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  1. Denny

    Hub model number

  2. Denny

    Unusable - OSRAM Lightify A19 LED Bulb

    Does anyone know, is the only way to upgrade the bulb's firmware is by using their hub?
  3. Denny

    Unusable - OSRAM Lightify A19 LED Bulb

    Yes hub's been both reboot and power cycled for various reasons over the months. That actually makes it worse for a few hours, I'm assuming because the ZWave/Zigbee networks need to then reconverge from scratch.
  4. Denny

    Unusable - OSRAM Lightify A19 LED Bulb

    I can confirm my single bulb (because I refuse to add more) continues to disconnect at least once every other day, more often multiple times a day. This has NEVER gotten better since I started this thread! My wife will inform me in a robot voice "bulb's stuck", and I initiate my routine of unscrewing it to power cycle it. I assume Iris is incapable of 100% integrating with the software of OSRAM, so you get sporadic "mine works", "mine doesn't", etc...
  5. Denny

    Radio Thermostat - setpoint display error

    After my v1.11 update I noticed this morning that my thermostat setpoint in the climate card was one value, and under the device itself was another value, they no longer match. Seems the climate card value matches the actual device on the wall.
  6. Denny

    New Device Firmware Downloading (Keypads)

    Same here!
  7. Denny

    New Device Firmware Downloading (Keypads)

    This firmware fixed my single biggest Iris issue, no warning when you triggered the alarm. So my family and I would constantly set off the alarm. There is still the issue that about 10% of the time the IRIS LED will stay red when arming the system, in other words the keypad won't sleep. This is an issue since it will drain your battery. The workaround in simple, wait and see if it does it, then wave your hand to activate the keypad and it then goes to full standby. Now if only I could get my wife to wait rather than bolt out the door.
  8. Denny

    v2 Keypad Has Quit Pre-Warning

    Latest v2 keypad update worked, I have warning tones again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I don't have exit warning beeps but don't care about that as much.
  9. Denny

    v2 Keypad Has Quit Pre-Warning

    Finally after working with Iris support on a number of troubleshoooting attemps, their developers were able to identify this as a software bug. They're working on the fix, no ETA. Seems like a very nitch issue as almost no one else is mentioning this as a problem, for me it's #1 as we're constantly setting off the alarm now.
  10. This has happened multiple times, and last night caused me to get woke up by my nervous wife. Our security system went off at 4am today, indicating the deck door opened. When I checked the door was locked and secure, and the history log showed it opened and closed 8 times in the same second. I belive what happened is the same thing that has happened in the past. It's almost like if a door is opened while the sensor is offline, then as soon as it comes back all those previsous events poor in. Since it happened while the alarm system was armed, it triggered. I can't prove this is what's happening however. Anyone else see this?
  11. Denny

    v2 Keypad Has Quit Pre-Warning

    I did yes, even toggled it a couple of times per a previous app bug in Android. They will start beeping (both the slow warning & fast alarm sounds) only after you "wake it up" by waving your hand in front of it. What's odd is this used to work just fine, even after the dooms day outage on Iris, then suddenly about a week ago it became an issue. My alarm is trigged pretty much everyday now as we walk in and forget the alarm is triggered. The hub beeps but it's tucked far away and you can't hear it. I'm really down to two problems that cause sour feelings in my family, that darn Osram smart bulb connectivity issue, and this keypad no beep in sleep mode issue.
  12. Denny

    v2 Keypad Has Quit Pre-Warning

    Seems repairing and factor reset didn't help.
  13. Up until about a week ago, when you'd enter the house while the alarm is on both the hub and two keypads would start giving you a warning beep to let you know the security system has been triggered. Now the keypads are silent unless you wake them up with your hand. They still work to arm/disarm the system (90% of the time). My wife/kids come in and assume the alarm wasn't set, so then the alarm goes off. I've reset the hub and keypads, no help. Anyone else seeing this as a recent issue?
  14. Denny

    Osram a19 Bulbs

    Good to know, I won't bother then. I'm having the same issue, they don't randomly turn on/off but simply disconnect or lock up 3-5 times a day. Only a reset fixes it for awhile.
  15. Denny

    Unusable - OSRAM Lightify A19 LED Bulb

    Of all the issues this one is the most annoying for my family. This lamp is controlled via smart button & schedule, and when it stops reponding one must either take off the shade & unscrew it or crawl under the end table to unplug it. I had to remove the thumb control as it's a dimming lamp and didn't want reduced power sent to the bulb, tried and that really pissed it off.