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  1. zwave heal

    in the web portal on the home page last entry recommend running zwave heal.How do you do this?
  2. 12 zone orbit controller

    is it going to be support soon? Its the only thing keeping me from using it.
  3. 12 zone orbit controller

    when I go into the portal and go to irrigation all that happens is the search icon spins looking for controller. It shows the controller online. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Irrigation controller schedule not working

    I have had the problem several times, my solution is to power down the irrigation controller. after which schedules work fine.
  5. Iris Version 2.1 is Available for iOS and Android

    My hub shows new ver. but I see no change-energy still says coming. any suggestions?
  6. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    have the same problem has you resolved?
  7. 3rd party cam viewer ?

    I'm having same issue have you resolved?
  8. Cutting the cable

    I just checked out how much it would cost to ditch my cable , the difference between not having tv w2ould be a savings of 48 a month. decided to keep, have 3 boxes.
  9. 12 zone irrigation controller

    yes and it worked fine only have had trouble for last two firmware updates
  10. 12 zone irrigation controller

    I've been using controller for over a year now the water saver mode keeps reverting to 100%. I have to check every day so my lawn and garden get watered. Customer service was usless.Hope someone here can help God bless Mike
  11. Hot Water Tank Controller?

    It's a closed system so I believe this is not a problem
  12. Hot Water Tank Controller?

    I have had one for 2 months Its on a 40 gal tank. Only problem I've had is it disconnects then done min later reconnects. has lowered my bill, don't know by how much on avg until I have more data.
  13. If your looking for a system that is very configurable but expensive look at HomeSeer. Great you can use any zwave product from any manufacter.
  14. Its a lot better when you know the conditions at your home instead of the airport nearest to you. I've been keeping my local data for over 25 years ,with that data I can forecast my monthly energy usage. Its also nice to know how much rain fell at your place, I've seen inches from my place to across the street. rain starts and ends some ware.
  15. iris cameras

    how do I set up iris cameras with blue iris? Iv'e played around with setup to no avail. Help God Bless Mike