some devices that are visible to both apps, but can only be operated on in the old. Weird. 3) As a result, I've been doing all my stuff in the Legacy app, and it seems to work fairly well. The Smart Home Monitor in-app app is a little annoying....I keep going to where I think is the place to setup a rule, but it's the basic config. I have to go over to the dashboard icon for subapp to setup rules. And the subapp for the button controller requires multiple instances if you have multiple button controllers. Unless you have a Smartthings button, in which can you can make automation rules out of it. It all works, but it's a little confusing to me as it's not consistent. 4) I am very appreciative of the thread on this forum about removing devices from Iris before moving to another system. I'm so happy I saw that! I think I wouldn't have realized you could do that and skip the whole device reset. Most of my devices (except of course V1 Iris) unpaired from Iris and re-paired in ST fairly easily. I actually like the ST classic app's way of adding devices... 5) I had a single Iris V2 smart plug and a V2 button fob. I had to get custom code from Github for both and use the ST website and load it in as custom device handlers (or so the ST forum told me). It took a bit of Google-ing to figure that all out, but after the first one, it was easy to do the 2nd. 6) There is an extensive ST Community Forum with lots of good discussions and help, and it seems to be well indexed by Google. I have a few more devices on the way from Amazon to replace Iris V1 stuff. As soon it gets warmer outside, I plan to replace my faulty motion sensing security floodlamp with a ST compatible motion sensor I saw on Amazon.
  7. Weather42

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    Good to know..thanks. I went ahead and bought the v3 SmartThings hub, a button and a plug module (replacing v1 Iris stuff) on Amazon...figured I'd get started during this cold weekend and see how it works out.
  8. Weather42

    Post When you get your Gift Card

    ^^^ THIS. They probably have a deal with VISA to reduce or eliminate the overhead costs of issuing them, in exchange VISA keeps the balances, or the reload fees, etc.
  9. Weather42

    I'm thinking I'll switch to SmartThings

    I believe they are. My comment about the unsupported sensors was a reference to the V1 contact sensors.
  10. Weather42

    Post When you get your Gift Card

    When I called on Saturday to do a manual redemption add-on, the rep told me 7-10 business days and the cards would arrive within a day of each other.
  11. I just had 50 minutes on initial hold (wait time) and then another 10 or so while he manually did my spare items (5 devices). He said I will get 2 cards, one for website redemption and one for the manual. He said they may come the same day, or about a day apart. And should arrive in 7-10 business days. I told him I was sorry to see Iris go and he said he was too, he is a user and has to find a place to migrate to as well.
  12. Weather42

    Iris is Officially Done

    I just did my redemption. A little over $300. I didn't have too many devices, and a lot of what I had was V2/3rd party. I did have a few spare (new) contact sensors and a button there were all v1 and hadn't been paired. I paired them before doing the redemption, but as expected, they didn't show up. I'll call and see if they will credit them. Now to figure out what to do. I'm not looking forward to migrating to another platform, and the biggest pain will be the un-pair/re-pair of all the reusable devices..Iris finally was working well for me, doing what it was supposed to do with little interaction (mostly using scenes and sensor alerts).
  13. Weather42

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    I don't have a big investment in IRIS, and I was a critic of the various issues a few years ago, but they all seemed to work out (became much more reliable) about the same time they started offering a free plan. I only use it for timers (lights on and off at certain time) and notifications of some temperature sensors and water sensors. Not regular security, no monitoring, no cameras (I do those through BlueIris). I haven't posted here in a while because everything has been working fine on my system...and without any just hums away doing what it is supposed to do. But this highlights the problem with anything cloud or service changes ownership, vendors discontinue support, etc. How many of us have thrown out perfectly working devices of one kind or another because the manufacturer decided to drop support? I also worry a new vendor might drop the free plan, and/or raise prices. Anytime I see mention of one of the big security system names, I think $$$/mo. The SystronicsRF solution sounds interesting....I'm already a RPi junkie, so that helps sell it I'll be signing up to keep updated.
  14. Weather42

    Hub Replacement Automation

    My guess...and it's only a that the devices wouldn't see the new hub as their existing pairing mate. In other words, the devices would be looking for a hub and they wouldn't know the difference between your new hub and a neighbor's hub. The new hub would have a different MAC address on the wireless interface, or whatever they use in these protocols. Of course they could get around that by cloning the address of your old hub into the new.
  15. Weather42

    Clearance items

    Looks like some Iris compatible stuff is being clearanced at Lowes (in store). Lightify bulbs on big discounts. Bulbs, floods, can lights. I went to 2 Lowes last night, both were fairly well cleaned out of regular bulbs (but still a few left), but had lots of floods and can fixtures. Many of the types were under $10. Some were in the regular light bulb aisle, then additional stock with the smart home/camera area (not the Iris display). One of the two also had the hinge sensors on clearance. Unfortunately they only had 1 left and it was open...but at $2.50 I bought it anyway
  16. Weather42

    Anyone have a smart plug (2nd gen) take a crap?

    Is that a cap or an MOV? Could it have been a surge?
  17. Weather42

    My Hub Disconnected itself Today - A cautionary tale

    I wonder if it's not possible to "restore" the pairings in bulk to a new hub because the device itself is looking for the MAC address (or equivalent) of the hub and restoring the pairing LIST to a new hub wouldn't work because the DEVICE would be looking for the old hub. Then my next question would it possible to clone/spoof the address of the old hub on a new hub. People do that with routers - clone their MAC address - so the ISP's modem thinks the same router is still attached.
  18. I switched to the free plan about a week ago and I haven't missed anything. I tested one of my leak sensors over the weekend and confirmed that I received the call/notification/email. I feel better about Iris and it's quirks/issues now that I'm not paying for it. When I was paying $10/month, I was getting annoyed every time something didn't work or wasn't at V1 parity.
  19. I just downgraded to free plan. I don't have cameras or care pendants. Everything I use is a "rule" or a "scene" (either timed lights, or notifications of sensors), even if some of the rules are listed under "Care" in the rules section. (Care card is blank). Let's see what happens. Considering no offline processing, no notification of the internet going down (something I really miss from V1), devices disconnects causing scenes not to work (and no notification until 24 hours later), if I can save $130 (with taxes) a year, it keeps me from dumping the system entirely.
  20. Weather42

    Iris down?

    I had a scene fail around 8pm eastern. The history shows the scene itself ran, but none of the devices in the scene show as turning on (and they didn't...dark house again!). I was able to manually turn them on from the app about 90 minutes later when I saw the failure. I was home and my internet connection was up.
  21. Weather42

    IRIS Team: Important notice about Alarm Requirements

    And I, as has been the case lately, received none of them.
  22. Weather42

    Maintenance Notice

    I'd appreciate knowing why I don't get any of these emails.
  23. Anyone else having connect/disconnect issues with their devices lately? Twice in the past week I've had most of my devices all fall off at the same time and then over the course of a couple of hours, they reconnect or reconnect/disconnect/reconnect. (of course no notification from Iris...I usually notice when something doesn't work as planned). The most annoying part is items like my Osram porch light act strange when it coming on with a color setting. The other day, my wife calls to me...Why is the porch all blue? Ugh...hard to explain why Iris is good to have when these stupid things keep creeping up. And I would have come home to a dark house last night if it hadn't been a weekend and I was home to notice the lights didn't turn on. I had a motion sensor that "detected" motion when it reconnected...of course the actual motion was about an hour earlier. (So is the device "storing" the motion notification to send to the hub, or did the hub actually receive it real time but was falsely thinking the sensor was offline?) Devices affected include: V1 contact, V1 motion, V1 keypad, GE outdoor, Osram light, V1 button, V2 smartplug...they are all over the house, some within 20 feet of the hub. In addition to making the stupid 24 hour disconnect notification time configurable, it would be nice to have an immediate notification if something scheduled to have (like a scene that turns a light) fails to happen. I let the app run another ZWave rebuild...I'm not convinced it helps these things, but I'll try anyway.
  24. Weather42

    Hub update notice

    Mine is showing the firmware, but I never received a notice. So they didn't notify everyone who was getting it...
  25. Weather42

    Hub update notice

    No email here. But I don't have the cellular backup either. Maybe they are only updating hubs that have the cellular backup?