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  1. mlherman

    hubitat without internet

    Can habitat GUI only be accessed on web? If so how can you use when internet goes down
  2. mlherman

    lost iris hub

    lost connection to iris hub I had not unlinked all of my devices. I tried to restart hub but it just sets there bling green. Is there a way to reset my devices so I can pair them with Hubitat?
  3. mlherman

    Amozon ecoh

    I have tried to link alexia with habitat and I get unsuccesfull I have removed all devices for Iris . any help would be apprecated.
  4. mlherman

    Anybody got their pre-paid Visa card from Lowe's?

    received mine today
  5. mlherman

    IRIS Being shut down by Lowe's??

    Will systronicsrt provide the hub or just the software and you buy a raspberry?
  6. mlherman

    zwave switch

    Can a ENwave zwn_RSM-plus micro switch be used with IRIS?
  7. mlherman

    lowes sale

    My lowes has V1 contact sensors and motion sensors for $5. Spring Hill Fla
  8. mlherman

    zwave heal

    in the web portal on the home page last entry recommend running zwave heal.How do you do this?
  9. mlherman

    12 zone orbit controller

    is it going to be support soon? Its the only thing keeping me from using it.
  10. mlherman

    12 zone orbit controller

    when I go into the portal and go to irrigation all that happens is the search icon spins looking for controller. It shows the controller online. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. mlherman

    Irrigation controller schedule not working

    I have had the problem several times, my solution is to power down the irrigation controller. after which schedules work fine.
  12. mlherman

    Iris Version 2.1 is Available for iOS and Android

    My hub shows new ver. but I see no change-energy still says coming. any suggestions?
  13. mlherman

    3rd party cam viewer ?

    have the same problem has you resolved?
  14. mlherman

    3rd party cam viewer ?

    I'm having same issue have you resolved?
  15. mlherman

    Cutting the cable

    I just checked out how much it would cost to ditch my cable , the difference between not having tv w2ould be a savings of 48 a month. decided to keep, have 3 boxes.